A 'Regular' Life in New York (WIP) (Updated 7/07/19) (Important Poll Post 191) (With Discord Server! post 180)

“Honestly being a New Yorker isn’t all that fun. Yeah you’ve got the multiple gangs that roam around the street that either help or harm others depending on their views; the lawful and corrupt detectives that solve cases on a weekly basis; the underground street races that cause the police trouble everyday; and the mad scientists, like yours truly, that create world-changing creations like yourself. But that ain’t all that fun anyways, it’s just regular life here.”
-Dragon Scientist

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Heyo! Foxboi here, if you don’t know, I’ve recently made a post on the Interest check forum about a potential WIP about a totally normal life in New York. After getting myself used to ChoiceScript, I’ve finally made the pre-prologue to the idea! :star_struck: (Demo at bottom)

Anyway’s, what is ‘A ‘Regular’ Life in New York”?

Original Non-Detailed Premise

Ah New York, the ‘Big Apple’ (commonly named by people who never lived in New York) filled with hopes and dreams. From Manhattan to New York City itself, the state is littered with tourists in wonderment; New Yorkers in running their usual businesses; gang members battling each other in shady alleyways; corrupt detectives taking bribes from low-life criminals; mad scientists running around causing all sorts of havoc; and the Statue of Liberty in its glory. Come over to New York for friends! Life-changing experiences! And maybe even… love.

In ‘A ‘Regular’ Life in New York’ (placeholder for now), you will be playing as a biological creation made by a mad Dragon Scientist living life in the state of New York. Throughout your journey you will meet countless curious characters from around the land, from detectives to assassins, the possibility is endless! (I’m just kidding, only about 16 characters). Evolve your personality throughout the game: will you be a shy observer or will you be a outrageous Casanova? Will you train to become a intelligent detective, a mastermind criminal or even a insane lab-companion? Will you be a regular human? Or will you become a lycanthrope-type creature? Will you make friends and even find the possibility of true love? Hey, don’t look at me, this is your life!

Much More Story-Detailed Premise

You play as a biological creation accidentally created by a drunken mad scientist, who’s a dragon - yes, you heard correctly.

After recently discovering your test tube, the scientist decides for you to live a normal life in New York, which of course, becomes a crazy experience as the year goes on. From cat serial killers and crazy cooks, to loyal werewolf detectives and righteous hackers. New York isn’t going to leave you in a boring state of mind.

And to add insult to injury, a mysterious conspiracy is occurring under your nose. Though you decided to ignore it in the first months, the conspiracy grows larger and dares to threaten your livelihood. Will you discover this conspiracy and take it down while you work as an assassin, mobster, scientist, chef, racer or detective? Or will you fail and risk your chance at life?

And as the year goes on, will you become a outrageous Casanova or a shy observer? Will you make others respect you? Or will they treat you as a joke? Will you risk your wellbeing for the sake of friendship and even… love? Don’t look at me, this is your life.

With every relationship you strengthen, you may be able to take down this organisation that wants you dead. Though, you could always go lone wolf…

Relationships and how they work:
Relationships in the game are pretty simple. There will be labeled choices that lead directly to romance scenes or flirt scenes, with choices varying in different degrees of personality (sarcastic, cold, flirty, shy, subtle). The friendship choices won’t be labeled, but should be obvious when playing. Non-RO can be flirted with as well, but their reactions will usually stray to a ‘friend-zone’ type of comment. Each Character will have a different opinion to your personality, some will love a humorous approach while some prefer a more serious and stoic tone.

There are 3 stats (2 for non-RO) per character. The romance stat, which shows your level of ‘affection’ towards each other; the friendship stat, which shows the level of bond and likability; and the respect/ignorance stat, which determines whether a character will take you seriously or not. You can have a high friendship/romance with someone, but they may not take you seriously if the respect stat is low. The respectability all determine on what the character deems ‘acceptable’. However, being respected can be a double-edged sword, as you may be considered the ring-leader by others. Which may lead to your playable character going through risky situations.

Relationships are quite vital throughout the game, with some aspects requiring friendships or romances to increase your likelihood of succeeding.

However, the relationship stats and abilities stats are heavily affected by the ‘Time Will Tell’ system.

(May include the ‘Lone Wolf’ route, but that involves alienating everyone.)

What’s the ‘Time Will Tell’ system?:
In a nutshell, the ‘Time Will Tell’ is the game’s way of balancing abilities by nerfing a sizeable section of your stat percentages. For example, once you reach the first half chapter 1, let’s say your strength percentage is at 45%. the game will remove 10% off of your strength, making it 35% in the next half.

Why create this? Mainly because I noticed during the programming of the pre-prologue, you could easily increase your abilities and relationships with the right choices. So to fix/make it harder, I’ve decided to implement this system.

