Interest Check Thread

Sounds really interesting, sounds pretty fun and would have a lot of potential. Though in my own opinion, I would most likely join that necromantic mafia instead of combating it :sweat_smile:


Thanks! I’m planning to add an option to defect to the mafia, if it doesn’t end up being too much work.


I don’t know if this is the place I should be posting since I do have a demo for some of these (kinda anyways), but since I had many ideas for a choice game(and i’m planning on only writing one). I decided to ask the community what idea they like best or if you had any ideas you’ll like me to write or something.(you can ignore this post if you want to.)

Warning:long post ahead

Coding: i’m pretty good at it and i’m also a fast learner so I should able to complete a game in the estimated time i give it (maybe).
Writing:I’d admit my writing isn’t the best, but i do know how to create the right scene at the right time so hopefully it won’t be terrible.
But anyways here’s my ideas if anyone like one of them then you can reply to me the one like or if you hate my ideas and give some criticism or your own suggestion, that’s fine too.

•This is not how the story ends.


This was actually the first story i was going to write but more ideas came to my head and i kinda abandoned this one?(though if many other people like it i’ll bring it back.)
In this work of fiction you take control of an teenage boy/girl who have just been sent to a disciplinary school, for what? Well that’s up to you figure out.You will use your reputation, strength, words or maybe your relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend to help cope with teachers, get you out of trouble(or in trouble) or to help you make friends and not get killed. Will you be a good teenager and leave early or will you find out that it’s better to stay?
There will only be one book to this.
This IF would probably feature more real life situations that might make some people uncomfortable(since i wanted to create a game that would speak a message about problem kids.)(i’ll take all the things i write with a serious mindset and if someone finds it offensive i’ll remove it)I’ll put the situations that is going to be in the choice game.
Murder(they’ll be murder in this game whether you get the bad endings or not)
Implied Abuse (psychology, physical, sexually, verbal, emotionally)(in one part of the story you can choose to say that your parents are abusive.)
Dark humor
Drug abuse
Mental illness
Teacher abuse
Implied assault

•Not that kind of hero (definitely got to change this title.)


You start out in the story as a teenage girl/boy(16) who lives in a world full of superpowers(the reason why will be explained in the story). Eventually you have to leave the school you go to and go to a low powered superhero school(yes, you do get powers in this game and yes, you get to pick them.) after they see potential in you.Follow this story as you befriend, romance or become enemies with your classmates while trying to become the greatest hero or maybe the greatest villain or neither. There will be two books to this, one where you are teen and another where your a adult.

This series is way more lighthearted than the first one.
Implied sex scenes(but nothing explicit i don’t like writing that stuff about teens)

•Party till your dead.


In this story you’ll able to choose between a number of species(werewolves, vampires, zombies etc.)(or be human) and you’ll have 30 days in order to prepare for the biggest party in your college’s history(yes, your a college student in this game.) This mean you will have to balance out work, relationships and clubs in order to join. (You can also romance other monsters or humans.) (Short story)
Dirty humour

•Maya and Carlos


In this story you take the role of two thirteen year old twins who just arrived to a mysterious hotel in El Paso, Texas. While your parents don’t believe that anything’s wrong with the hotel, the twins know something up. Take the control of Maya or Carlos to find out the secrets of the hotel and why there’s red paint on that wall.
(There will be multiple books to this)
Warnings(its going to be a mostly kid friendly series.)
Lots of Spanish

That’s all i have, if you have any other suggestions then you can reply to me it.
Finally it worked.
(You can post polls on here right?)

  • This not how the story ends.
  • Not that kind of hero.
  • Party till your dead.
  • Maya and Carlos.
  • Other

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(I hope you understand them, i know my grammar not great.)


I know that Maya and Carlos is the least voted, but I think it’s by far the most interesting and unique out of all of your examples. It’s not even a contest.

Why Maya and Carlos is a great idea that you should definitely explore in more detail and expand upon at great length

  • It’s set in a unique location we haven’t seen before. There’s something uniquely fascinating about the contrast between the empty, arid, unforgiving landscapes of Texas and the communal, transient life of a hotel that packs so many different people together for such a short time. It’s a refuge against a hostile world.
  • The characters speak Spanish, which we haven’t seen a lot of, and could incorporate a lot of really cool ideas and myths that are otherwise overlooked.
  • The dynamic of two twins could lend itself to really interesting uses of the choicescript mechanics and would reward replaying the game.
  • It reminds me of Nan Quest. I’ll have to check out if that was ever finished.

