After Dark (WIP)


Hi! I’ve been a lurker on here for a long time now (though I’ve made this account quite recently), and I’ve decided I’d try my hand at making a game myself. So for the past little while, I’ve been working on After Dark. Here’s a short description of the story:

"New Manhattan, a glowing, vibrant metropolis, is the epitome of progress in 25th century America and the nation’s pulsing heart. Though brimming with life and adventure by day, however, the city notoriously rears its ugly head at night when criminals from every nook, cranny, and every other corner of New Manhattan come out to play–and many with their dangerous superhuman abilities.

A New Manhattan native, you’re thankful that you’ve never entangled yourself in the affairs of your city’s superhuman criminal element. Even when you lost your best friend to them two years ago. But when an ex-criminal approaches you with a clue that could lead you to your friend, you find yourself thrust into the underworld you vowed to stay away from all your life.

Navigate the filthy and dark underbelly of New Manhattan, and find the truth about the city you call home and about your friend in After Dark!"

I have a pretty short demo up here:

Thanks for reading! :smiley:


I really like what you have so far


Super powahsssssss…

This is actually interesting like some superpowered noire film.


I actually love what you’ve got so far. I love your writing style and I was easily absorbed within that short demo.
I can’t wait for the next update. Good luck.


Sounds cool. The demo is great so far.


I really loved, what you’ve written so far! Your story flows so pleasantly, you’ve an engaging and attaching writing style, I’m already hooked up with your story. :blush:
Pretty excited for the continuation. Keep up the good work! :grin:


I am so ready for my Jean Grey-esque headcanon it isn’t even funny.


I was upset when it ended, lol. It’s really great what you have so far though! I’ll be keeping a real close eye on this. :slight_smile:


Love it so far :smile:
Can’t wait to see what you do with it :blush:


This is fantastic so far. Need more!


Thanks everyone! I’m glad you enjoyed the demo so far.

@Tlud Surprisingly, Jean Grey had never crossed my mind until you mentioned it. And now I see how it could turn out as a headcanon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I like what you have so far. You have very very good detail when you write. I can picture what your writing actually taking place in my mind. I only gotten to play a small story of it. I’d make sure you have companions or people you can share the story with. Superpowers would be a great thing. My big advice find some way to make the reader really care about the story.


Seems interesting! Caught these 2 typos "The next thing you’re aware of is that the Dev had opened the window to smoke cigarettes " and “I have a feeling that we’ll be seeing each other very. very soon.” The fullstop after the very should be a comma.


Seems quite nice so far and I don’t think are too many false choices unlike another heroic game on here.


@Joshua_Devon Thank you for the feedback!
@orkwut Thanks for pointing that out! I fixed it and updated the link.
@Lanavis Thank you! I’m not going to put that many false choices in this game, or have choices that won’t change the story or outcome at all. I’m actually planning on the game to split into two (or maybe more?) paths, but that will be a little later on in the story and I’m still trying to completely get the hang of coding so it’s going to be a while before that happens.


Gaaah, it ended so soon I wasn’t ready! Definitely a good game you’re working on. Can’t wait to see more.


I can’t believe how hooked I got in such a short time! I literally said “Noooooooo!” out loud when the demo ended


@alliebee @XbamXitsXsidX I’m so glad to hear that you enjoyed the demo, as short as it is at the moment :smile: I have exams in the coming week but after that I’ll have tons of time to work on this.


I like this so far! It has a feel somewhere between Watchmen and Sin City. I wonder if your power is locked in, or if it expands to more things if you raise the stat. Can’t wait to find out.

So the hardest decision I had in the story so far was deciding whether to make Finn a boy or girl. If it follows the trope, it’s a classical childhood friend RO. Except, at that point in the story, I don’t want to set my MC’s sexuality based on Finn because the character is just a child at that point, and to me, just as likely to have a friend that doesn’t become an RO later. I still don’t know if it matters, but in honesty, I hope it doesn’t; that you’ve yet to determine who the MC is attracted to in story-unwritten.

Looking forward to the next update. : D


That is some solid writing skill you got there. The demo is very enjoyable and I can’t wait for moar.

Just wondering, can I join the aforementioned ‘super-human criminal organisation’?