Also, realistically, you would lose efficiency and friendships if you never train or socialise after reaching maximum percent. So this is just a way to keep players focused on stats while allowing them to explore areas with a cautious mindset.

(Note: I may lower the times I use this if I find it too harsh on the player.)

Other Features: (Note: can be subject to change)

  • Play as a human, quarter-human, quarter-animal or a lycanthrope type of creature. (Mostly cosmetic, has slight reactionary purpose and allows some choices to be unlocked).
  • 8 unique romances with an additional 8 friendships.
  • Choose to be straight, gay, lesbian, bi, pan, asexual, aromantic or fluid. (Note that there is NO gender-locked romances, becoming asexual or aromantic also does NOT remove romance options, if any potentially asexual/aromantic people want to romance, they can romance.)
  • Be male, female or non-binary (Note that there is a ‘biological sex’ scene for silly crude humour in the later scenes, but there is a choice of having nothing at all. You’ll get to pick your mental gender and pronouns, which will act as your desired gender. Technically you can be transgender, but that’s only a small mention in the demo.)
  • Choose to be a detective, assassin, scientist, street-racer/get-away driver, gangster/mobster or even… a chef.
  • Explorable areas created by an Australian that knows nothing about New York
  • A variety of mini-social events to build relationships
  • Multiple endings to increase replayability

And that should be it!

Developer’s Notes:
Would be greatly appreciated if you guys gave feedback and criticism, it’s welcome and especially needed as I’m just a starting writer.
Screenshots of small bugs, spelling mistakes and continuity errors is also incredibly appreciated as well, especially in the customisation scenes.
May update weekly or fortnightly if I’m on my school holidays. May take a few months during school times.
Sorry if the post has an influx of broken english. :sweat_smile:

Currently in the Demo
  • Awakening and customisation scenes
  • Introduction to 1st Non-RO Friendship character

  • Slight exposition of the world.
  • Introduction to 2nd Non-RO Friendship Character

  • Introduction to the Scientists
  • Laboratory exploration scene
  • 1st of 6 Trust and Skill tests added
  • Introduction to the Chefs
  • Restaurant exploration scene
  • 2nd of the 6 Trust and Skill tests added
  • Introduction to the detectives
  • 3rd of the 6 Trust and Skill tests added
  • ‘The Runts’ Exploration scene
  • Introduction to the Assassins
Main Characters (As of 26th January 2019)

The MC: Presumed 21 (Despite being born in the present)
"What have you gotten yourself into now?"
A strange scientific organism created by a mad dragon scientist, despite their efforts to live a regular life, they seem to always get themselves into some sort of wacky, dangerous and downright-insane situations.

Dragon Scientist: 55 in Human Years, 27.5 in Dragon Years
"Mad scientist extraordinaire!"
A perverted scientist that works under the shadows of his laboratory, though considered reckless and childish, he somehow always surprises everyone with his innovative inventions and discoveries. Now his ‘quirks’ are just considered normal to his colleagues and friends.

Yomiel Tzar: 27
Human: Russian-American
"Don’t associate yourself with scum like me."
Cold, mean and a douche. The perks to an amazing detective. Despite how everyone he works with despises him, they all have to admit he’s useful, with a high intelligence and an extremely threatening aura, he could get the most despicable to confess their crimes. He can’t possibly get along with that personality… right?

Troy Moonlight: 22
Quarter-Maine Coon (kind of)
"What do you mean by ‘too many robots’?"
A sous chef at day, and also a scientist at day. As the daughter of a gangster restaurant owner, cooking is 2nd thought to her, but as the daughter of a mad scientist, science is also 2nd thought to her. On the surface, she’s a loveable cutesy young-adult, but get on her bad-side, you won’t be seeing the light of morning. Occasionally supports her brother’s assassination jobs around the city with her robots.

Redn Devoni: 26
Human: Italian-Serbian (kind of)
"Can we hurry this up? I’ve got a husband that needs loving."
A snarky sarcastic detective with a wholesome cooking career, mainly to feed his husband, in his spare time. Redn is considered the Jack-of-all-trades in his group, Redn takes his charm and skill from his father, another famous detective in New York. Don’t commit any culinary or actual crimes around him, or else he will lock you faster than you can even imagine, unless you’re friends with him or the agency, then it’s all free-game for you. Loving husband to Troy’s brother

Kino Venti: 24
Wolf Lupinethrope
Pleasure of you to join the detective team!
Nicknamed the ‘Prince of Detectives’, Kino is the pure-hearted detective partner of slightly more corrupt Redn Devoni. Being the only son to two detectives, like Redn, Kino was raised on the virtues and morals of investigation. Give him a case to investigate, and he’ll swear on his life to solve it no matter how big or small it is. However, Kino is a bit more brutal when fighting in his beast form… so watch out.

HyperLink: 19
Quarter-Siamese Cat
"I’m not going to say ‘I’m In’ or ‘I’ve hacked into the mainframe’ with a hacker voice. That’s stupid."
A mysterious shut-in hacker and technician that works at Dragon Scientist’s laboratory. Despite her ominous presence and clothes, she’s a jumpy eccentric teenager in public. However, no one knows her past, not even her employer, and to add insult to injury, she always wears a strange mask around her mouth. Occasionally live-streams street races at night-time.

Romancia Giovanni: 24
Human: Italian-French
"I rather focus on the future than languish on the failures."
Another scientist in Dragon Scientist’s laboratory, he’s pretty much just their local mechanic that messes around. He despises being a failure and will rid any history of his wrongdoings. Despite his inferiority-complex, he is considered one of the most vital members of the lab, as he’s man with all the tools (come on, buying more is expensive). Occasionally acts as a mechanic in his friend’s street races.

Jumaz Torres: 20
Cheetah Lupinethrope
"Is my seduction working on you?"
The flirty and intrusive baker of the Moonlight’s restaurant and café. Jumaz is considered to be the a very useful asset to the team, being able to be quick in doing any job that is given to him. Despite his usefulness, he can’t help but annoy everyone with his constant flirting with anything that walks. Though at the end of the day, they can’t help but smile in his presence, except for his roommate, Wulff. Also works as an ‘actor’ with Nii and Troy’s brother.

Nii Chania: 25
Human: German-Asian (Taiwanese and Chinese)
"Have you had enough to eat?"
A motherly figure in the Moonlight’s restaurant and to everyone that encounters her, although she’s only 25, most of her colleagues consider her to be a mother-figure, no matter how older they are. Pure, sweet and charitable, everyone loves her attitude, and to put on the cherry on top: Nii is a fantastic cook as well! Though, she never lets anyone in her apartment in the evening nor on the weekends… hmm. Nii says she works as a ‘chemical cleaner’ as a side-job.

Wulff Bronzell: 24
"Violence and cooking go together like cheese and wine"
Despite Wulff’s stoic and responsible appearance as a head chef in the Moonlight restaurant, Wulff considers himself to be a extremely lazy and arrogant man. His roommate, Jumaz, considers this to be correct and frequently quarrels with Wulff, though they still stay as roommates even after the worst of fights. Despite his opinion of himself, his colleagues consider him to be useful and a large asset to the team. On his spare-time, he cooks and works in a gang of a close friend of his.

Graves Ferninad: 22
3/4ths Shark
Always keep your muscles ready for fighting.
Redn likes to nickname her the female Yomiel, which is a huge stretch considering Redn actually likes Graves. Considered as the ‘muscle’ out of the detectives, Graves is a hard-mannered fighter and investigator that doesn’t let her emotions get to her… unless she does… a lot more than she expects. Despite her attempts to be alienating, most of the crew loves the shark and consider her really cute. Troy deems her to be a quote on quote ‘tsundere’. Works as a ‘bodyguard’ in her spare time.

Yanziel Tiger: 23
Snake Lupinethrope
Lets have some fun!
Being the most energetic and giddy detective around, it’s not a surprise that she’s pretty much a party animal, she loves interacting with strangers and is one of the most friendliest detectives around. Despite her role in the detective business… she’s also a criminal, specialising in loan-sharking, counterfeiting and scamming in general, she works for a notable gang in the city. Talk about a double life…

Now with that out of the way here’s the demo!

Warnings: Crude humour, mild strong language, mild sexual humour, potential choices that’ll make you cringe

Demo Link: https://dashingdon.com/go/2876 (approx. 10.45k words with code)


I’m really digging the writing style you’ve got here. It’s chaotic, nonsensical, and and hilarious and I love it.


My life’s story: Byproduct of some weird experiment
Anyway I enjoyed reading it and bit of a bug



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Sounds interesting! It sounds like there’ll be a focus on relationships and I like that too~




Should be *“is” because of present tense?
*composure. I would take out the “up” too and leave it at “[…] composure back […].”

*“are” due to plural noun



Also, the demo seemed to end after I picked my gender? (It was stuck on the loading screen.)

Edit: Never mind! It was probably just a connection error on my side, the demo continued (up till the error that Elthuyu found) after I refreshed the page.


This may just be a personal issue, but one I feel should be brought to light.
Uh, i felt really uncomfortable during the biological sex selection sequence. I found it needlessly crude and detailed. I think you can still write that scene without being that tasteless? Oh, I apologize if this seems rude to to you!

I would appreciate an option to skip/shorten this sometime in the future, but of course thats completely preferential and up to you! Good luck.


