A Witch's Path (WIP)



I just might pick that one but what are the other ones?


Pyrokinesis, pain illusion, and telekinesis.


Just to make sure you are 100% clear @kekexterror , telekinesis is moving things with your mind (The Force in Star Wars), telepathy is reading minds, etc…


Thanks guys! I’ll try all three of them when the demo is out.


I thought we established the reincarnated brothers relationship with you already?

That would make Dante a creepy uncle…


And I thought I told you! That in anime that isn’t a deal breaker. Lol


I’m really looking forward to this game!


What would you guys say if Nate gave you this shirt as a gift?

I wish I could pull off a shirt like that LMAO


Honestly, I would feel rather flustered.


So the romance options are mc-sexual?


I’d say oh, oh my, we’ll practice makes perfect doesn’t it? I guess I’ll need lots of practice…:innocent:


Whats mc-sexual? Does it mean that the ROs are more focused on MC more than the others? (if that what you mean)


I THINK it means a male MC can only romance females, female MC males.


I believe Mc sexual is they don’t have a natural preference and regardless of gender they like you.


@Drakeye Yes this is what I meant


Which one? @Drakeye 's response?


Is there a link to the WiP? I can’t find it… or is this a private WiP?


No link as of yet. They are still working on the game more.


Ok, thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


They hoped to finish the demo by the end of summer. :slight_smile: