A 'Regular' Life in New York (WIP) (Updated 7/07/19) (Important Poll Post 191) (With Discord Server! post 180)

Because I’m quite a fan of all the options for what species you can be, I’m kinda curious; are you planning on adding any more species in the future? Maybe things like hoofed animals, or cetaceans? (Cetaceans may count as Sea Creatures, though from Dragon Scientists’ comment on them I just assumed they mostly included fish. Might be wrong there?)

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I’m still considering it of course! It’s just the thing on my mind is just the word count and if it would add more work to my load, when I’m officially done with the ‘January’ and ‘February’ chapters, I’ll see if I can add more or not.

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damn sis, you really just gonna wave a perverted scalie in my face and then tell me he’s taken? like bro i was Wooed dragon scientist is my exact type :pensive: my shattered gay heart aside thank u for this. sincerely. this story is literally my sense of humor in a nutshell and i genuinely enjoy ur writing it’s so freaking good. keep up the great work babe

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After all these years, it has finally been updated!

Yes! After two months, I’ve finally been able to finish this stupidly-painful minor update and uploaded for y’all to see. I’m deeply sorry for not being able to deliver it sooner, I’ve had a hit with a small stint of depression and personal school and social life has been making it hard for me to find time to write anything. However, I’ve battled through this and finally updated!

Shoutout to @Hazel for constantly updating the CoG Discord server with their progress updates, after seeing how they actually made progress, I mustered up the power and decided to update my own, thanks for inadvertently helping me!

Anyways, nothing too much should be change except for these:

  • Added more choices during the ‘pre-test’ sections of the prologue
  • Added an extra 'opinions on blank ’ after the Chefs section
  • Added a gender-fluid option, shoutout to @Leem and @MeltingPenguins for inspiring this.
  • Made it more easier to get the ‘best’ ending during DS’s section as I realised not everyone flirts.

Anyways, thanks for being patient with me and I hope y’all can wait for the next update!

Also, merry early Christmas and happy holidays!


Even if it is a minor update, I’m still quite glad to see it!

Though, I ended up encountering a bug really early in the game; when I chose the “You’re so interesting and cool!” Dialogue option when speaking to Dragon Scientist, instead of my silver tongue stat going up like it previously did, it shot all the way down to zero for some reason.



Nice game so far. I really like your writing style.

One Critic point. After the Bathroom scene when Drago want to sleep with you it automatically says "

To be honest, you didn’t really mind the idea, the only thing you minded was his lack of reasoning for his solution."
I think it would be cooler if you can decide, whether you want sleep with him. I don’t like it if a game says how the MC feel in such moments. Even when sleeping with someone isn’t meant in a romancing way it’s still intimate


Typo? Or is it already some R rated action hmmm~~~


Wow, i loved this! Modern settings normally don’t attract me, but your writing is just so funny that i know this is something i would play to the end with a smile on my face. Now, some observations:
It’s pretty awkward to have a character with the same name as me. Asking for a name-change for the character would be unreasonable, but it would be fun to have him say something when i choose “Drago” as my name. He is an amazing character though, i just love him the more time i spend with him XD
Also, he said you could choose what to call him, so i would be fine with calling him “Dragon Scientist” or by his first name, it would be a good option to have.
About the bathroom scene, why do you describe the character using pants? I don’t know if it changes with the clothes style we choose, but personally, when i picked “Gothic” i imagined i would be using a skirt, because that is what i choose when i have the option to.
I must add that i love the option to be child-like in this game, more games should have the purity stat, it’s just a lot of fun.
The references. Oh my, the references. “Woah, technology!” and the XXX-Furry thing were amazing… Still makes me laugh just thinking about it! XDDDDD The sausage made me laugh out loud… too many amazing jokes…
And… That’s it, at least for now. Keep up the good work! ^^


Currently fixing up some errors and changing some things up based off what y’all have suggested recently! While I’m doing that, considering the introductions of brand new characters, who is your favourite character now? :
(now with the inclusion of my vote now hehe)

  • Dragon Scientist (Drago)
  • Yomiel Tzar
  • HyperLink
  • Romancia Giovanni
  • Troy Moonlight
  • Jumaz Torres
  • Nii Chania
  • Wulff Bronzell
  • Redn Devoni

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I just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying your work. The characters are entertaining, the interactions are wonderful, and the choices actually seem like they matter. I’m having a lot of fun with the Purity stat, I don’t think I’ve seen something like that before. Also Jumaz is my favorite but Wulff is a close second.

PS: How do you pronounce Jumaz? Does the J sound H because he’s Spanish/Brazilian? And is the “maz” part like “MAHZ” or “MAYZ”


Hey hey, ho ho, I’m trying my best to get another minor update done by today before I leave to go to the land of Philippines with a stop in Singapore first. :grin:

But before I talk about some big news lemme just address some things!

Welp Tumblr vaporised most of its adult content, which doesn’t really affect me because I don’t do 18+ things cus I’m a youngin, but it may have detracted any potential fan art or artists so angery :rage: But after a month of silence, I’m back to answering questions and I even allow fan posts to my blog! So put some dank memes or art or something on there if ya want!

