A Mortal Hero: Patron of the Gods (Demo updated 10/10)



Oh thank you! I’m glad you caught that! I’ll add that on to the list of things I need to correct for the next update!


Here’s another one :blush:


I believe its you’re attacking an innocent :slight_smile:


That flash back wa so cute omg ;-;
If anyone touches Caleb I’m gonna beat the living hell out of them :blush:

I noticed a bug when I picked the 3rd question for Raphael the game went straight to the babysitter flashback with no context and I couldn’t pick the 4th question which is the one needed for the flashback also If I remember correctly the option I can’t leave Caleb alone gives you +1 empathy that no longer happens was it removed or it’s bugged?


Aaaaah this is so cute!! :sob: :sob: :sob: I love games where I can be a caring older sibling (or parent, but in this case sibling) so much! I can’t wait to see how this develops!!


Welp. I’ve just gone through all the Patron’s Limbo Intros, and both different flashback memories.

Definitely have alot more elaborate point I’ll get into in time, but I already want to say:


And perhaps offer my bugspotting services. X)

When I pick Raphael as my Patron, specifically choosing to ask the question of what he means by you being in danger causes the route to jump straight to the babysitting memory, like literally mid-text Raphael is talking to you, and the next line is your dad is telling you to get the door.

ONLY if you ask THAT question though. Directly asking what is going on makes things work and proceed properly as they should.

Hope this helps!

Cheers Miss Oli!


Amen, sister!

I don’t know what it is (well actually I have inklings, but I digress X) ), but games that let me experience, develop and support actual rapports and affections with children and/ or younger siblings just grip me fierce and warm.

Love on!


OmG Caleb is now officially the cutest NPC of all games! :sparkling_heart:

Also the parents, it broke my heart to hear Dad’s side of story

and the MC-Caleb relationship is really really nice that I almost feel genuinely sad for them :cry:.

And Hemera! Gods what can I say, I don’t think I can choose to be anyone else’s patron now.

Zeus, leave him alone. You’re angry with me, come and get me!"

A low chuckle rings out from seemingly every corner of the shop and you tense up, drawing your brother closer to your side as a reflex, and you whip your head around.

“It’s been a while since I’ve had such young visitors.”

this scene is creepy af that it reminds me of tsk tsk tsk scene from Silence of the Lambs

Typos and grammar

You throw your trailblazer in park, cursing as some jerk in a mustang comes zipping down the road beside your car and near takes your partially open door off its hinges.


Glancing at the figures now staring at you with more interest than you’d like you turn your car’s alarm on and triple check that all of your doors are locked.

comma in between


Same, TBH.

I mean, Ama-Chan was my very first pick, and I definitely plan on having a main run where I’m sticking with her all the way (suck it Zeus).

But the more we get about/with Hemera, the more I’m like “AH, MY GODDESS (literally ^^X)), LET ME STAY BY YOU FOR ETERNITY, YOU MAGNIFICENT BEAUTIFUL WOMAN!”

Hemera: (Blushes bright enough to make her own dawn break out around her, but can’t for the life of herself even try or want to fight the brilliant, radiant smile on her face) “M-my Sunrise…!”


That bug with Raphael has been fixed! Also, I’ll be addressing feedback later today when I have more time!


Love the update and loving hemera and Caleb! That bully is a real piece of work! :rage:


Aren’t all bullies, really?
Barring rare exception, of which none spring to mind.


After this update, I don’t know who I dislike more. Our father or that awful bully.

With that said, Caleb continues to be absolutely adorable. I almost every time prefer to play smartass MCs that never take anything seriously, but I cannot for the life of me not turn into a mushy protective older sister whenever he’s in the scene.

Guess I’m gonna have to play as a friendly, compassionate MC. Caleb gives me no choice.


Ofc the bully! Father is a bit hazy up there (:brain:) but I can sympathize with him, he even goes out the car to deal with that b*tch. (hope he offs her)


Yeah, but he also raised his hand to his thirteen-year-old child. And dragged us down the stairs. It’s awful what mother dearest is doing, but there really is no excuse to almost hit a child.


That scene with the bully babysitter really boiled my blood. If someone did that to my little brother I would actually kill them, I understand why that isn’t a choice but… Christ that pissed me off. That’s good though, if a game can make me so mad I want to kill one of the characters you know it’s working. As I’m sure you can tell Caleb is really working for me and I may already feel a little overprotective of him because of my real life circumstances.

As for the Halloween scene, those bullies are a little bit more understandable. Even if they are assholes, at least they’re younger and aren’t literally kidnapping babies.

The godly limbo scenes all felt appropriate for their god with the exception of Mercury, I get that he’s joke-y and likes to be clever about situations but I thought he’d be at least a little more sensitive to the situation. Although, now that I’m thinking on it, Roman gods have always been harsher than their Greek counterparts so maybe it makes sense.

The parents seem like they don’t even know their children, if they did they wouldn’t believe ugly kidnapper babysitter about MC abandoning Caleb or the school about Caleb fighting.


Harsher how? If you mean more serious and severe (barring the obvious present exception) than yeah, but overall the Romans didn’t quite do as much going around being randomnly assholy and WAY too often employing Disproportionate Retribution for even perceived or accidental slights. At least as far as I can actively recall at the moment…


i have to agree about the parents, which is why i would rather chose choices that is more Caleb-centric while being completely apathetic to the parents.

while i know that hemera is a RO, i feel like i would have a QP*-kind of relationship with her instead of the standard romantic one.

EDIT: QP is short of quasiplatonic or queerplatonic. it’s describe a relationship that goes beyond the context of a typical friendship but also has qualities of romantic relationship. another way to describe it is that i have a deep emotional commitment to that partner but i know that it’s not based from any romantic feelings.


QPP? Forgive me if it is supposed to be obvious, but the meaning escapes me, good fellow.


Like I said he’s a bit hazy :laughing:


On a more serious note, I really hope that we can call social services or one of the neighbors do, I mean it’s not so common that THREE children are bleeding and bruised in a house at the same time.


I’d rather call for divine intervention. :wink: Since Zeus likes using his thunders so much we might be able to redirect them in the bully’s direction…

And maybe at our parents too. Just a tiny bit. Like their foot or something.

With reminds me, is it stated anywhere if the MC will have any special powers? Or are we remaining just a simple mortal with a very powerful Patron?