A 'Regular' Life in New York (WIP) (Updated 7/07/19) (Important Poll Post 191) (With Discord Server! post 180)

i love it, you got a new fan

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Will we be able to choose our animal “characteristics”? Also, I’m wondering what a shark quarter-animal would look like :thinking:.

Anyways, I just finished my playthroughs, and I gotta say that I’m a fan so far. I’m a little disappointed that Drago isn’t an RO, though. But considering how he is trying to be faithful with his (girl?)friend, I can respect that.

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I have a theory.



I like it so far…bit short…but sound great !

The only downside I have , is the choices of ‘animal’ .

sigh…beside feline and dog like…I want something else…


ok…they are scary in real life , but in a game…I’m all for it ! :smiley:


This is correct and no-one can argue against it.

This might be one of the ‘up to your interpretations’ choices, the characteristics are purely cosmetic, the abilities and species-type are really only the feature that will result in additional choices or changes in reaction. :sweat_smile:

Thanks a lot! :grin: I feel like it was cruel that DS isn’t a RO (considering how much times I teased the player during the demo), and will feel even more cruel when I see people’s reaction’s to his lover. I’m going to predict that people are not going to like his boyfriend. :sweat_smile:

See @Hex post for the canon image.

Just kidding here's the real image


Jokes aside they would most likely resemble this: https://www.deviantart.com/sanpincha/art/MNSPS-Shark-boy-324128319 or https://www.deviantart.com/ixjackiexx/art/Shark-711741865

If you pick reptile, you can input snake. So you can be a snake to your heart’s content! :grin: But insects are sp00ky. No insectos :dizzy_face:


whats wrong with insecto ? Some are Mighty! :smiley:


AAAAH! Too adorable. Now I’m wishing she was actually in this and as an RO.

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One of the female ROs is a 3/4ths Shark, so cross your fingers!


Okay, so I don’t know if I mentioned it before, but I can always love games with versatile creation.

On another note, were I actually an anthromorphic wolf? I don’t think I would ever get tired of saying these words to people:

“Can’t let you do that, Star Fox!”


I’m not sure if anybody noticed this but when I first played through the game last night I tried to roleplay as trans female, so my character is supposed to start of male but got a female sex change when Dragon Scientist offered it, yet for some reason my biological gender is still called Male. I shall go check if that’s still the case though, just thought to let you know before I forgot.

Also, are you perchance scared of insects/arachnids? If not then I’d wish to suggest an option ala Reptile and Avian where we can choose what species we are. If the codestill allows it, I could suggest giving more freedom in our species through that as well. Like maybe an option for Sea Creatures (other than Sharks) and Amphibian (we could be like Tsuyu from My Hero Academia, a frog person! XD). I just have really weird tastes for the types of animals I like sorry. Its just a suggestion though so you are of course not obligated to cater to my whim, its important you enjoy this project after all :wink:

I have seen this idea in the Interest Thread and had been very hooked since. I really love stories just about people living their lives in whatever nonsensical world they live in. So I really hope for your success in creating this game. Good luck! :smiley:


Whoops! I think I may have forgot to edit something in the code, I’ll get that fixed right away! Edit: Problem should be fixed now.

It’s not that I’m scared of insects or anything (though some are horrifying) :sweat_smile: It just looks weird when I imagine a bug character, but spider characters can be real cute so I may put an insect option down the road. I did make Bees a gag choice when I was originally writing, but that might change. Definitely will put the sea creature and amphibian choice in the customisation later.

Thanks for the support! :grin:


Ok so I checked and yup, Male to Female sex changed and my MC is still labeled as Male. Female to Male works though so the sex change option was not what’s not working. Nonbinary to Female/Male works as well.

Also, is there currently no option to sex change to neither currently? Since picking that option takes me to an error message. Sorry for no screenshot though since my phone sucks and my screenshot option does not work.

Anyways, you’re very welcome! I haven’t played a CYOA this unique in a long time! :wink:


Problems should be fixed now!

It’s going to be one of those ‘insert text’ options, so you’ll be able to type in scorpions for that choice


If you’re going to include arachnids, will there be an option for scorpions as well?

No need, if you don’t feel like it. Just curious is all.


Alright! Thanks :smiley:

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Even though we’ve only meet the dragon scientist in really enjoying the way you write your characters


Also…just for the sake of debate, I opted to make this collage to prove that bugs and arachnids CAN be cute.


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2nd to last on bottom looks a bit more…scary than cute:/

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Even giant fanged beetle monsters need love.


I might be mistaken here but is that 2nd to last one a Digimon? Haha

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