A Witch's Path (WIP)



Lol well if he’s reading a magical boy manga I bet he does lol.


lol random question guys!
If you were a witch and someone dared you to go to hell and back would you do it? Catch is you have to return by sun up/sun down or you die and stay in hell for all eternity. So would you be Witch enough to be able to do it? Or would you be like “Hell no!” Like me lol.


Why someone would do it? I would just tell the such “F you” and leave.


To prove how strong their magic is. It’s like when people jump off roofs cuz someone dared them to stupid and dangerous.


I would just zap the person who dared me, it is a way better way to show I’m stronger.


“nah, no gain in it but you can.” Explode them


I don’t fall for challenges unless I impose them myself, so I wouldn’t. Call me a coward if you want but if my reward is nothing but fame, nop nop.

But I wouldn’t do it anyway lol


lol anyone can do that! But only a few can go to hell and comeback.

Lol what if the gain was unlocking a power within you?

lol maybe the reward is unlocking a new power? Witches usually unlock new powers during times of crisis. Maybe doing this will unlock a new power because your running out of time.
But yah I agree I wouldn’t do it either. Who would risk staying in hell? Lol


The problem is there is no real incentive to go to Hell.

That depends on what kind of power.


Exorbitant risk for a possibility
Hmm let’s see if I gain the ability to move super fast by willingly firing a gun at my skull


Is that a Persona 3 reference? lol


It was such a odd way to summon your persona


And my mc appreciates that and is certainly going to make poor cute Zack/Jasper work very hard at that joining, but then he also likes Thomas. So it really remains both art-club cuties for him. Besides I think Zack/Jasper and Thomas may secretly fancy one another too. They’ll just need my mc’s help to admit to it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Still slightly disappointing, but given that Zack/Jasper wouldn’t want to be suspected of fancying Thomas he may have put on a very good “straight facade” and may be bi anyways.


A part of me is saying “hell no” but the other part is saying “hell yeah” lol :laughing:


I wouldn’t care less if that was a dare, my answer would be no. Unless someone I know (and who probably doesn’t deserve it) is in there, then it is possible that I will go to hell to get them back.


Wot? None of you would go to Hell just for the lols? I would.


Lol what if it unlocked your mothers power inside you. The power to destroy anything.

Lol or you unlock the power of magnetism and just make the bullet hit you faster.

Id be too scared that I wouldn’t be able to come back.

What if you’re not witch enough to come back tho!? Getting to hell is the easy part it’s the coming back that’s hard. You could risk being there FOREVER!!!

That’s very admirable of you to do. You would have to be fast though or else you might get stuck too.


Lol no they hate each other’s guts. Like a lot lol. Wouldn’t be rivals if they had secret feelings for each other.


Quick! Spoilers Ahead Don’t watch this video if you haven’t seen this episode or planning to watch American Horror Story Coven!
This shows what happens to witches that go to hell and don’t comeback. You go to your own personal hell.
Ps this was so sad she was a nice Witch.


!!!:scream: you wouldnt do that to us right? Of course you wouldn’t yea you wouldn’t :cry::violin: