A Witch's Path (WIP)

Hi guys it’s me Daniel aka OracleD3. So I posted before in the forum asking for help in deciding what I should write and got a lot of nice comments :blush: thanks guys for liking my ideas. So after asking for opinions I have decided to write my Witch story. It’s my most developed story so it just makes sense to write that one. But I’m only 95% convinced because I also want to write my god story. So I’m going to officially start working on the story! The demo won’t be done for a while because I want it to be perfect or at least good enough before I post it :kissing_closed_eyes: so expect it in 2-3 weeks. I will post another post for my God story just for fun though cuz I like talking to people about my writing :blush: I might make a teaser demo for it too but nothing more cuz I’ll be focused on this series.
Ok onto the story!

Title: A Witch’s Path
Plot: “Congratulations, you are a Witch!” your aunt says to you one day. After spending 16 years of your life thinking you were human one day after being pushed too far by a group of bullies discover the truth about yourself. You are a Witch. Now that you know the truth about yourself its time for you and your Aunt to move back to your family’s home town and be around other Witches like you. On the way your aunt tells you that there is a tradition for all Witches that once a witch turns 13 years old they must choose one out of two covens to join. Already 3 years behind you must choose a coven. Will you join the Coven of White, witches that believe that magic should only be used for good and never for ones own personal use, or will you join the Coven of Night, witches that believe magic should be used however they choose as long as it does not break the laws of magic. Each Coven desperately wants you to join them, its the first time in your life you feel so wanted but you soon discover why they real want you in their coven. You discover that there is a prophecy about you that states that you will be the most powerful Witch that ever walked the earth, The Miraculum and depending on which Coven you choose will decide the outcome of the world, choosing the White Coven is said you will unite the human world and the magical world into living together in peace and harmony and it’s said choosing the Night Coven is said that you will lead witches to enslaving the humans making magic rule the world. You now know the truth on why each Coven wants you and why they are being so nice to you, will it affect your choice? Are the witches in the coven truly your friends or are they pretending in order to get you to join their coven to fulfill the prophecy? One thing is clear others have their eyes on you not only witches but things that lurk in the shadows. Will you have the power to fight them? Will you agree with the White or Night Coven on their views on the use of magic? Choose your appearance, aura, familiar, grimoire, and powers. Join a school club to get closer with the characters in the story in both friendship and romance. Be straight, gay, bi, or single. Use your new powers as a witch how you believe to use them in this modern Witch series.

This is a four part series and here is a list of the titles:

  1. A Witch’s Path
  2. A Witch’s Hunt
  3. A Witch’s Trial
  4. A Witch’s Fate

Here is some more info on the choices you will be making for yourself in the story!

***Appearance: I’m going to have it were you can choose your skin, hair, and eye colors for your MPC. Also choose your hair style and whether your body type depending if you look beautiful like your mom or handsome like your dad for fun. Choose your style of clothes from 5 different types of outfits 6 including your starter outfit. Each outfit is based on the 5 personality options 6 including your starting one and will boost a RO affection a little but don’t let that rule over your choice. Pick your favorite outfit.

***Personality: Users will be able to choose responses that will increase their characters personality from 5 types:

  • Shy
  • Kind
  • Sarcastic
  • Flirtatious
  • Aggressive

***Aura: Now if you don’t know, Aura is energy that a person radiance in a certain color that depends on the person. Aura for Witches though is there magic. When a Witch uses their powers or there magic the Witches Irises will change to the color of there aura. Also when a Witch meets another Witch for the first time their irises will flash there aura for a second as a greeting, a Witch cannot control this and don’t know why this happens so they have converted this as a greeting in the Witch community. You will be able to choose the color of your aura from the options I include or you can type in your own color.

***Familiar: A familiar is a animal shaped spirit that serves a Witch as a domesticated servant, spy, companion, and protector. A familiar is a Witches most trusted ally. They also gain their own abilities and can use the same abilities as their master. Familiars have special ability’s of there own including creating illusions, and transforming themselves into beast in order to protect you known as their Beast Form. A Beast Form is a mythical creature your familiar can turn into, each one has a different beast form with a unique ability that will help in combat. Your familiar will also have their gender locked which just means you won’t be able to choose their gender so chop their names wisely. Also they are breed locked too. You will be able to choose from these animals to be your familiar and here are there beast forms:

Gender- Male
Beast Form- Griffin
Ability- Soul Snare= Familiar is able to take the energy of a enemy and use it to heal itself or its master the MC or to boost power.

Rosy Boa Snake
Gender- Female
Beast Form- Dragon/Basilisk hybrid
Ability- Gorgen Eyes= Your familiar is able to turn anyone that looks into her eyes to stone with just a single glance. But don’t worry she can’t turn you to stone and she has to sets of eye lids one regular and another clear that cover her eyes to prevent turning allies to stone.

Grey Tabby
Gender- Female
Beast Form- Manticore
Ability- Magical Veil= Familiar cannot be harmed with magic of any kind unless it is by the MC.

Blue Nose Pitbull
Gender- Male
Beast Form- Werewolf
Ability- Lunar Healing= Familiar can instantly heal itself from any wound no matter how severe. May also heal the MC and allies by licking the wound.

Fruit Bat
Gender- Male
Beast Form- Gargoyle
Ability- Absolute Fear= All enemies of the MC or any evil or harmful spirits are deathly afraid of this familiar. No one is immune by this ability.

Gender- Female
Beast Form- Ahuizotl
Ability- Swamps Wrath= Familiar is able to fully control the plants and water from its surrounding environment. Also from the plants and water from its body.

Red Fox
Gender- Female
Beast Form- Kitsune
Ability- Witches Blessing= Familiar is able to cast spell as it it was a witch themselves. May help the MC with spells to strengthen their effects.

Gender- Male
Beast Form- Wolpertinger
Ability- Arsenal Adaptability= Familiar is able to change what animal parts it has such as switching from a lions body to a horses body. But is unable to change its head which will always be a rabbits.

If you’re ment to be the most powerful Witch that ever walked the earth I wonder what that makes your familiar?

***Grimoire: A Grimoire is a witch’s book of spells and incantations. But it also contains potion recipes, information on magical creatures and demons, history information, basically a book with many valuable information. Grimoires are magical books that will only allow their owners to read or even touch them unless given permission from its owner or the book feels the user is a trust worthy ally of its owner. The books only contain magical knowledge that the user can handle, but as the users powers grow so will the information revealed in the Grimoire. Users will be able to choose their style of Grimoires from 5 types. If you have a suggestion let me know.

***Powers: Every Witch has a few powers that they can willingly use without a spell. You will have 3 powers.
A Active Power: A power used for combat.
A Defensive Power: A power used for either defending or running away against a attack.
And A Passive Power: A power that cannot help you much in combat but helps in other ways.
You will chose 1 power for each of these categories. There will be 4 powers to choose from for each category. I will list your power options bellow in each power category:

Active Powers:

  1. Pain Illusion- Pain illusion is the ability to trick an individual’s mind into thinking they are in physical pain. Though it has no physical affect on the body, the pain is quite effective to torture and or put a target down no matter the size and can cause a target to faint, drive them insane, and kill them from the pain.

  2. Telekinesis- The ability to move objects and beings with your mind.User can also use this ability to create a psychic shield around themselves or even reflect a opponents attack back at the user.

  3. Pyrokinesis- User can create, shape and manipulate fire, the rapid oxidation of a material in the exothermic chemical process of combustion, releasing heat, light, and various reaction products, flame being the visible portion of the fire.

  4. Guardian Materialization- User can summon a guardian spirit from their shadow with the appearance of a 7ft black knight that will protect the user at all costs, and fight on their behalf. The knight will fight on its own but will listen to the commands of the user with out question. User may be able to summon portions as opposed to the entire entity, such as an arm alone.

