A Mortal Hero: Patron of the Gods (Demo updated 10/10)



Demo Update Coming This Weekend

Hey all! Just thought I’d drop in to let you all know that the demo update is going to be dropping this weekend on either Saturday or Sunday!


Praise be brothers, praise be.


YES! Can’t wait to read the update!!! :laughing:


Did it update? Or did I miss it


Doesn’t look like the demo was updated yet.


The update’s been pushed back by a few days as, when I was doing my last minute checks, I decided to just cut the limbo scenes all together and go straight into the MC waking up in the Divine Council infirmary. Sorry for not getting this post out sooner!

@Nostalgiafan (tagging you since I saw you asking :sweat_smile:)


I’m not going to lie you got me crying :sob: dang.


Eh, it’s still coming along; that’s good enough for me (though I was a little confused for a moment because the demo seemed to be the same). :joy:


Sorry!! Look at it this way, once the demo is updated you’ll most likely be meeting the first of the ROs and experience a pretty major plot point :wink:


Ok, good luck on the coding.:+1::+1:


It’s cool just making sure I didn’t miss it been excited to play


This is still alive, right? The tumblr layout confuses me to no end, and I don’t know how to support or follow the game.


Don’t worry it’s alive.


Should it be updated this weekend?


Don’t worry about it. The author’ll announce it whenever they want to. As it should be.



Question for just curiosity. Anybody got face claims for the characters?


If you look up at the title of the thread you’ll see that this game was last updated on October 10th. When the title changes, or if @Oli_C replies to this thread with an update message like this:


then the game was updated, but if it looks like nothing has changed, then nothing has changed, and it would be quite unnecessary to ask.

Please, just have patience. The game will be updated when it’s updated.


Hey everyone! I apologize for not having the update out yet; I work two jobs on top of going to college and because of cutting the limbo scenes I have to rewrite quite a few scenes. However I’m popping in here with a quick question for you all!

In regard to raising and lowering stats; when making a choice, would you all like a bit of a popup that lets you know what stat was affected and how it was affected? For instance if you made a choice that raised your character’s apathy there would something like this:

[Apathy +5]

Or would that be too immersion breaking for you?


Why not making it a choice like in Lost Heir? You can make the choice in the beginning of the game and/or stats page.

As for my opinion about that, I think it’s a good idea. I like to keep track what kind of stats increase or decrease in choices :slightly_smiling_face: