A Mortal Hero: Patron of the Gods (Demo updated 10/10)



As long as Amaterasu doesn’t interfere with me and Hemera, me and him won’t have problems.


I picked Aurora as the intelligent, temptress type of female RO is currently missing from the current roster of RO personalities, I think? So I wanted to give everyone who prefer that type of character a choice :grin::heart:

Also @Oli_C on the scale of 1 to Romanced Desmond (which is like, a 100 probably), how possessive will Nero be when romanced? This is critical information.


…Amaterasu is a Goddess. One that, as we’ve just established, would be very likely to view Hemera as a friend, and has her own reasons to never meddle in someone’s life like that, even beside it not being in her nature.

So, I think you’ll be good. ^^ :rofl:


What if I’m a lesbian… DIDN’T THINK ABOUT THAT DID YOU!!!:crazy_face:


Considering my MC is a woman who will be romancing the both of them (separately, get your mind out of Mercury’s playbook), yes, yes I did. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Now who said Anthony took after his father in the trickster and flirt departments, hm? :wink:

On that scale, Desmond would actually probably register at a 70 while Nero registers at an 80. His romance is very much going to include setting boundaries with him if you don’t want to end up leashed to his side.

You’re going to enjoy Chapter Eleven, if everything goes as planned! It’s going to focus heavily on the Fae Council in the mortal realm!


Damn… You win…


:laughing: :bowing_man: Thank you, you’re too kind, I’ll be here all week, be sure to drop in.


Mind you, flirty and mischievous, explicitly speaking, are indeed missing from that, but really, are you going to tell me the Blood of The Winged Sandals wouldn’t at least occasionally shine on through?:smirk:


There’s a reason Anthony spends a great deal of time in the mortal realm instead of on Olympus with his father, you know…:smirk:

Hint hint


I can think of two, either he likes humans more than his fellow… er… Gods or he’s infatuated with a human…


Oho…very well, I shall indeed reserve all future judgement. ^^

I’m still sticking to my first impressions of Nero and Luis though, nothing but your own words will convince me otherwise. XD



So…here guys. A small taste of the poll characters we’ve all been voting on.

I don’t think I NOPE’D so hard until I read Nero’s bit and especially after reading Luis’. Definitely not my type of characters, but hope you guys enjoy them.

Reading Loren’s bit made me love the idea of her as a RO even more now.



Uhhh dear author…? That snippet about Luis wasn’t really romantic and it doesn’t really encourage a relationship with him so… Antony is bae o.o


Yeah, he sounds almost as adorable as Taylor.

@Oli_C did say that the connection that Luis has with the MC’s family is far from a pleasant one…and that bit definitely confirms how shady his connection to the MC’s family is. :cold_sweat:


Neither was Nero’s :grimacing:


Considering some of Nero’s traits in his description, the bit seemed true to his character and honestly makes me wonder how questionable Lucifer is in his fathering methods if we take into account what hints lie in both Nero and Nadia’s snippets.


Welp, all I can say after reading Nero’s is: Oh yeah. Definitely more than a hint of Gilgamesh in here. Albeit slightly more lowkey and not as extravagantly arrogant.


Good lord Aurora


This made for an interesting read. The premise seems promising, even if what has been written is rather short. I am not sure what the game is really about just yet, so I cannot really give an opinion.

Though, personally, I would not have put that necklace on no matter what my little brother wanted. Not with my own free will, anyway. That antique shop guy was totally creepy, and I find Celeb’s sudden obsession with the object troubling; like his mind is no longer his own. I mean, thinking of a shop attendant as a God is most strange, ridiculous in fact. I think I am going to be most worried for the boy, even moreso then I would be worried for myself.

Regardless, I will be interested for any further updates, and I will be following for when they appear. :grin: