A Mortal Hero: Patron of the Gods (Demo updated 10/10)



Can’t wait to see more of this wip


You know, on the off chance Loren manages to win, I wonder if she’d let MC pet her while she was in her jaguar form or if that’s not something the MC should do for some reason. :thinking:


Love Nadia’s little snippet. Our knight in shining armour (or well demonic armour) comes to save us.


You know she’s the one when a girl fiercely defies her father’s desire to have you ripped apart limb from limb by the household pets.

Question is though, what got Lucifer so pissed at the Mortal Hero MC that he sent his dogs after them? Did it have something to do with their Hero status, their Patron God, or maybe what triggered Lucy to send that hounds has something to do with Nadia herself? :thinking:


Okay after reading those snippets, i think i’m going to have to change my vote to Aurora.


If my hypothesis that Nadia is driven by her Pride just like her Father holds any weight, then it might be a case of their said Prides conflicting and clashing over something.
Sadly, unless this goes the God of War route of things, demigods going against full gods in straight up fights tend to not come out the other end all too hot…or alive.


Aurora is at the bottom :sob: Don’t you guys want a seductress fae beauty to play with our fragile hearts? Think of the manipulations! The deceits! The cat-and-mouse games! The opportunities.


Very interesting premise. Nice human feel to the dialog. Definitely CYOA material, I look forward to your completed work!


And all the heartbreak, double-talk and head-banging frustration. XD

I kid, I kid, but really, this has Batman and Catwoman written all over it. In a good way, but still.


…I think I’ve already established that I want the werejaguar more. :laughing:

Though it looks like the twins are winning these votes.

Who said I was trying to help you? :grin:


My sense of humor either leans on deadpan, dorky, or dark. The dark sense of humor always catches people off guard. :laughing:

Also, I forgot to respond to your Janus post:

I’m honestly hoping he’s got his own sense of humor over his title and that the first time MC goes to visit him in his office and open that first door, they find themselves having to play a game of ‘Where’s Waldo’ with a thousand doors just to figure out which door really leads to his office and not a alternate dimension. :rofl:


I found a picture of Loren cuddling with MC! :joy:



Blasphemy. Aurora can’t be bottom if she’s always top in my heart :c

Also, something something I don’t think she’s a bottom double entendre. You get the idea.


And MC at the top :wink:


Like a nice Fluffy Motor with teeth happy as can be.


Get your dirty minds out of my innocent post! This is serious business, Aurora is still last.

(I totally set myself up for that one :laughing: Can’t believe I didn’t see it).

But that’s the best part! We’ll get to play in delightful circles the way only the fae can. There’s no other RO like Aurora. She’s unique.

Yes, I’m aware. I won’t hold your bad taste against you, it’s not your fault really that you can’t appreciate the wonder that is Aurora.
(I’m only joking of course. Loren is a sweetheart. Her snippet broke my heart :cry:).

Ah, I see. You are an evil, evil… uh, wolf? Here I thought I had found a friend but alas.


…The best part of a relationship is being head-bangingly frustrated?
Oookaaay. XD


You know what they say, if you ain’t got angst you ain’t in a relationship.



The best kind of ROs are the ones that make you angst so hard you can feel it in your throat and chest.
Because it’s that much better when things finally work out :slight_smile:


Hi all, I hope you’re having a good night!

I know I said I’d have an update out today but I can’t see it realistically happening; Horus’s path and the two various memories you can play through are complete and I’m currently halfway through Amaterasu’s Chapter One path. The current word count for just these things is about 11,000 words. I could update with what I have, but like I said it would only be the Horus path and that just doesn’t seem fair to everyone waiting for the other Patrons.

I’m very sorry to postpone the update until this weekend, but I really want to release all the different Patrons and Limbo variations together. And that’s just not going to be possible today.

For consolation, have a small snippet from Amaterasu’s Limbo route:

“Uh, well,” You rub your hands together to work out the nerves. “I guess Zeus’s judgment is a little foggy, huh?” A grin splits your lips as you gesture around to the thick cloud of fog surrounding you.

There’s a pause before you hear it; a deep, long-suffering sigh that easily states there’s at least one person in Amaterasu’s life that subjects her to puns like this all the time.


Ten bucks says its Susano-o.
Hey may seek to atone for his transgressions towards her, and wish to never hurt her again…but that does not preclude subjecting her to his terrible puns. ^^XD