A Mortal Hero: Patron of the Gods (Demo updated 10/10)



Ok trademark and copyright don’t seem that different to me so I just confused them as one an the same. I don’t think they have it on Thor’s name alone but under the Mighty Thor which is blonde and blue eyed.


Ok they cannot trademark or copyright his appearance. Only trademark any unique STORIES publish under the marvel name associated with Thor. If someone wrote a story about Thor fighting in a group with robot man, a super human solider, others of the like, called the Avenging, then that would be concerning because of much alike they are to Marvel. Just mentioning Thor in a story or starring doesn’t call for lawful action. Even more so on the grounds of his appearance; gods are supposed to reflect their followers and you sure as hell not going expect a Black Thor because Norse people are VERY pale in every sense of the word.


They haven’t copyrighted the god, they copyrighted the comic book character. If you want to right story or comic about Thor as long as it’s drawn from the mythology and not Marvel’s take on it your fine.
The look of Marvel’s Thor, is copyrighted.
While items by themselves such as armor cannot be copyrighted, armor combined with other elements can be copyrighted.

Before Marvel’s Thor character, there was never a Thor interpretation that had him wearing this exact combination of gold, red and blue, armor, knee plates, a row of chest discs, hammer and winged helmet.
Marvel was the first to incorporate all of these elements into one entity…That means they own the design.


From what you were saying it’s like that had hold on his physical biological appearance in a sense that no else could describe his as “pale, blond hair, blue eyes”. But yeah that totally have the right for costume and drawing design.


I mean if Marvel was extremely petty they’d probably find a way to do that to lol.

Going far off topic so let’s bring it back.


Hahaha that was fun.



An Adventure or Fantasy movie sound like a good pair of genres for movie night.

Especially if the fantasy one is one that deals with mythology; I can already imagine a number of characters that would react to it (because of how wrong everything is :laughing:)


Loved the demo!! I really enjoyed the dynamic with Caleb and being able to choose how you interact with him. The relationship between MC and Caleb feels so real and relatable (prob bc I actually have a younger brother named Caleb lol) and I felt connected by playing as a protective older sibling since I am one in real life. The story was engaging and the writing was clear so I definitely appreciated that aspect as well! Also looks like there will be gods/goddesses from multiple cultures so that’s quite interesting! I’m excited to meet all the RO’s bc I am a complete sucker for romance :smirk: Keep up the great work! :smile:


Progress Update (07/16)

Hello everyone! I hope you’ve all had a great week!

I’ve gotten what I’d call an average amount of writing done this week; about two thousand words in total when counting rewrites and new content. I’m not feeling the best so I haven’t gotten as much done as I’d like but I’m still pushing through!

For the movie night scene, these are the current genres that I’ve added from people’s requests:









Now for a quick reply before I head to bed for the night!

It would have been quite different from the story now; for one instance the MC would have been raised in the midst of the pantheon of their Godly parent and Caleb wouldn’t have been included the way he is now.


Caleb is a precious cinnamon roll and I will defend him with my life


Progress Update (07/29)
Hey all! Hope you’ve all had a great week!

I apologize for the lack of a progress update in the last week but last Monday I got my wisdom teeth pulled and one of them, well it’s easier to say there was a complication than to go into detail. Suffice it to say I’ve been in severe pain with my jaw swollen so I haven’t gotten much writing done but, with the help of some painkillers, I plan to resume writing this upcoming week!

Again, I apologize for not letting anyone know sooner what was going on. Have a great week!


Ouch. Hope it heals well enough.


wow.just played this and i love it.i mightve squealed a little when i got horus as my patron god because i LOVE egyption myth


Progress Update (08/23)

I’ve been holding off on a progress update because I have big news on an update for a demo!!

The update should be coming out within in the next two weeks! The progress update should include the following:

Complete rewrites for the Limbo Scenes

New stats and variable updates

The scene of waking up with Caleb in the Hospital of the Divine Realms

The introduction of Alexander, Hui Yin, and Taylor

An update to the prologue adding a new scene for the MC’s childhood

The addition of a save system

The addition of the flavor of strawberry in the carnival flashback

So I hope you all look forward to it! Have a great week!


Im cryin in the club rn im so happy ;-; I am so hyped for this update I love this story!


Good… GOOD! Glad I made this suggestion ages ago and that you actually are doing it! :smiley:


Progress Update 09/08

Hey all! Just wanted to let you know that I’ll be updating the prologue for the demo in two-three days! I was doing some manual playthroughs and found out some of the limbo scenes and some of the introductions (Particularly Alexander’s intro) have coding bugs that weren’t being caught by quicktest or random test so I’m trying to hammer those out as quick as I can. But since I don’t want to make you guys wait while I obsess over every little detail in that I’ve decided to push out the prologue update ahead of all of those scenes. The new updated prologue will include:

A new memory involving Caleb’s birth and the MC’s first experience with the supernatural

A save function (Finally)

The addition of strawberry as a flavor

Some cosmetic coding changes

Some stat page changes

And finally some much needed fixes for typos!

Also, I’ll be hosting a character Q&A tomorrow on the official Tumblr (Sunday, 09/09) from 12:30 in the afternoon until 2:00 in the afternoon. This will be for all characters and I’ll try to answer as many questions as possible!

Thanks all, have a great week and see you at the update!

Edit: Forgot to mention that the Q&A would be happening during Central time everyone!


Good luck!


Unless it’s a MacBook please no hammers. :grin: Be kind to your computer just angrily type on it. :innocent:


Haha I’m probably going to take a screen shot and put names next to gems! I can’t guess the right ones, except Mercury and maybe Horus.