Fan stuff in general:
Yeah I fully encourage it! I don’t mind how simple it is, you could just draw a stickman and say it’s Jumaz or something, I’ll still feel proud of it and praise your work XD

Responses and stuff:

Oof, thanks for noticing that! Will get that fixed in an instant!

Hehe, thanks for noticing that typo, will get it fixed right away! I just can’t seem to escape R rated content no matter what I do XD

Thanks for the support and noticing that! I always have to make sure that scenes don’t do anything super weird that the player doesn’t like and I applaud you for pointing that out, I wrote some optional scenes for that in the upcoming update. Thanks again!

If you type in ‘Dragon Scientist’ or ‘Draconius Scylantius’ into the name selection, you get a special surprise! Though I just added ‘Drago’ to the scene in the upcoming update, so stay tune! Awesome name to have though!

I’ll consider that option mainly because yes, Dragon Scientist did say that, but I’m iffy on it because I’ll have to skim through the story and find every way the MC says ‘Dragon Scientist’ and replace it with a command, ensuring I don’t replace how others call Dragon Scientist.

Whoops! I will change that in an instant! I’m just very used to wearing pants XD

Thanks for the support!

Thanks for the support as well! Jumaz usually pronounces it with a ‘J’ and ‘MAHZ’ pronounciation. So something like joo-mahz.

The Favourite Character Poll
It is bad to say I didn’t expect this? Because this is a huge surprise to me, honestly expected Jumaz to get more votes, I’ve also notice people changing their votes and that’s a big ol OOF. I can’t shoutout all the people who voted their underrated character but shoutout to the people who love Nii, Romancia, Wulff, Redn and Troy! RIP Yomiel. But actually, shoutout to @Issagerri whom is technically my unofficial editor!

Now the big question…

Would y’all be interested in a aRLiNY discord server?

  • Heck ye!
  • Heck no!

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Oh look! I actually posted an update that didn’t take two months to make! Rejoice, it’s a Christmas Miracle! :joy:

Anyways, I’m about to leave on the flight so I have to make this quick.

  • Made it optional to do some actions in the Dragon Scientist ‘sleeping’ ends near the beginning
  • Added some extra options during the exploring bits
  • Fixed some bugs and spelling mistakes
  • Introduced the Detectives
  • Added a small message when you type in ‘Drago’ as your name

And that should be it! Thank you for being patient and Happy Holidays and Christmas! :tada: :grin:


Hi there! I really like this WIP and have played a few times but have noticed some weird things.

A few days ago when trying to select “amphibian” as the MC’s race for quarter-animal, it didn’t really work; After stating species, instead of being “quarter-animal” it turned into “lupinethrope”.
Also, for some reason flirting with Romania is just transferring to Hyperlink lol? Everytime I flirted with him instead of gaining points w/ him I did so with Hyperlink.

Anyway, good luck with this! It’s really neat and you have a way of writing that makes the world seem really big, it’s great!

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Oof, note-to-self: when copying your own code, remember to change the code to fit the character XD. Thanks for noticing the extra points to HyperLink though! She’s already got too much love already :laughing:

I’ve fixed up both the flirting and amphibian species problem already, if anyone can, please check if the problem has been solved please! Thanks! :grin:

Thanks for the support! It’s fantastic to know that my attempts at making the world of New York seem expansive is hitting it’s mark!

P.S. I’ve also implemented a height feature, if there’s any parts that need fixing, do not fret to inform me!

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I’ve got an error in a scene where Troy leaves you alone in the restaurant:Untitled3
And another error while trying to load from that scene for the first time:Untitled2

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Both errors should be fixed! Thanks for pointing those out!


Happy New Years (well for me lol XD)! I might as well update y’all on what’s happening with the WiP just for clarity:

Detective Update:
Oh wow I’m actually getting more productive! Surprisingly, the detective update is currently going smoothly even though I’m supposed to be enjoying my holidays (not saying that writing my WiP isn’t an enjoyable past-time XD). I hope to finish and release it on the 6 month anniversary of this WiP! (the test this time has a total of 60 options, so I hope y’all have good time choosing from a wide variety oof.

I’ve reached 100 followers! :tada::tada::tada::tada: Thank y’all so much and I love you all from the bottom of my heart, I hope to keep on satisfying you until this WiP is finally finished.

January 29th is when I officially start school and bad news: it’s a highly-academic school, which probably means the age ol’ pain of really long hiatuses again. I’ll see what I can do, but if I’m not able to stop the hiatuses, I will find a way to keep writing while juggling school work again. I did it once, i might as well try again, but better this time. XD

Anyways, have a happy new years and I hope y’all can prosper in 2019!


Drew my MC because why not :eyes:



Her name is Lacey, she is Quarter-Bunny and very confused all the time! She is a bundle of nerves and has a crush on Jumaz, though she hasn’t realized it yet.

My headcanon is that Drago got very drunk one night and recreated the protagonist of a shojo anime that he was watching on netflix. thank u and goodnight


Absolutely love it!

Anyone who’s reading this right now: Deers is an amazing writer and artist and y’all should read her WiP ‘Roots’ ! It’s amazing!


your art style is so cute :o

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