A 'Regular' Life in New York (WIP) (Updated 7/07/19) (Important Poll Post 191) (With Discord Server! post 180)

finally it works again

The fact that birds are living dinosaurs and that the pteredactyl is not a dinosaur-

My life has been a lie.


After a lot of pain and suffering with bugs and all that jazz, I’m proud to say… that this is finally updated!

What's New? (Info includes previous minor update)


  • Made the biological sex scene more straight-to-the-point and less crude, some light gags (such as Dragon Scientist’s perversion in the male sex gag) remain. If you guys are still uncomfortable with the scene, please reply or message me about it.
  • Multiple Bugs should be fixed
  • Current typos found should be edited by now
  • Removed prideful and added agility
  • Made Quick-Thinking/Witty into just Witty
  • Added a lounge exploration scene
  • Included Amphibians, Sea Creatures, Insects and Arachnids to species selection
  • Made certain species questions re-selectable
  • Avian has become Avians/Fowls
  • Introduced the 2nd and 3rd Non-RO characters (Yomiel and Troy)
  • Introduced the 1st and 2nd RO characters (HyperLink and Romancia)

I’m assuming things would get weird if the protagonist had the appearance of a child.

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holy shit your younger than me, yet you were able to come up with this story, i’m impressed.

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The MC was created by a scientific pervert, so if he looked underage, no-one would hesitate to call the FBI :laughing:

I wouldn’t say age is a factor in making games, if you can put a lot effort and passion into something, you can be coding at 10 or even 80 years old! :dizzy_face: If you take some downtime, think about your ideas, you can make a full-fledged story in no time! Appreciate the compliment though! :smile:

Also Note to the players: It turns out I’m an idiot and I forgot to add Amphibian to the coding, so you can’t choose it currently :sweat: Will get that fixed soon!


Last couple of years

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Tiny update of doom! Anyways what’s up in the codes?

The Amphibian choice of species is finally implemented :star_struck: , however, Yomiel’s reaction to the species is not uploaded.. Some grammar and spelling mistakes should have also been fixed, but the one’s in the prologue are not uploaded as I’m working on another small update before I go back to school next week :sweat: (details about a potential small hiatus may be talked about soon).

Ok! Finally got off my ass and finish your new update! Loved the new stuff that was implemented! Especially how you handled those species suggestions (its cool seeing Sea Creatures and Fowls in there ;D)

A little question though, would you say avians/fowls are a cattegory only for birds? Cause you did implied in one of your replies that we can type in bats there. Does that mean we can put any winged creature there? Then if so, do butterflies count as an avian or an insect? Am I overthinking this cause I am way too into using weird animal choices for my OCs? How weird am I sounding right now?

Anyways, I personally didn’t see any bugs so I had nothing to report there. Storywise, this seems to just be the part that is more exposition heavy so it made sense why I ended up checking out at times, thankfully, the characters are interesting amd rather eccentric. It kinda gives me a Kekkai Sensen vibe, which if you don’t know is a manga that happens to also be about a supernatural New York filled with coocky characters, which I love since I like that show’s concept. Once again may I ask, how much does this story branch? Is the other story paths divergently different from one another or does it only mostly provide you with freedom to explore thi strange new version of the big apple? You don’t have to answer if it is spoilers of course! Either way, I still love where this is going and honestly I would appreciate this regardless of the direction you choose to take in writing this game.

So yep, I guess that is all for my excessive raving on my first reaction of this beta. Can’t wait to see how this’ll develop.

Oh yeah, does anybody here want to share the character they’ve created so far? Mine is named, Io, a lupinetrope trilobite which I literally spent an hour on researching cause I want to use a weird prehistoric animal. They’re bi, gender Nonbinary and biologically Male. What about everyone’s? :smiley:

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On a scale from 1 to Weird, I would say off the charts! :laughing: Once again, you can put anything you want! I don’t really mind if people input ‘pterodactyl’ in as Avian. The whole series is one big fun crazy mess, so might as well break the rules while you’re at it! :smiling_imp:

I took a giant risk doing that (as it may bore people), but to make up for it, the next update may include some logical thinking and slight action (handy tip: be sure to explore and remember certain quotes from characters, they may be useful!). Glad to see the characters are still interesting people! :star_struck:

When the prologue ends (all characters introduced) is when the game will truly start growing its branches. You’ll be given time to explore the New York life and choose to hang out and train with other characters. There’s also unique social events that happen occasionally, allowing your character to bond with others in different situations (like Yomiel and Drago may go for a date night and you can 3rd wheel, or HyperLink and Romancia are forced to street-race for Troy’s enjoyment). Finally, there’s the occupation routes (chef, detective, etc.) which split into 6 inter-related stories that end up in a big conclusion (the storyline is shaped by what route you choose). It’s like reading a book from different perspectives. So in a nutshell: There will be a lot of moments for you to branch out and diverge from the ‘main story’! :grin:

Thanks for the support and I hope I’ll meet your and other reader’s standards next update! :grin:

Oooh, I want more of this. I wonder what everyone else picked as their amalgamation of species? :yum:


My girl is named Zimia, a quarter-fox. She’s bi, and is female, biologically or otherwise. She’s very witty and has a lot of sass but she’s also very honest and trustworthy. She’s a huge flirt (no one is safe) but most of it is just for fun. She has a very hedonistic outlook on life, just doing things that make her happy. I’m taking her on the Driver Route :ok_hand:


Oooh, I want more of this. I wonder what everyone else picked as their amalgamation of species? :yum:

Probably not as weird as my gigantic Kabutops looking monstrosity :sweat_smile:
I guess hooray for being technically a furry? (I am not ashamed, don’t @ me lol)

I don’t really mind if people input ‘pterodactyl’ in as Avian.

I can see that! Its cool nonetheless :smiley:
I guess what I was curious about is whether the reactions people have with you will be vague enough as to not break immersion. Like, would it be weird if you being a Bat Avian suddenly gets a comment about havin a beak? I guess that was just what I was concerned about but it is very minor I assure you, I doubt I might notice anyways hahaha (millenials and their short attention spans amirite??? self deprecating humoring intensifies)

Anyways, for those interested, more info on Io!

Io is generally childish and imature which does make them seem pure though in my headcanon they try to act like that so they would seem pure and easilly be on other people’s goodside, though it wasn’t as much as a persona and more like their actual personality being exagerratted by them for maximum effect. Despite seemingly being a kid too pure and adorable to be the type to act selfishly, they are indeed cold, calculating, and self interested. Survival of the fittest as people say, that’s what they personally believe in, though they don’t tend to show it. They are quite a sassy flirt though which sometimes spills out the fact that they are less innocent as they seem (they do have a bad habit of being too obvious for their own good). Currently, they don’t seem to be drawn to any particular paths but I do plan on leading them to the Cook’s Route.


Developer Update!

So where’s that minor update?
I’m getting ever-so-close to finishing a small update for the WiP, this update will involve testing your scientific and attention-to-detail skills! There will also be a small introduction to the ‘Cooks’, so cross your fingers! :star_struck: I think I’ll be able to deliver the update this week, but this is all dependent on what may happen this week. School is going to hit me hard, so I’m not sure what might be happening. :sweat:

So will there be a hiatus?
I wouldn’t bet on it, I honestly have a lot of fun doing this project (despite my ramblings on coding on the discord chat lol :smile:) so I might be doing this as a side thing, which will slow the progress but still allow me to create updates. So why may this happen? As my bio says, I’m an underage boi, so I have high-school to get to and I’m one of those studious kids, so I don’t really want to mess up my record :sweat_smile:

So will you be active on the forum?
Of course! I’ll still be lurking around and replying to your questions, so don’t hesitate to message or contact me, I have free time at school so I can do whatevs. My older brother and I are also active on the CoG discord (we share joint accounts, but I may be taking full control soon!) , but that’s more casual talking and hanging out (so don’t ask me questions about the WiP there mmkay, the forum is a better place for me to be more serious.). I’ve also set up a TUMBLR for the development, so ask me questions there if you want!

And that is it, see you in the next update and I hope y’all have a good week!


This is really promising and i can’t wait for the update!! :smiley: Also i like how you put different personality choices everytime we tried to flirt (and damn why is dragon scientist already in relationship, im sad :frowning: )


After watching the first half of stardust crusaders, the orangutan stand user, Forever, was peeping on a 10-12 year old girl, so me and my brother nicknamed him, pedo-monkey. It was satisfying see Jotaro kill him with a pin of all things.

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What does it make if you say dragon’s real name fast, I don’t see it :grimacing:


Saying the ‘Draconius Scylantius’ part of his name fast enough will vaguely sound like ‘Dragon Scientist’. Implying that his parents were just lazy with his name and decided to call him a different version of ‘Dragon Scientist’ without needing to come up with a unique name.


I quite enjoy this WIP. The dragon scientist is absoulutely hilarious.


Just going to say that the update may be coming at 12AM Brisbane time (which is around 7am for you American folks and 3pm for the Euros). Just need to code some more things and it should be up soon!

Time may be subjected to change however, I may release it tomorrow around the afternoon (in Aus) when everyone is actually awake.

Update will be released tomorrow (Sun 22 July) around 10AM-3PM Brisbane Time. One giant bug is screwing me over so I won’t be able to deliver the demo in 3 hours (sorry! :sweat_smile:). Also I didn’t get enough sleep today, so I’m tired AF.

That should be all and I’ll see you all tomorrow (or technically tonight) :grin:

Also, I just remembered I got ‘New User of the Month’ (which I got like 3 days ago lol :laughing:), so yay! :star_struck:


i’ll wait…

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