Why the other ideas are not as good ideas as Maya and Carlos

  • This is not how the story ends: doesn’t seem to present itself as offering anything from the perspective of a teenager that we haven’t seen before. The focus on abuse, violence, and (presumably) mental health, while relevant, is something we’ve seen a million times in a million different forms. You would have to be able to demonstrate your own personal take on it and also justify what new perspectives you bring to the table.
  • Not that kind of hero: I guarantee there are at least half a dozen “you’re a superhero in a high school” games in the CoG or HG lines (plus WIPs) right now. That specific sub-genre is so beyond oversaturated it’s not even really an amusing observation to make anymore.
  • Party till your dead: This one has a similar problem to the previous one: the subgenre of mashing a standard American school setting with supernatural elements has been overwhelmingly mainstream since the 80s, perhaps even earlier. You’re literally competing with Buffy the Vampire Slayer … as well as numerous games on this very forum that have the same premise.

If you can bring something to the table that is uniquely you that we can’t get anywhere else, any of the previous ideas would be amazing … but it looks like you already have that spark in Maya and Carlos. I’m just interested in reading something I’ve never seen before.


You’d be wrong. There are no published games which are about superheroes at high school (to my knowledge). You can only reach half-a-dozen by counting CCH (superheroes at college), Grand Academy for Future Villains (villains, not genre-specific, and I’m not sure if they’re at high school or older), and things like Psy High (not superheroes) and Waywalkers (not superheroes, and while they’re the right age, it’s not really a high school). And even then, 6/179 is hardly “oversaturation”.

The only WiP I can think of (that’s still being worked on) is my own and that’s more “superheroes who happen to go to high school” (and even then it’s more based on Power Rangers and anime stories than traditional superheroes); @Alexis’s idea sounds more like “high school for superheroes”, which is a pretty different concept. (I have got a brief, on-hiatus WiP which is closer to the idea, but even then, I feel that they’d be different enough to not be a problem.)

And if you mean “oversaturation in the media in general”, well, “teen brother and sister who solve mysteries” isn’t that more unique, really. Which is not to say that there’s anything wrong with that concept, either. Both of them could be great.

@Alexis: I voted “Other” mainly because I think you should choose whichever one you want to write more. Although I would advise against This is not how the Story Ends, as issues like abuse, homophobia, and sexism can be hard to write about in a way that doesn’t trivialise them. Good luck, whichever you choose. :slight_smile:


Interest Check for: A ‘Regular’ Life in New York

Premise: Ah New York, the ‘Big Apple’ (commonly named by people who never lived in New York) filled with hopes and dreams. From Manhattan to New York City itself, the state is littered with tourists in wonderment; New Yorkians in running their usual businesses; gang members battling each other in shady alleyways; corrupt detectives taking bribes from low-life criminals; mad scientists running around causing all sorts of havoc; and the Statue of Liberty in its glory. Come over to New York for friends! Life-changing experiences! And maybe even… love.

In ‘A ‘Regular’ Life in New York’ (placeholder for now), you will be playing as a biological creation made by a mad Dragon Scientist living life in the state of New York. Throughout your journey you will meet countless curious characters from around the land, from detectives to assassins, the possibility is endless! (I’m just kidding, only about 16 characters). Evolve your personality throughout the game: will you be a shy observer or will you be a outrageous Casanova? Will you train to become a intelligent detective, a mastermind criminal or even a insane lab-companion? Will you be a regular human? Or will you become a lycanthrope-type creature? Will you make friends and even find the possibility of true love? Hey, don’t look at me, this is your life!

Potential Features: With that jumbled mess of a plot out of the way, what might be in this game?

  • Of course you can choose what gender you may want to be, you can be Male/Female/Non-Binary.
  • I do plan to have at least 16 characters, with 8 romances and 8 regular friendships, however, you can continue the game without romancing anyone at all.
  • You can choose your sexual orientation, but every romance option is fluid in sexuality, no gender locks.
  • You will be able to play as a human, quarter-animal, quarter-human and a lycanthrope-type of creature. These will be explained if I decide to create a full demo thread.
  • I will try to have a variety of job and hobby routes for the character, but I will have to limit it to my ability.
  • I will also try to have multiple explorable areas, but note the fact that I don’t live in New York (Australian) so I might butcher the land (sorry!)
  • The story isn’t romance orientated, but romance may play a large part in the storyline (if the player decides to date).
  • I do want to make the game replayable, with every potential route leading to multiple endings.