Defensive Powers:

1.Smoke Mimicry- The ability to transform yourself into smoke the color of your aura. The users body completely transforms into smoke allowing the user to avoid attacks and capable of flight.

2.Portal Creation- The ability to create portals to travel through or defend with. Create a entrance and a exit to reflect attacks, escape through and send enemy/allies through, and send your attacks through.

3.Teleportation- The ability to move instantaneously from one location to another. User can use this power to avoid attacks, and move from one location to the next in a mere instant.

4.Time Reduction- The ability to slow down time around themselves and continue to move normally. User can use this ability to slow down time around them to avoid attacks, a chance to attack a enemy, and is able to choose who is affected to aid allies.

Passive Powers:

1.Divination- Divination is the ability to obtain direct knowledge about an object, person, location or physical event through means other than the user’s physical senses.

2.Empathy- The ability to fully feel the emotions of others and even objects or locations if there is a strong enough emotion imprint to it.

3.Premonition- The ability to see visions of possible future events or past events.

4.Vision Art- The ability to draw a picture that the user cant understand until the image is complete. The picture could be a scene or clue to a question the user might have or was asked. The user is the only one who can decipher the image perfectly.

***School Clubs: After school you will have the option to to visit a club to raise the friendship or affection a characters feelings for you. There will be 2 characters in each club and depending on which you interact with more will increase one characters feelings for you but will decrease the other. This so you can increase a characters affection no matter which Coven you choose because I know there might be people that want to be part of the Night/White Coven but want to date someone from the opposite Coven. Here are the clubs:
•Student Council
•Anime Club
•Art Club
•Fashion Club
•Theater Club
•Science Club
*Fantasy Club

****Romances: There will be 3 boys and 3 girls in both Covens to romance and also 1 human boy and girl making a total of 7 depending on if your straight/gay or if you’re bi 14 options. Each character has a rival character they absolutely despise so liking one character will decrease their rivals affection towards you.

I don’t know if you want me to list each character and a bio of them or if you want them to be a surprise so I’m just going to list the powers they have so if you have a power you want to suggest you can check if it’s not being used.
White Coven:
•Abel-Gravity Manipulation
•Oliver-Force Fields
•Katie-Mind Reading

Night Coven:
•Dante-Shadow Manipulation
•Nate-Shape Shifting
•Jasper-Energy Drain
•Claudia-Love Manipulation
•Amelia-Pain Transferns


  1. Boy- Ulrich
  2. Girl- Sasha

Ok well let me know your thoughts and suggestions on this please. I hope me and my friend won’t disappoint and that we make a good story that you will enjoy :blush:!

By the way you can play as male or female but you will still will be called a Witch. Witch just sounds cooler for guys too instead of calling them a Wizard or Warlock.


I like the idea of choosing clothing, and of how/or if it impacts how other characters interact with you.


This looks really cool and ambitious


i like the story and can’t wait to see how will it turn out… good luck :smiley:


I also like the idea of being able to choose the mc’s clothing style and I assume that when joining the Night Coven you need spare no expense on it too. :wink:

Or you could really have our mc’s potentially “win” the great genetic lottery and be both.
Here’s a picture of young Jensen Ackles to show you what I mean"

I think here he’s both handsome and beautiful, though why a guy like that would be bullied at his old school eludes me (though I guess plain old jealousy, inexplicable vendettas and in my mc’s case the gay thing could still explain it)…
Maybe just have the mc start with the potential to be that and not yet the physique/muscles, or something?


I like the idea you have here, but I’m suprised that you don’t plan for a general science/chemistry club…nothing for MC’s that want to mix things together in the hope to blow something up? :cry:


Eh I’m really not a fan of concepts like this…that always feels so stressful. Everytime something like this happens I really wish for an option to tell the NPC’s to stop being so weirdly possessive (because how else should this whole “I won’t like you anymore if you are friends with people I don’t like” deal be interpreted) and to grow up (and finally to screw themself. My MC deserves better.)

