A Witch's Path (WIP)



MC-sexual love interests means that you can romance any of them regardless of your gender.


I am a being of simple tastes, I find Witches and Lesbians pleasing, as well as Fantasy stories, so if the writing of this game holds up this has the potential to be my favourite COG game, I greatly look forward to this game.


Lol she wouldn’t object to that. In fact she would probably have you practice in front of other people to make sure you can do it during an audience lol.


So question for all you witches out there lol. Would you guys like potions as a combat option??? I’m trying to make you have freedom in your choices in combat like some people might just want to use their active power but others might want to use a spell. Giving that kind of freedom instead of constantly monitoring your stats. And idk maybe some of you like the idea of making potions and keeping them in your bag in a pinch?
“Oh no a group of demons are charging at me!”
“Good thing I made these potions!”

  • throws vile at them*
    Demons all become frozen solid
    Lol so if you guys want potion witch as a combat or solution option let me know.


That would be awesome! Adefjkl Charmed! I miss that show so much but yeah.


Wait! That was the healing potion! :confounded:


With potions its will be a Witcher not a Witch


Is that a thing??? Cuz I thought that was just a game?.. I didn’t play that game. Don’t want to either? Doesn’t look fun.


It is the best game of this generation, and one of the best game ever made.
But it is not only a game, it is a book series too.


…meh? Still not interested in playing it or getting into the series. I just don’t like it.


Soooo potions? Yay or nay?


First its a classic fantasy book series and my favorite. Game series is based on books and they very good too.


Potions are for Humans Who don’t wanna rely on Demons or Really weak Witches…The Chumps

In all seriousness its pretty cool Useful for Most witches Even the powerful. You could Sell them, Use them to Bottle your Excess power to use later do things you don’t feel like using your power on…
I say yes Good idea…


Oh I didn’t know it was a book, or that they make games based on books. Just thought it was only movies or tv shows.
So are Witchers a actual thing or just a thing in that book? And he fights using potions???


Lol make a potion to sleep while body still functioning for sleeping during school and work but still doing the work. Would totally have a canteen of that potion.


Soo a Autopilot Potion… Those often Have issue If your Subconscious Has anything that you have been Trying to hold back Without realizing Consciously (in stories Repressed anger, Fantasies or inner Deviousness Peaks out. It gets bad When you never understood why you have to hide your magic around mundanes)
Love to See what auto pilot potion does on most Normal humans though Or sell a bunch of these potions to The tricky Fae Folk And enjoy the chaos…


Witchers if I remember correctly its a Scandinavian sorcerer who using runs to fight evil spirits. In books Witchers its a mutant human who alchemicly was enchanted to be faster and stronger, they always using potions to increase they abilities. Any witcher in book is experience alchemist


Ok well I guess I’ll make that a type of witch hunter than. Still don’t like the game but you know.


lol I bet a bunch of young witches would spike their teachers drinks to get them to do stuff like make the class watch a movie or something


Do you mean that isn’t already a fear of most Teachers in this world who are aware of magic???