And that’s all I can come up with now, I’m currently creating the demo with most of the customisations done already (which kinda ruins the point of an interest post but whatever :sweat_smile: ).

I’m not sure if anyone has done this before but would anyone be interested in this type of slice-of-life, romance, actionish and modern hybrid of a story?


Seems very promising,I wish you all the luck!


@Foxboi I’m interested! I like games where I can play as a monster/weird… thing, whatever it is the MC is lol

And romance and friendship, also love those. From the sounds of it, you plan for the ability to get to know multiple characters in one playthrough? I know that’s a weird question, but in lots of games I have to focus on my chosen RO and only them and I can’t drift my attention to anyone else (even for friendship) or everything is ruined :joy:

It sounds ambitious, but it also seems you have quite a bit worked out so I hope to see your success in bringing this idea to life!

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I’m planning for the player to try and socialise slightly with the all other characters so everyone can get a tiny bit of knowledge over who is who and their personalities. I also want to ensure that the most planning players are able to know every character’s history in one playthrough (though I might not do this because I would have to do a lot more extensive planning than I want to :sweat_smile: ).

I do want to plan events with only certain characters for the player to have some time to socialise with others, as I think allies may play a huge part in the book’s finale. However, I don’t want to alienate my readers, so I’ll probably try limit how many times I do this though. :dizzy_face:

Thanks for the support! :star_struck:


I don’t want to sound discouraging, but I think your project is a bit overambitious. I don’t know if there are any games with as many as 8 romance options (and 8 friend options). The romance options will need time to develop so that they don’t feel rushed. If you meet the romance options at different points, the player might already have romanced someone when they discover a new RO.

If you can play as human, quarter-animal, quarter-human and a lycanthrope-type of creature, that’s a lot of extra stuff to add. I expect that a quarter-human will have a very different game than a human in the ways it can interact with society, so the word count will increase a lot.

This almost sounds like different games for all the routes. Expect your word count to multiply.

If there will be area explorations and job/hobby routes, that will definitely add a lot to the word count.

Fun fact: If you pick a team of 3 people from 16 RO’s, you can have 3360 different team compositions. (unless my math is wrong)
I’d suggest working more on the story since

isn’t really a story yet. (What will happen?)

I’m sorry if I sound discouraging, but I just want to make sure that you know how large a project of this sort can become. I have gotten stuck 8-10k words into several projects, realizing that I have only 5% of the total game completed. However, if you can put in the effort and plan the project well, it’d be really cool to play a game like this and I’d enjoy beta testing. Good luck :slight_smile:


Yeah that was one of the problems when I decided to do this story business (this has happen to me in the past :sweat: ). Originally I was supposed to limit myself to 6 or just 4 romances (still including the 8 friends), so I’m still on the fence on romance options. The only reason I decided with that much characters is mainly because these are characters that I have worked on in the past and use regularly in my private life, so writing their personalities is kind of second thought to me.

This is the one thing that I’m extremely nervous about, rushing character development is a giant problem in games and could potentially ruin a character overall. About that 2nd point, I’m thinking about doing the extremely controversial prologue of exposition, which would introduce every RO for the player to know, but may alienate them from the exposition :dizzy_face: .

Based on my customisation coding (took a day), that is one of the many problems I may encounter from the expansive routes and characters. Which is why I may force myself to make the customisation only for mainly cosmetics purposes and only being used for small plot points. The quarter-human player should relatively have the same experience as a human player, with some only some advantages (like an extra solution to a problem).

I’ll just have to deal with the word count, I don’t really mind if the game will take years to complete, at least I know I’ve tried. :sunglasses:

I kept the story vague for the sake of keeping the story vague, which is a bad choice on my part considering no-one knows what’s happening :sweat_smile: . To clear up the misconception, when I mean by allies playing in a huge part, I mean in a sense where your ending relies on relationships (such as who’s willing to bail you out in jail) , not in the sense of choosing your teammates. Though I may end up in the same problem of extra content and word count.

It’s cool, considering I’m just a starting writer, I need as much constructive criticism as possible to evolve. Thanks for your input and I hope you also can finish your own personal projects! :smile:


I’ve been reading biographies social history research about the removals about all different types of people For that Jacksonian game and I kind a blossom into this whole period of antebellum filled with just interesting historical actors from the utopian society founders t different agents of empire or major political economic figures that during this time. We’re just being born or deeply in their of obscurity. Now some figures that later became incredibly famous in their area are incredibly up obscure now.

The idea is you pick these figures it and you play these individuals during a mundane period Of their life before they had any prominence it could be their childhood their teenage years there earlier professional years. For example Imagine running into a 12-year-old Ulysses when he ran a transport service with histwo horses. Or Kit Carson during Fur trapping period with his indigenous wife.

Or Sam Houston during his teenage years living with the Cherokees. Or the other end of the career of a John Ross when he was a young man indulging every type of Mercantile trade in the American south To make his fortune. Future chief himself who was only 1/8 Cherokee. Which was more common then most people know.

So do you play individuals and you just make small interactions in the daily events of their life. Or do you play as your own character during the antebellum period making your own way as you possibly interacted act with them at different point in time.

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I already play the demo now i want the full version

I’m working on my main futuristic fantasy story mentioned above first, but just wanted to get a gauge on this idea.
A superhero story in the typical medieval setting.
Adventurers are basically superheroes; they have training or abilities or whatever that drives them to do things most people don’t, and are often protectors of commonfolk and gain a reputation as such.
What if, in a medieval setting, witches were the equivalent of superpowered individuals?
You’d be protecting your home village from all manner of threat with your magic; at character creation, you’d choose three spells out of a large list for your character to know. You would build up a reputation, meet other witches,
No forget the pitch it’s basically just a fusion of high fantasy and superpowers, but I think it has potential.


Ok I wil admit I once had a passing idea of a story like that but I was too lazy to write. So yeah, I am very much interested on your take on 2 of tge most popular COG game genres in one! :smiley:

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Awww…you’re the lone vote for other.

@Alexis, since you asked for this and made a poll I’m going to for “Party till your dead”. Parties and cute vampires are both awesome.

No, it wouldn’t be competing with dozens of CoG games as the only one I can remember that was/is kind of similar would be @Sashira 's “Monster High” and that one seems to be on indefinite hiatus. So clearly there’s room for something more there. Plus I cannot say no to the possibility of being a super-cute stylish vampire in a more lighthearted setting as the more lighthearted games themselves are not all that common either.

“Not that kind of hero”

This would actually be my second pick. The superhero genre is popular for a reason, but it would be the one where you’d face the most competition. Even if a true superhero high school game, as opposed to a college one hasn’t been done on this site…yet. Though both @ParrotWatcher 's “Totem Force” and “Curious Cuisine” (you have a super-powered son/daughter who goes to a high school with/for super-powered kids in that one) have shades of this, but with only two current WIP’s and no finished games that touch on this there’s certainly room for more.
Curiously, magical highschool games are much more common on this site then super-hero or sci-fi ones. :thinking:

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Eh, I’ve always felt that the author is probably the best person to choose which story they want to write. :man_shrugging: And if I don’t want to read it, I won’t. (That said, all of @Alexis’s stories do sound interesting, although as I said, the first one could have potential problems not inherent to the other ideas.)

Never really got into that one. :thinking: Also, I think it’s on hiatus?

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Probably true, but then don’t give me polls and interest checks. Of course the one with the super-cute gay prince story “the beast within” ticked so many of my boxes that it got me a bit over-excited, I’m afraid. :sweat_smile:

As is “Monster High”, sadly enough.


Just putting this out there: dragon dating sim.

No, not like Angels with Scaly Wings. More like… you’re the dragon. And you date other dragons? Or maybe princesses. Or princes. And you interview them to be your volunteer kidnapee. Something like Why Aren’t You Happy? but with more characterization, and less randomly generated semi-nonsense flavor text.


Sees ‘dragon dating sim’ And I’m sold, when’s the demo coming out?

Jokes aside, I was always interested in games where you date beings that are not humans. It allows a lot of potential and increases the overall fun of a dating sim as well. The idea seems really intriguing though, don’t think I’ve seen this in any HG or COG games before (aside from that one minor dating section in Choice of Dragon).

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