A Witch's Path (WIP)



It will probably be better than staying on Earth anyways, might as well go all the way…


Well you’re the author but as a blanket statement that really is plainly, obviously untrue. Lot’s of the time enemies, particularly self-defined ones do have some sort of fascination with one another, even if it doesn’t go much beyond fantasy in many cases. I’ll let this trope explain.

I thought this one might apply to Jasper/Zack and Thomas as well.

In any case my mc will still like them both. So they’d better work on figuring out a way to live with one another, if they want to make my mc happy that is.

Even if they don’t like one another at the start I suppose my mc will have no choice but to get to work on that then. Cause he really wants both of them in his life.


Is it 100% I will unlock it?


I’d take a friend? And Soloman… and Claudia, though they’d get left no matter what.


Lol nooo of course not… but that would be funny lol.

Well if you want to be in your own personal hell I guess you can try lol.

Lol well see how that works out for you.

…meh? 50-50 witches powers usually spike during times of crisis. Soooo most likely? As long as you know your in hell and don’t get stuck.

Lol what if they are able to comeback?


No thank you then. Only with 100% of chance I would consider to do it, but probably wouldn’t do it anyway.


I might entertain the idea if there was a 90% chance


Then I’d grab them?

If Soloman stayed we’d play “How long before I drive him insane” or if Claudia stayed it’d be “How much blood does a witch have?”


I just realized something funny. You know how men can’t experience the beauty of birth? Well I just realized if the male MC married her Amelia then when she gives birth she’ll just sit there in the hospital relaxing while you feel all the pain for her lol.


aaaand Amelia is off the list


Isn’t this a teenage game where you didn’t want to lean too much into the adult side? If so the chances of the mc knocking anyone up (or vice versa for female mc) during the course of the game would seem slim at best. Besides I would think magical birth and disease control is one of the first things most teenage witches in their right minds would be interested in learning as soon as they possibly can.
In any case, fortunately for me, my mc is as gay as can be and will have his hands full enough with Zack/Jasper and Thomas.


Lol it is. I was just thinking that lol just a funny thought. You never know some might want to marry her. Just letting them know what will happen when they want a family with her lol.


Hey, I’d be totally fine with it if you changed your mind, your call obviously. I mean CoG as a company is looking to start an adult line of works, so…
Young adult stories could work either way, whether you choose to emphasize the young or the adult, imho.

Do witches have poly or for that matter even same-sex marriage, cause if it were up to my mc he’d probably want to marry both Zack/Jasper and Thomas eventually (though probably not while they’re still in high school at the very least).


When I think of that phrase this pops in my mind:

lol I wouldn’t be good at writing those. When I think of romance stuff I always picture pg stuff lol. So I don’t think I have the mind set or imagination for adult stories.


Whoa this sounds pretty cool so far can’t wait for the demo. Will there be an option to not join a Coven and just go out on our own.


I’m not one for kids anyway :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Is that centaur/unicorn wearing chaps? A horse wearing chaps is just … wrong. :hear_no_evil::see_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


I swear I know what and where he from but at the same time, I don’t know what he is.


Lol yes yes he is. He also has a hand print on his butt… like my little pony… just… paint lol.

It’s a new skin for Chiron from the moba game Smite. lol it’s so cringe it’s hilarious! Hope you notice the hand print lol:


Presumably to distract our attention from the one shall we say attribute our dear centaur here is noticeably missing (think Tom of Finland drawings/cartoons). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: