A 'Regular' Life in New York (WIP) (Updated 7/07/19) (Important Poll Post 191) (With Discord Server! post 180)

“If he was anymore direct, he would be undressing right now” I CACKLED SO HARD THIS MADE MY DAY also cant wait to be a chef and be the next gordon ramsay hell yes
And uhh i am very aware of the poll’s result but i hope you won’t get burdened to always update because your study is top priority okk and im sure people here would understand too. Thank you for your hard work!!


Just gave the game a go and the creation part is really good. One issue tho: in the lab tour part, even tho i’ve only went to see Romancia’s part, game behaved as if i’ve seen other ones, with my character making remark on how cute robo-animals (that i never saw) were


@Carson_Lindsey @marlboro_boi Thanks for the welcoming back!

@ennuitas Glad that my WiP is making others laugh! Thanks for your support!

Thanks for playing! Nice to see those painful hours of coding that customisation is paying off!

In relation to continuity

I’ve checked over the code and there should be a section, before the exploration, that mentions the robo-animals.

From robot-dogs to slime creatures

I’m the main robotics specialist in this laboratory, I created those cute little robo-dogs and cats you see in the corner.

and the best thing you’ve ever seen, a couple of robotic animals playing around with each other.

Note that these scenes happen before the exploration scenes, which is when you’re able to explore everyone’s paths.

This also should work in conjunction with the talk with Drago where the MC talks briefly about the robo-animals. So I hope that fixes some of the continuity error, unless you’re referring to something else (which I recommend sending a screenshot so I know which section to edit). Thanks regardless!

I also recommend for anyone wanting to provide feedback to talk about continuity in the next and present update, as I mention a lot of things that relate back to the scientist section and I might break a bit of continuity! :sweat_smile:


Small Progress Update!
I’m finally up to writing the chef test for the update! So in lieu of this achievement and the closeness of this long-awaited update, I ask one question!

Who is currently your favourite character?

  • Dragon Scientist (Drago)
  • Yomiel Tzar
  • Romancia Giovanni
  • HyperLink
  • Troy Moonlight

0 voters

Edit: So it looks like HyperLink and Dragon Scientist are in a battle for for favourite character! I wonder who’ll come out on top? Most likely Drago :laughing:. Shoutout to @Takashi_Shin for being the only voter for Romancia, that poor boy :sweat_smile: Also, shoutout to @imapotato for creating an account just to vote for Troy and probably never using it again. How do I know this? Because they are one of the people who read my original unfinished novel that started this WiP, whom also had a liking to Troy back in the past, thanks Potato. Finally, before I end this edit, RIP Yomiel, no-one voted for you, which makes sense considering you only appeared for only one small section of the game :joy:

Edit 2: Yomiel is no longer is lonely! Shoutout to @Rakkun for being a fan of the stoic boy!


Foxboi here! It’s been 22 days since my last post and you’re all probably wondering where the hell I’ve been. Firstly, I’m on school holidays right now and have been trying to write full time without crashing to sleep from all those sleepless nights I had in school. Secondly, the update is about 85% done, I expect it to be done by today (11:59pm Sunday AEST) but take that with a grain of salt. Finally, shoutout to @imapotato @Takashi_Shin @Rakkun @SoBayKid @freeki_Milliu and @Tin_tin for being the lonely minority that support their favourite character, I salute you for your courageousness!

Anyways, as an apology for taking too long with the update (sorry guys, personal life and education have been really hard on my thinking brain, but I’ll try to get the next one out faster!) I present to y’all, a long sneak peak:
18%20am 34%20am



So before I start my rambles, I’ll address one thing: Why did I take so long? Now the most obvious answer was of course: school. I am a lowly high-school student who actually has to go to the ill-fated school. Now because I’m currently on holidays, I also have increased my writing to 100%, but that leaves the question: why did it take me so long when I was on holidays?

Well family reasons and personal reasons. Writing at 100% is surprisingly energy-consuming for a guy like me, so I sometimes get burned out and need to socialise online and relax. My family is also taking me around to just do stuff during the holidays.

Anyways, after these few months I have finally done it, the chef’s have been introduced and the tests have been held! Thank you all for being patient and I hope I can write faster this time. Chow!

Note: Though this update is mostly finished, I will be changing some stuff in the Scientist and Chef tests during the rest of my holidays. If you follow my developer blog then you might know what I’m talking about.

  • Slight changes to grammar and spelling problems
  • If certain names are inserted to the name input section, you might get a surprise~
  • Added a prologue title card
  • Added Chef introductions
  • Added Restaurant exploration
  • Added Chef test

I love the character in the writing and well… characters also! I’m instantly attached to way too many of them (toss up between Drago and Hyperlink for fave at the moment). Anyways, I just wanted to see how far I could push in one direction and I managed to reach levels previously unheard of. Purity stat is at 102% and corruption at -2%. Talk about Plus Ultra.


Lol, the update came a day before my birthday and I’m taking that as a sign… for something, idk.



Thanks for playing and I’m glad you’re attached to my characters! Thanks for showing that the purity levels/skills can go over 100, because if I didn’t know that: stat checks and the ‘time will tell’ system would be painfully broken. :dizzy_face: I bid you my fullest gratitude.

Happy Birthday! :birthday::birthday::birthday::birthday::birthday::birthday:


Oh gosh, with the scientist saying it, Code Wholesome sounds scary and wonderful at the same time.

No problem! They’re all pretty likeable. To get Maximum Pureness you have to choose every pure choice (I think. My memory is pretty terrible). Anyways, thank you for making such an entertaining game! Rarely have I ever found a cog so funny. Also, you’re really nice, woah.

Aww, thank you very much! :grin:


nope nope we have to cancel the update and do it tomorrow for @Motienne.

also happy earlyish day of birth.

time to look at the chef update…

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Oof noo–

Thanks so much! It’s just on time actually!

I really liked this and your writing style was wonderful


What a crazy yet fantastic game! Found a couple of typos:

" I don’t wanna create a paradoxical black hole in my laboratory, trust me, it is not a pleasent experience."

you are amazed by the collosal size (heh heh)

Looks like youoff to a good start.

You grab a textbook and start learning… all the pages just say ‘Woah Technology!’ (I just love this line)

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If Dragon Scientist was just a dream I’d slap myself when I woke up for dreaming up something that insane.


@HorseDude Thanks for the support! Glad you enjoy it!

@Zanite Thanks for both the support and the typo checks! Will update those once I finish the minor update.

Glad to know that Dragon Scientist lives up to the ‘Mad Scientist’ label! It’s like he was born for it (which is the case!).


I prefer irritating scientist there is no room in the game for a sane headspace. You need to go in with three red bulls , a couple chocolate bars, and a teen Titans go ( SpongeBob SquarePants is an acceptable substitute) marathon under your belt to successfully play it. Or at least I will. I think I stopped after the identify the pictures bit. And the game suggesting I flirt with what’s basically my parents.

I’d describe the game as “the offspring of an orgy between south park, family Guy, Rick and Morty, and my little pony.”

Hello my fellow lurkers and readers!

Unfortunately, I will be on a short one week hiatus from writing. I am going on a school camp trip and won’t be able to write anything on my computer for about a week. Sorry for the inconvenience! :sweat:

However, I will be back this Saturday (20/10) and will go back full force to writing and creating a small minor update!

I hope you all understand, thank you all for supporting and I’ll see you all next week! :grin:

Note: I may still be able to answer questions on the development Tumblr, as I am still connected to the internet during the trip.


Hello everyone!

Just chiming to say that I’m back from camp and that the hiatus should now be over! :tada:

I’m still writing the minor update before I start on the moderate ‘detectives’ update soon, I’ll try my best to write it as soon as possible!


I must admit, the writing style in this game is quite entertaining, especially with Dragon Scientist in all his mad scientist glory. I quite like how the game in general is coming along so far. I do have a few questions though, just out of curiosity:

1st question, are there planned to be any starting boosts to certain stats depending on what your character is? Like for example, if my character was a female shark quarter-human, would she get some sort of strength boost?

2nd question, will the story lead up to different climaxes/endings depending on the occupation your character chooses?

Also, I’ll add in just a tiny nitpick that’s probably not that big a deal: some of the reactions some of my characters had to certain things seemed a tad out of character in some circumstances, such as the shark quarter-human I mentioned; I pictured her being a much more serious character, and seeing her all giddy about robot dogs and crying over a chicken nugget is…a bit weird, lol. But besides that, I love this game so far!


Aww! Thank you for the support! :grin:

In a very very technical sense, yes, your character will have some-sort of character boost in a way. What I mean by this: there won’t be a ‘boost’ per se, but more of an ‘advantage’. For example, an avian wouldn’t get a +10 or +20 on agility, but when faced with an agility-based test, such as climbing a building, an Avian could simply just ‘fly’. However, there would be a stat-check, though a considerably lowered stat-check in comparison to a regular stat-check.

Yes! Now although the overarching story should be similar overall, the major antagonist (all villains will show up in each play-through, but the format of climaxes change considerably) and climax will change depending on what your character’s occupation is, and also on if they succeeded previous missions. A criminal player might be action packed while a detective MC may have a journey filled with twists.

Totally forgot about that chicken nugget scene. :laughing: But if I remember correctly, those sections that portray your MC as something else are slightly on purpose. It can be an explicit way of demonstrating the actual influence and power the cast has (such as the chicken nugget scene) and emphasising their ability. Though sometimes, I’m just lazy :laughing:

Once again, thank you for the questions and the support!