A 'Regular' Life in New York (WIP) (Updated 7/07/19) (Important Poll Post 191) (With Discord Server! post 180)

Then again Jotaro Kujoh is 17 yet he looks 20. So the mc is not legal technically.

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Whoop whoop! New update! (22nd July) :star_struck:

What's New?
  • Inputted a small little laboratory exploration scene. Hint: ensure you take notes on what you find!
  • Added the first ‘testing your skills’ scene out of six.
  • Included a short dialogue to demonstrate your personality
  • The restaurant (main hub of the ‘Chef’ route) is introduced!
  • Fixed some tiny bugs and typos (got into the habit of using QuickTest and RandomTest)

Hope you guys have fun with this lil update and I hope y’all have a good weekend!


Same word said twice


@Blank Should be fixed now!

On other notes: here’s a developer update by yours truly.


Could you add tomboyish clothes?


so far i love this and i cant wait for more


Heya everyone! Your local FoxBoi here to update y’all at what’s happening!

So firstly, how’s the progress? Currently, it’s been going at a steady pace even though assignments have been hitting me furiously with stress and all of that. Currently reaching halfway of the introductions and may get it done soon on Saturday (Australian time).

So what’s going to happen? I’ll probably take a break to focus on my studies, and when I gain the time to do extra stuff, I’ll work on this piece of art (exaggerating it aren’t ya Foxy?). Which leads to my next point… the POLL!

So in a nutshell: while writing the ‘minor’ update, I had a dilemma in my mind: Should I just abandon the ‘minor’ update in favour for of my moderate and regular updates (usually an intro, explore and test)? However, this devolved into me thinking about changing it into a much more larger update (two moderate updates with an extra introduction to another route combined).

So this is my question to you all: What would you guys prefer? However, before you answer, take this into consideration.

Minor Update - Not much added info and substance, but allows me to get into writing the next scenes much more easily and would allow people to find grammar and bug problems easy. However, it would increase the amount of ‘short breaks’ I take during the process.

Moderate Update - A bit more substance, this is my usual pace (excluding the situation at hand) and I can get scenes done easily, however, the break times increase much more substantially (3-5 days), also school will combat my usual flow in writing.

Larger Update - A lot more story and substance, will take me much more longer so y’all have to be a bit more patient. Break times are the same as the moderate updates and larger updates can help me with story and continuity issues (not so much with the bugs and grammar). However, I may have to lock the thread so I can focus my attention on the project.

  • Minor Update - Quick, fast and sweet. Not much substance and frequent breaks however.
  • Moderate Update - Usual, regular and nice. Breaks are longer and school might get in the way
  • Larger Update - Big, stronk but slow. Thread might get locked so I can focus my attention on the project.
  • Other - Please explain what I can do with a comment.

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Thank y’all for listening to my ramblings and see you all later!


I have love A regular life in New York what got you to make it

In a nutshell: I previously was making a novel (which is in development hell right now :sweat_smile:) and came up with the 8 Non-RO characters during the making. About a year ago, when I was taking a break from writing, I came up with an idea about a dating sim set in the novel’s universe with my friend. A month later, and I gave up on it :sweat_smile:. But this July, on a fateful week during my school holidays, the idea of the dating sim eventually spawned into this very WiP! :star_struck:

While on the topic of my WiP: I’m currently working to get this bad boy updated, I’m about halfway done and am currently writing the 2nd half of the exploration scene for the cooks! However, on Wednesday I have some news that may temporarily slow down the process of this or future updates…


Welcome to the Wednesday catchup! Technically it’s Thursday but whatevs, anyways, what might delay my writing process for this week?

Well, I’m going to Melbourne! Why? For a competition! So I’ll be spending most of my time focusing on that than writing my moderate demo. It’s fun to write the demo, but responsibilities come first and I don’t want to let my team down! Anyways, I’ve got a free day on Monday, giving me a nice few hours of demo writing if I can.

Hope y’all understand and I hope you can patiently wait as I complete that 2nd half of the moderate update!


Have fun and good luck! :grin:

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You put lot of hard work on this game because of that we wish you good luck on all you plan and mad doctor madness you have :smiling_imp:

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@Sija_Naji @Takashi_Shin Thanks for the support! I saw your posts while I was studying for the big day, really appreciate it! :star_struck:

In other words… I’m back baby!!!

Yep you heard right! I’m finally back from Melbourne and I’m ready to do some work on my demo (finally!). I do have assignments though (It’s the hell of assignment week at school :dizzy_face:), so once again, the writing will be slow, but I’ll actually be writing this time! Anyways, if you want to know how I went, I would recommend visiting my Tumblr for the news!

Thank y’all for your patience and I hope I can get this demo update out soon!


Welcome back! :smile:


Welcome back :slightly_smiling_face:


Yay! Welocome back! :smile:


Hey guys! Just posting to say… I’ve past 10k words on the update! Wooo! :star_struck:

Anyways, as a treat of my gesture, here’s a sneak peak for all my patient viewers:



good to see you again.


Good to see you back mate