A Witch's Path (WIP)



Potions will be also used as a weapon? Sounds good to me.


Yay for potions!!! :smiley:


Lol there arnt that many witch teachers in your school but for the ones that are those are the Night Coven kids least favorite teachers cuz they can’t chill in class and would actually have to do work.


Not sure if my vote is going to count for anything, but I say Yes to the potions as weapons idea!


Yes votes
We get the lockpicks for the voter box
No votes we put in the shre- voter slot…


Combat potions? I love the idea. Magic molotovs! :grin:


But they are Magic already…


You didn’t answer my question @OracleD3
The main character can date anyone regardless of gender yes?


Sorry must have forgot. Yes you can date all the RO no matter yours or their gender. They want you to join their Coven so bad their willing to be gay/lesbian for you lol.


I think you mean “they are all already bisexual.” :unamused: I don’t want to be a straight guy’s only gay dalliance, especially if that means he can just dump me and go back to girls once I’ve joined.

EDIT: I should note that I don’t mind if they have preferences, though, as long as they’re balanced. (And Soliver prefers guys. :blush:)


Hmmm well technically speaking yes. But in reality only the White Coven characters and Night Coven Girls are bi before you showed up. The Night Coven boys were 100% straight before you show up. You can probably tell by how Nate is a pig towards girls lol. But Head Witch Julia ordered the 6 to do ANYTHING it takes to get you to join them.
lol maybe they will maybe they will actually develop feelings for you? Guess you’ll have to read and see.


So, does that mean that the White Coven boys all prefer guys (just to keep it balanced)? :heart_eyes: Sign me up! :smile:

But more seriously, I could see it more as just Nate preferring girls (maybe, perhaps, balanced by a male-preferring Soliver? :blush:), with the other NC boys being already bi.


Lol Abel and Thomas mostly prefer girls only cuz girls mostly flirt with them. But they can date a boy without worrys or changing personality. Oliver prefers either but since he’s a shy nerd he usually doesn’t flirt lol.
Lol All three Night boys prefer girls cuz they can get them so easily especially if they enchant them. But mostly they don’t need to cuz girls think their hot. But once Nate opens his mouth only some girls will still be into him lol.


Well, that hardly seems fair. :unamused: I know they’ll all date anyone, but you really should balance their preferences. I recall that Soliver’s favourite character was Saint Neptune (i.e. one of the two gay Saint Moon characters), which suggests he might have a more male preference… :smirk: And I really think that the other four (five including Ulrich) should be completely balanced in their preferences.

(And similarly for the girls, but I haven’t paid them enough attention to know which would be where. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

I get that it’s your game, and it doesn’t have to be fair, but I’d seriously advise you to consider this.


Lol that is true about Oliver, he even says how he wishes he could date someone like Saint Saturn(who’s a boy) when asked who’s his favorite character. Lol if you choose to date him he’ll ask you to cosplay Saint Saturn so he can be Saint Neptune.
Oh ya Ulrich prefers either too.


Not Saint Uranus? :smirk:


No? Cuz that would be weird? Cuz it’s a fusion of Saint Saya and Sailor Moon? And the couple is Sailor Neptune and Saturn? Uranus was the purple girl.


No, Uranus is the (gay) yellow sailor:


Oooooooooo lol I always mix up those two names lol.


But, anyway, as long as we agree that Soliver’s preference is for the more masculine, I’ll be happy. :blush:

I still think the other boys (excluding Nate) should be equally bi, though. With Abel and Thomas, for example, just because girls flirt with them more doesn’t mean they have a preference for girls. And likewise for whatever the other NC boys are called now.