I mean maybe you will be able to pull it off in a way that doesn’t come off as annoying, but that you plan to have a similar setup for every RO sounds somewhat…cheap. And it runs the risk that the ROS will be defined too much by who is their rival and not by their own character. I’m not sure if you want that.


Do you have to pick a coven? Like can you strike out on your own? I’d want to be like t(’-'t) to the prophecy and every one else. (Does the little emote dude count as prothanity? If it is I’ll remove it.)


So can the mc be male or female? I was reading and it just says a witch and through popular assumption witches are female


Witch in this setting is a gender neutral term. @OracleD3 mentioned it in the other thread they made.


So, if you’re in one Coven, would you be able to romance members of the other Coven, and if so, would this cause things to get… interesting?


This is an amazing sounding idea lol. I especially like the smoke mimicry. Definitely a good name. Plus I was in an anime club at high school. There’s nothing I don’t like about this (plus my romance options are officially doubled. Woot). Hope it works out.

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this sounds great, can’t wait to see how it pans out :slight_smile:

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So I don’t know how to make writing blurry unless you click on it I’m just going to write

To answer your question of “if you’re “attractive” why are you being bullied?” In the beginning you are not :sweat_smile: you will have pimples all over your face(like more than any person has seen), greasy crazy hair, clammy skin, horrible eyesight so you wear gigantic glasses, and warts on your hands. After you use your powers for the first time when you look in the mirror you notice that all these things have vanished and now you look like a model. This is because if a witch doesn’t use there magic it builds up inside of them and escapes in other ways to reduce the build up.

Alright I will include a option for you to choose to be super attractive lol. And yes every thing is free if you decide that Coven.


Yay. I wish you good luck with this wip or the other about gods, I think it’ll be fantastic. I think if the part of choosing the appearance, do you put the clothes customization, I’ll be able to choose whatever type of clothes you want independent of gender, like girls can choose clothes normally used by guys, etc.

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Yes while there might not be a chemistry club, you can make potions in the White Coven for healing, explosives, and other stuff!
And about the rival system well… That’s highschool for ya :sweat_smile: I know when I was in highschool there were people I absolutely didn’t like and get annoyed by my friends for being friends with them. I think everyone has someone like that. It’s also more extreme because of the covens rivalry towards each other.
Some characters might not like the other for very good reasons tho so let’s hope I don’t disappoint the romance system :blush:


Ha! No it’s fine cuz it’s funny :laughing: hmmmm? I will see what I can do about your request. Maybe there will be a secret third part of the prophecy that says what happens if you choose neither :smirk:


Familiar suggestion, ferret.

their my favorite animal and i feel they fit the witch companion image.

Yes if you choose one coven you can still romance a member of the other coven. Yes it will be interesting because it’s absolutely forbidden! The covens hate each other so much that it’s a law in both covens not to date/ other romantic acts with a member of the other coven.

This is one of the reasons why your parents moved to a town with no witches to have you and be together. Your mom was a member of the Night Coven while your dad was in the White Coven.


Alright I will take your suggestion under consideration :smile: I might switch Opossum for Ferret.
If anyone else wants this let me know!


It’s just very weird that every RO has exactly one rival and that for all of them that would be a deal breaker (because practically it will end up that way when you build the relationship stats to be oposing in that cases). If two or three characters would react that way I could understand, even when there are NPC’'s that are universally disliked or liked, but that every relationship to a NPC would be significantly influenced by the MC having to balance who they like/work with seems like prioritising a game mechanic over characterization.

Eh, I was more suprised about some of the clubs being rather similar in the topics they cover: Zoology and Gardening are pretty much biological orientated and fashion (well, depending on what exactly this club even should cover) is pretty much a subclub of art…