A Witch's Path (WIP)



No… Dante… Y’know, from Devil May Cry. That awesome hack and slash series. Doesn’t ring any bells?


Ooooooooohhhh I know him! My friend has a poster of him and his boyfriend on her wall. Yah I seen her play that game too.



I’ll… I’ll assume you’re talking about Vergil, because as far as I know 1) Dante’s straight 2) he ain’t even got a bae. And Vergil is Dante’s brother.


Oh, I thought you were talking about Dante from Dante’s Inferno. xD


Well…it’s anime? That stuff happens ALOT lol. And idk the guys name lol. But she said everything on her wall are facts??? Like her poster of Naruto and Sasuke?


Does she ship them, Naruto and Sasuke?


She says they are secretly dating. And I mean… Naruto is gay for him?


They’re zombies and they eat people.


Eh, Naruto could do better. :unamused: (Gaara, obviously, but pretty much any other character would still beat Sasuke…)


I mean there are evidences that Naruto cares about Sasuke, I mean, literary in all of the episodes of Naruto. Naruto tries to get Sasuke (but he doesn’t) back in the village after he deflects and they kissed like 2-3 times. ALSO his Sexy: Boy on Boy Technique with the boys are HOT which what Naruto think whats consider sexy on men.


Which of these two white haired dudes are with Dante on the poster?

Eh, he’s not as badass


The 1st one is Dante. The 2nd one is Vergil.


The first one is Nero, the second one is Vergil.


Oh. Well, at least I got Vergil right.


Lol no only that one will… the others will be like blobs with 20 heads, giant mantises, monsters with 3 mouths lol.

Facts. Lol he so gay for him.

Ugh I’m like pretty sure it’s the guy with the claw.


Then no way it’s Dante’s boyfriend, lol. Nero (the guy with the claw) is also straight and he even has girlfriend in DMC 4.


It just gets worse! :scream:


She said they broke up and now those two dudes are dating… she also said “the girl was too basic for him.” That he needed a man lmao.


lol maybe you should have guardian materialization for your power:


Lmao, I guess your friend ships them. I’m pretty sure that doesn’t happen, but to each their own I guess, lol.