A Mortal Hero: Patron of the Gods (Demo updated 10/10)



I don’t even know where to begin with this one. I think out of all the CoG games I have read this one has drawn me in the most, to the point where hitting the ending screen actually startled me. The flashback sequences threatened to make me cry just out of how heartbreaking their situation is and it really made the MC’s protectiveness over their brother feel so genuine and real. I think you have something really special here and I can’t wait to see more.


Demo Updated (10/10)

The demo has been updated to include:

A new childhood memory.
Fixes to the stats screen.
Tweaks to the stats themselves.
Spelling fixes.
Groundwork for later things that I’ve decided to add in.

I hope you guys enjoy this update! Please let me know what you think of new memory; if it’s clear, if it needs anything added to it, spelling errors. You know, the usual! :smile:


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We aren’t related anymore!


I fuckin’ KNEW IT, HA!
…I mean… Boooo! …Not cool, mom. Uh…

I’ve had a sneaking suspicion Caleb isn’t entirely human for a while, now. Now it’s just kinda standing there holding a sign over it’s head and waving.

Was this already discussed? I feel like it might’ve been.

Is he a demigod, by any chance? Like, child of Poseidon or something? Something to do with the sea, anyway. Assuming of course that weird guy holding baby Caleb is his actual dad.

Always love your updates! Tiny mc protecting even tinier Caleb is so adorable, help.


This was incredibly engaging. Looking forward to more.


Welcome back my vitriolic hate for shitty dads in games!
I could have sworn that he has noodles for his spine.
…and that man I assume is Zeus? Massive pain that guy, first our brother then our God?
I hope we get to kick him into the ground in the game one day~


Where is updated demo Link? Thanks


In the first post.


Well, this new memory offered some interesting things. A first mystery to getting a player thinking even more about the circumstances around their family.

Not only is there a hint that much of the odd things having to do with Caleb may involve that he himself has a different heritage in regards to who fathered him, but it is likely someone both parents know of. Now there’s even more context for the family fighting and the father’s anger toward the mother.

And yet, the mother herself becomes an even bigger mystery (not as big as Caleb, but still pretty big) than before And there is even more questions now. Who was that man who was interested in both you and Caleb? What is the full nature of Caleb’s origins? Why had/has your mother had/been having a affair? How much do your parents know about the mythological world (now I have even higher doubts that either of them are truly oblivious to that world, especially not them mother)? How do they truly feel about Caleb (or even the MC)? What are they hiding from you and Caleb? Why must strawberry ice-cream have such big chunks of strawberries?

Though I gotta say it certainly says a lot about the parents when the MC and Caleb are the more family to each other than both parents have ever been to the MC or Caleb for a good number of years.


No caramel ice cream so I’ll settle for vanilla :stuck_out_tongue:


Probably random on my end, but I’d figured I just throw this random guess that if we were to assume that Mystery Man from the hospital is, in fact, Caleb 's father while also assuming that the potential father is also a Godly figure, my first guess would be…the Norse God Odin. Mainly because of the focus on his eyes; Odin his a God who gave up his sight in one eye in exchange for knowledge. And considering one of his eyes was described as clouded, it could potentially mean that he’s technically blind in one eye.

And that is my mostly groundless guess on the new event in the demo until more is revealed. :grinning:


yeah but I would give a pass to the MC’s father been a little cold towards the little kid…if what we asume is true (and probably it is)


Thank u!


Waaaait a minute!?? in the beginning it says that the little kid looks a lot like us to the point people said he look like it could be our child…those that means that father is not our father and he married our mother after we were born? Damn dude that is fuck up


Maybe he is indeed our dad but Caleb was “blessed” after being born and the dad doesn’t believe mum?


Hmm that might mean mc might also not be entirely human, which would be interesting, but I’m not sure. I think the resemblance just comes entirely from our mother’s side. I don’t think mc sees supernatural things like Caleb does during their childhood.

Though if we do share both parents who’s to say we came around before the marriage. It might explain why our dad was quick to assume cheating. I don’t know about you but most newborns look fairly similar to me (barring obvious things like skintone or ethnicity )


I hope that’s the case


Yeah, no looking over the new prologue again that guys seriously has a Odin vibe about him. Blue eyes, stoic, pretty scary, the cloudy one eye. Then I just got to say I worried/curious by what he meant by “You’ll do well.” And what does precious little Caleb have to do with it?!


maybe he is our mother’s father and he is planning to use us as sacrificial lamb for whatever or in worse case scenario our mother was cheating on our father with him and
Caleb is a Bastard


in the babysitter memory when you first see your brother it says he is four but on the next pages it says he is five