I was feeling really edgy and crude the first day I created the demo, so I thought to create the scene. The more I worked on the rest of the demo, I realised how tasteless it was and I honestly made myself weirded out. You can see it in my features description that I was iffy about the whole scene anyways. I’m thinking about either removing it (as I can stick to mental gender for the ‘Dragon Scientist’s a pervert gags’), making it less crude and detailed like you said (with slight gags that are mainly light-hearted and don’t focus on the biologicals sexes) or just making like the gender selection (more straight-to the-point and less gags). Thanks for your concerns! The game is supposed to be a bit raw and edgy but I don’t want to be over-the-top with it and offend others. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the support! :star_struck: My writing style is usually a organised mess of words, so I’m glad you’re liking it! :grin:

@Aleksa100 @Elthuyu Thanks for the the bug reports! Both bugs are coincidentally in the scenes that were a pain-in-the-ass to code, so thanks a lot and I hope you enjoyed most of what you played! :grin:

Thanks! Relationships are a huge factor in the story, but I’m thinking about a hard-to-achieve lone wolf route. Also thanks for the typos and spelling mistakes, my scripting program doesn’t report my misspellings (if scripting programs do that anyway) and there’s way too much for me to analyse in a day. So thank you for that! :star_struck:


Won’t be editing the title to “Updated…” as this is only a minor update

Minor Plot and Bug Update
  • Made the biological sex scene more straight-to-the-point and less crude, some light gags (such as Dragon Scientist’s perversion in the male sex gag) remain. If you guys are still uncomfortable with the scene, please reply or message me about it.
  • Bugs relating accessing the species selection scene and the sarcastic kiss scene should be fixed
  • Current typos found should be edited by now

Sounds a bit crazy ambitious and out there, but good luck. Since it’s set in New York don’t forget to include the important landmarks. You mentioned Lady Liberty but there’s a lot more too. The Empire State Building, Central Park, Yankee Stadium, the various bridges, Broadway… we should explore all we can.

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I like the demo and can’t wait to see more I like the idea

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Also I got this error when first starting the demo it doesn’t prevent me from playing I just thought I should post it

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I pick half wolf can have ears to or the tail but got say this you did great job on this :smirk_cat:


Good luck with the lone wolf route!! I’m sure others will appreciate playing it! ^-^

And no problem at all with the typos! :smile:

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Nice work. Wish there was a choice to be a lion lupinethrope.

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I feel like there might be too many stats, honestly. Charming, Friendly, Leadership, Out there?..,see, this is just my personal issue with stats that close to each other is that I feel like it’d be really difficult to be aware of what is meant to do what.

Intelligence and quick thinking aren’t necessarily the same thing, but in a COG format it might get a bit messy telling what is the difference, where and when it’s there.

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So… I’m not sure if you changed it on purpose for your game or something, but just so you know the IRL demonym for a person living in New York is “New Yorker” not “New Yorkian”.


I found a few mispellings and I’m pretty sure one grammar error while replaying it I thought I should point out


Love the writing style. I will definitely be watching for further development. Keep up the good work.


My thoughts exactly. (20 chars) …

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Originally there was a lion choice for the customisation, but I was an idiot and removed it. :sweat_smile: It won’t take me long to edit the code anyways, so expect the lion choice to come to life! (next update tho.)

When I started to code options that increased and decreased the stat percentages, I realised how closely related and useless some of them are :sweat_smile: . I’m thinking about just remove some stats like prideful and selfless, as I don’t really have anything to do with those stats (maybe prideful may be useful, but selfless, nah); Changing Witty/Quick-Thinker into just Witty, or even removing the stat entirely (as quick-thinking is closely related to intelligence, while witty is related to sarcastic/humorous); and I may change the names to some of the stats (such as Charming becoming ‘Silver Tongue’). Thanks for the criticism though!

For longest time in my life, I’ve always thought it was New Yorkian. :sweat_smile: Thanks for the correction!

Thanks for playing! :grin: I’m not sure if I’ll answer this correctly but I’ll give it a try. Quarter-animals (if that’s what you referring to by ‘half-wolf’) by default usually have the ears and tail (if the animal has either) from the base-animal. There are small details, such as pupils and the shape of hands and feet, and behavioural details, such as night-vision or purring, that are also included. However, not every quarter-animal has to abide by these rules , One of the non-ROs is a quarter-cat but the only noticeable features are her eyes, ears and behaviour. Hope I answered your question.

@Mrxanite Thanks for the support and bug/typo reports! :smile: For the error that doesn’t prevent you from playing: I’m not sure if it’s an error on my end as I don’t see any code relating to that error, though if others report this bug, I’ll have to investigate more thoroughly. Also, if you don’t mind, could you elaborate more on the last grammar/spelling mistake? As I’m not sure what’s wrong :sweat_smile:

@Checkmate Thanks for playing and the support!

Over the next days I’m going to polish my knowledge over landmarks in New York, considering I’m a lowly Australian, I might butcher the locations (so might as well start learning! :sweat_smile:). Thanks for the suggestions of landmarks!