A Mortal Hero: Patron of the Gods (Demo updated 10/10)



When I first saw this I thought “eh, just another isekai (sent to another world) fantasy story” but seeing that you included very diverse sets of pantheons (I am quite the mythology/religious texts nerd) it got my attention. Let me say I am quite surprised by the fact thwt I went here for the Gods and I came out feeling very VERY attached to Caleb! That is such a great portrayal of siblinghood in a broken family. I mean, I personally wouldn’t know how realistic it is since I never had a sibling and my family are in a pretty stable position all things considered, but damn did you got me hooked into protecting my sweet baby bro! That alone deserves praise!

Besides your relationship with him though, I am very much interested in why he was drawn to the Vault of the Gods in the first place. If Caleb gets to have a big role in this Divine ordeals we are going to face then damn I am going to be so stoked! That gives a good amount of flavor in your story that I’ll admit I otherwise once thought of as kinda cliche (at least for me cause time spent watching Anime burnt me out of the Isekai genre, or anything that sends you into a fantasy world at least)

Other than that, I found it kinda peculiar how you formatted the personality stats. I am used to the Red and Blue bar that builds upon one color whenever you do something that affects personality. If anything seeing that a lot of your personality stats are oppositte of each other, like Open and Close, I am surprised that it isn’t that Red/Blue bar that I mentioned. May I ask the reasoning behind it? Since I just found kinda strange but not unappealing. Like it is kinda weird for someone to be both Open and Close to people unless they are interacting with somebody different, but if your intention is more freedom as to how our MC acts then it is understandable I supposed.

Also since there is a reletionship stat for the Mayan pantheon are we going to be expecting to get a Mayan Patron? Or are they not available for now intentionally? You don’t have to reply if you wish to keep us from being spoiled of course.

Anyways that is all I got to say for now. It already has strong character writing despite the length of this WIP and I love the inclusion of a variety of Deities. Now all I need is them interacting with each other morethan those little quotes and I am absolutely into this game. I love seeing large scale crossovers like this so yeah this is my cup of tea! :wink:


Where do we vote on the potential ro?


I know this question is a little out of left field but I wanted to ask how come for the patrons we are able choose from none of them are gods/goddesses that would be seen as evil or not exactly good like Eris the goddess of strife and discord in Greek and Roman mythology or Hel the goddess of death in Norse mythology?


Here a post @Oli_C made about the matter in the past.

Simply put, once the Pantheons were decided on and matters looked into on how the gods of each Pantheon was often portrayed in mythology, the main idea was to find Patrons that the Mortal Hero MC could potentially connect to the strongest.

Here’s a small list of a few of other godly figure who were considered by decided against due to a few reasons.

(the next post I’m going to add might be a little random. But there was a point in time where the Patrons were going to be the adopted parent of MC).


Progress Update 07/08

Hello everyone! I know there was no progress update last week but I had taken a bit of a break so there wasn’t much to update you all on.

This week has been a bit slow as I’ve been going through and messing with stats and variables and the like so I haven’t gotten as much writing done in terms of brand new content; it’s more like I’ve just hammered out some of the behind the scenes kind of content. I have written up a few paragraphs for Hemera’s rewrites and reworked a later planned scene to allow for more Godly Patron interaction!

With that all being said, for the movie night scenario planned with the MC and their Guardians I have narrowed down the categories/genres of films that will be available! So far I have:




Thriller/Psychological Thrillers

And finally Romance.

If you have a genre you’d think would be interesting to add, please let me know!

Now for a few quick replies before I get back to reworking some of the finer plot details

There are a few polls quite a ways up where you can vote now, however I’ll be making new polls for people to vote on as the story progresses further!

First of all thank you for trying out my story! I’m glad you enjoyed more than you thought you would! As for the stats, this is just easier for me personally when coding plus I like to think it gives people more control over how their character’s personalities turn out. To explain it a bit more, and at the risk of rambling a bit, I just feel like seeing it described in points is easier to understand without having to worry how much a certain percentage would raise/fall depending on a choice.

The Mayan Pantheon plays a large role in the story but I can’t get much more into it without spoilers, sorry!

Thank you! I’m glad you’ve enjoyed it enough to play it so many times! And Raphael is definitely such a sweet a Patron I’m glad he caught your eye.

Thank you all and have a good week!:smile:


How’s about some Thor: Ragnarok? :smiley:

Obviously it can’t actually be Thor: Ragnarok or else the Mouse will sue your pants off but superhero flicks with an offhand mention of, “Thor isn’t really like that, you know…except the hammer thing, that’s…yeah, that’s pretty identical” seem totally doable.


Movie genre ideas - action , sci-fi , drama , documentary

How would the patrons have treated us if we were there child as I read that was your original plan.


hnnnnnnnnnnnng let my Guardians watch Star Wars 2k18


I was going to say sci-fi too or fantasy. Documentary is a great idea. Perfect for those intellectual MCs.


I just kind of wanted to hear the ro’s complain about how wrong the documentary is.


Maybe a B Horror Movie? Like Sharktapus or Attack of the Killer Tomatoes.


Here a list of movies ideas.
“The Exorcist” remastered version
“Evil Dead”
Drama & adventure
“murderer on the Orient express” 2017
“Pacific Rim”
“Lord of the rings”
“Close encounter the third kind”
“2001 a space odyssey”
Again only ideas on what movies could be like


I wouldn’t suggest real movies because of copyright.

I know, I know I suggested Thor: Ragnarok, but because Thor is himself a god, merely namedropping him won’t cause much of a fuss.


Lol Marvel actually owns Thor. Well a version of him anyway. They have a big ol copyright stamp on the Norse god.


You are incorrect.

Marvel has Thor’s stories copyrighted, they can’t copyright the Norse god himself, so there’s no issue with saying Thor or mentioning offhand that he appears in a superhero movie, as long as you don’t discuss the plot, because that is what is copyrighted.

That and his likeness, so you can’t have a blondish Thor who’s built like a Hemsworth, but Thor classic with red hair is totally within the public domain.


Thanks, Quora.


Yes that’s why I say they own a version of him specifically the Mighty Thor which is blonde and blue eyed with a enchantment on his Mjolnir.

“Marvel filed for a trademark for “The Mighty Thor” in 1967 and the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued the registration in 1970.”


A trademark is not a copyright - Disney is great at re-imaging public domain material and trying to make it their own - as long as you do not follow their particulars or make it so similar that people get confused, you should be ok.


I’m pretty sure all gods, wheather you believe are real or not, of any kind cannot be “copyrighted” because then you’d be trying to claim an entire culture. That would be just be stupid for anyone to do.


No but their versions and spins that they created they can. Marvel’s designs of the characters, their costumes and powers, and the way the hammer behaves are Marvel’s property.
If you use them in any way unique to Marvel’s take then it falls under copyright infringement.


I get that but copyright is like “no one can ever use this without paying/getting permission” which you can’t use that on the the Thor name alone because that’s simply idiotic. But making a trademark of a certain image, like Marval’s Thor, is on becuase this was made uniquely to this story. I’m just trying to explain the difference Thor’s case that they can’t copyright, only trademark.