A Mortal Hero: Patron of the Gods (Demo updated 10/10)



I have a question will there be other gods and goddesses in the book besides Zeus and the patrons like Athena or Anubis for example.


Yeee Amaterasu! Is there a snippet for Hemera? :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Wow. Just got around to reading the AmaterasuXHorus snippet. Dang…
I don’t know if this scene or an equivalent one is still part of the game at this point, but if it is, or if the sentiments expressed in it are still indeed a thing in some other way, shape or form, but doggonnit, I hope there’s a way to help bridge and smoothe things back over.
My MC, nevermind ME would be heartbroken to find out these two’s friendship (or at least empathetic acquaintance) went south at a time when they very well might need to support each other more than ever.

I mean, on the flip side, one could argue that you’d expect thousands-years old gods to be able to act a bit more…maturely than to basically say “you’re on your own/you’re dead to me” over ONE argument…but then again, we don’t know the full context, or the preceeding circumstances, so for all we know, Ama could have just inadvertantly pressed one button too many after an entire campaign of indirectly grinding on some nerves…

We shall see, I suppose.

P.S.: WHY in the name of THE ALMIGHTY BLUE MUFFIN is it always the Sun God Squad that just keeps hooking me in?!
Seriously! Amaterasu, Hemera, now Horus, and I just want all three of them to be the awesomest bunch and be friends with each other and - gosh darn it!
What’s next, Lugh shows up and is just Best Sun Dad Ever?


Read the Raphael Snippet
I am SO glad that you’re going for NOT having the Angels be the detached, lawful-uncaring types that you see in a bunch of other takes.

I mean, by virtue of this amazing universe and that Raphael is an RO in the first place, that’s kind of a Duh, but even Urial seems like, even though he has the expected (and let’s face it, requisite in his line of work ESPECIALLY given their ‘opposition’) poker face, he seems to genuinely care.

Reads the Affection Snippets

Aaand once again, Ama, Hemera and Horus steal the show. With Guanyin and surprisingly Rania coming in very close seconds!


Could I get a link for amaterasu and hemera’s snippets?


Here child


Loved that! It was so interesting!


Thank you! You are my hero! hugs


There have been new snippets posted on Tumblr! Also, apparently, we’re going to be blessed with an update soon?

How precious is it that Hemera, goddess of daylight, calls the MC “my sunrise”? :blush: She’s too cute. If Horus ever calls us “my little bird” I will drop dead on the ground.

But that leads me to question: Does Hemera always falls a little bit in love with the MC if we choose her as our patron? I ask this because that’s the impression I got from the way she talks and acts around the MC. She seems like one of the most affectionate patrons from the get-go.

I know Guanyin is also extremely affectionate upon meeting us, but hers seemed like a motherly kind of affection? What do you guys think?


Mercury is pretty affectionate from get-go too!


@Oli_C had actually stated that on her Tumblr of Mortal Hero that, much like how Taylor will always have a little crush on the Mortal Hero MC, Hemera would also always be a little in love with her Hero.

Here’s a quote on that post:

When she falls in love with the MC she completely embraces it; in her eyes the MC would not approach her in a romantic sense if there wasn’t something there that could last. Just like Taylor will always have a small crush on the MC, Hemera as a Patron will always be just a bit in love with her hero.

The full post actually talks about all the Patron ROs themselves.

Also, Hemera always refers to the Mortal Hero MC as her Sunrise, regardless of whether her bond with them is romantic or platonic. That just shows how much she cares about her Hero.

Mercury is definitely attracted to them and quite eager to get physical if they show the slightest interest. But it had been mentioned that the attraction toward his Hero is at first solely physical.


Demo Update is Live! (4/16)
Warning: This update is going to be subject to some heavy rewrites in the future!

Things updated:

Stats screen


Two new scenes! (Limbo and Scenes with Caleb!)


Uncaught Error: One line 1045: invalid character. (ChoiceScript text should be saved in the UTF-8 encoding.) [i]"Worry not, my sunrise. His ego is far too large for him to admit that I�m a threat so he won�


Ah hell, I know exactly where that error is. I’ll fix it and have the demo back up in a minute!


After choosing, “I can’t leave Caleb”:



Yeah, the problem is I switched over to a different writing program for a few lines in Hemera’s and Guanyin’s coding and for some reason CSIDE didn’t catch it in the quicktest and randomtest. I’m fixing it now, should take about five-ten minutes and I’ll have the demo back up!


Alright, demo is fixed and working! Sorry about that all; I’ve been working on a final paper all day and didn’t have the chance to hand test the game like I usually do. I’ll make sure not to make that mistake again! Again, I’m really sorry and thank you for your patience!


A tiny mistake (?)


Omg caleb is so precious. saving his lunch money so that he can take MC out for a special lunch :sob:


Oh, thanks for catching that! I’ll mark that down on my corrections list for the next update! Thank you so much!


Caleb is such a sweetheart…i worry that i may end up projecting the type of relationship i want from my own brother since that the age gap between the MC and Caleb is close to my brother and mine. (basing this from the info in the babysitter memory)

i also checked the code and i saw this coding mistake in the babysitter memory. This is the from the “Dad, please” option.
*set friendly *1 when everything else was set [trait] + 1