A 'Regular' Life in New York (WIP) (Updated 7/07/19) (Important Poll Post 191) (With Discord Server! post 180)

The Chef route is CLEARLY the most important. Fuck science, am I right?


I’m so going with the Assassin Route


That’s it! Screw it! I’m gonna be a mother effing Chef! I was very sad that Curious Cuisine got cancelled so this may fill the void in my soul!

Other than that, thanks! If its stats you are interested in, I do have a few suggestions on Mammals:

Equine - I checked and there seems to not be a speed based stat. Anyways I imagined Equine could gove you a fast character, especially in possible chase scenes if that is going to be a thing. It could also give you good enough of strength since Camels and Alpacas (I still have no idea if that counts as equine) could carry tons of stuff, especially camels really since they treck through desserts carrying cargo.

Rodents - A plus on Silver Tounge! Think about it, you are either very cute or horrifying (if you’re a rat) so due to that you can either charm people by the power of cuteness or you could intimidate them by looking very freaking feral (those types of rodents are horrifying, Do NOT look up Naked Mole Rat, if you know what I mean).

Farm Animals (maybe should just be Pigs and Sheep?) - Honestly, besides possibly silver toungue again or maybe even leadership (cause a lot of leaders tend to be characterized as pigs and I thought to parody that), I honestly have no idea. Maybe other suggestions could help?

Horned Animals! - I thought to just separate Goats, Rams and Bulls and add it with Rhinocerous. Horns can be used on many things besides giving plus to strength! Horn attacks ftw!!

Marsupials - That pouch could be applied to something, like you can possibly hide stuff in there so that no one could possibly notice, but if you’re a guy or genderless then you probably just get plus simillar to other mammals just less strong, honestly this does put me in a stump simillar to Farm Animals so its good to get other suggestions.

Platypus - This lil fella is horrifying. You may get swim bonuses like Sea Creatures and Sharks plus you also get to have venom like insects and arachnids! Though you can say that that is simillar to amphibians though…

Anyways, that’s all I got for now. Random question though, since reptiles are already a thing could we possibly be that one weirdo that types in a dinosaur for shits and giggles? Or is that not canon in the story? Hahahq


Small Update:

Finished coding the first few scenes of the prologue which involves snooping around in the lounge room and potentially cute scenes with Dra.S, currently coding some reactionary sections (which takes unbearably long), and the introduction of another Non-RO character. After that, I’ll code the introduction scene with the Scientists that work with Dra.S and send the demo into the public! :smile:

Thank you guys for the support so far, and I hope I can deliver the demo tomorrow or the day after! Which is not definite, but the demo being updated this week is! :sweat_smile:


Could we be a assassin that only kills people who do wrong


the save system is broken right now

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also for low accuracy why not have the stat be called doh i missed.


When it comes to arachnids will you also implement scorpions as they are a arachnids and it would be interesting for the mc to have to see almost everyone is afraid of them even without them saying anything to them or just allowing the mc to be venomous as a spider would work the same way especially if you add something like a black widow as the red hour glass on your skin would be very recognizable in New York.

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But isn’t cooking just a delicious form of science? :thinking:

Hell yeah you can do that! It would be funny to imagine a 3/4ths T-Rex walking around New York, though, lupinethrope dinosaurs would be absolutely terrifying. :laughing: Thanks for the suggestions on mammals! Once again, I’m on the fence on including more species as coding reaction scenes were unexpectedly long, still appreciate your input though! :grin:

Technically yes, I’m still planning that route, but you should based on my current plans.

I’ll get that fixed right away! I removed the code as I was testing it in my own time (Firefox doesn’t allow the save code) and I think I forgot to add it in the startup code when I uploaded it to dashingdon :sweat_smile:

It’s slightly implied in the game that quarter-animals, quarter-humans and lupinethropes have been common in the history of mankind, despite that, people are still terrified by insect and arachnid types. :sweat_smile: Venomous abilities will be useful in the game (especially if you’re an Assassin), the game may also include reactionary scenes to arachnid quirks as well.

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So birds are dinosaurs (or at least a certain kind of dinosaur) so I was gonna ask if that should be in the avian category but then I googled it and apparently birds are reptiles so now I’m just like


What about doh i missed.

I’d say cooking is more artistic.

You know the old adage? Baking is a science, cooking is an art.


@Foxboi Speaking of baking, will that be an option as a profession? Or kind of like a subclass of the Chef Route?

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More like a subclass, you’ll be able to decide what you mainly want to make in that route, though, there might not be enough time for cooking and baking anyways… ominous spooky sounds

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stats wont work now.

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It is now fixed! :bug:

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the part where you are told your social skill suck is broken. Also could you make the low accuracy stat say doh i missed.

Could you send a screenshot of the error? As it usually describes what I need to fix. And unfortunately, I don’t want much references in the stat screen as some people might not get it, hope you understand :sweat_smile:

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Buggo should now be fixed! Thanks!

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