A Dragon's Life



winning you get the chance to learn something…maybe
Losing you definitely get a chance to learn a lot…unless your really stubborn or proud.
accepting you might not win mid fight and convince the other into a temporary truce. Winner winner chicken dinner.


just a thought but if you need help on this project just try for a closed beta testers group to find bugs and typo’s


I see this as its own game imo. While it is similar to that dragon gane there arent many in the first place. Thats why i think the author should go ahead with this


I think the opposing stats are a little misleading.

This could work if you got a strength increase every time you get a agility decrease, but you would also have to get a intelligence decrease every time you you get a strength increase, there’s also comes the problem of know weather you need to have a high intelligence to pass certain checks or high weakness, and you can only have one opposing stat. Maybe using something like Skill instead of Weak or Luck instead of Clumsiness.


I like the idea of having multiple types of minions like that, especially ones that specialize in certain things like guarding treasure or spying.

Also, I noted an issue with customization that’s kind of contradictive; You have the option of choosing your dragons’ claws even if you chose for your dragon to be entirely legless.


I should have updated that already. I’ll check that w my copy in a bit & update if needed.


anything needed updating?


Not sure how much work I can get done today. Been sick all morning (puking, fever, ect) & I don’t feel like I can sit at my laptop safely for the moment (this is from my phone). As soon as I get better I will be working again (I usually get sick for a day then I’m good, so if I’m not able to work today I can definitely work tomorrow)


Feeling well enough to at least look for bugs for a bit. May not be able to upload today or do extensive work today.

Found an error with the fur. I forgot to set the skin variable, but that’s fixed.
No Legs: that issue was fixed within my own copy, so at the next upload you will see that change
Researching my issue with the scars (scars can play a part in certain conversations later)

If possible, I will do the following:
Add in a few more fight choices. Due to the amount of variables, the fight section will take a long time to write compared to other parts (maybe three days, depending on sick I am & how often I can work, next few days I will be in various appointments for me or my kid)
Fix the Scar “Inventory”


Current fight choices finished (more or less, may make adjustments for stats later):
Go for the eyes
Dodge to the side
Dodge upwards
Sneak attack
Stop fighting

Feeling better today but still sick. Will work when I can & upload whatever I have tonight

Anyone who chooses the “go for the eyes” option & has no spinal adornment, please look at your stat screen & help me figure out how to fix the Scar section. If you have any idea how to fix it, please respond to this thread


I picked no legs for my serpent but it still asked how many claws I have…


That issue has been fixed in my copy, so you’ll see it in the next update (pretty sure every creation issue has been caught in my copy by now)


Below is what I’ve finished (but not uploaded). I need to take a break for awhile because of a couple appointments, but will get these uploaded tonight.

Go for the underbelly
Go for the legs
Go for the tail
Go for the neck
Shock him
Freeze him


Game was updated this morning

Hatchling fight scene
Scars - Spinal, Facial, Belly scars. Torn wing, Broken horns, Broke claws, & missing scales
Serpents - now automatically have serpent tails
No Legs - no longer ask you about your feet, feet are set to “None”

Coming Up:
Endfight label will be finished & lead into the end of the hatchling scene
#Spend time reading - whats planned is you get to choose which culture you learn about (Pomaiin, Dwarven, Centaur, or Human), which language you wish to learn to speak (Pomaiin, Dwarven, or Centaur. Common language is spoken by humans & most other creatures), learn about magick, or even read about history in general

Note about Pomaiin this is the Elven language, made with the Vulgar language maker


When making a (thick) western dragon is there a way to make it where it has wings that connect to back, walk on two legs and actual arms?(if not please add arms) The closest reference I can think of is the dragon’s in “High School DXD”.


Why pick a name when it gets changed to Unknown?


What would happen if i anger the gods?


I think they would kill you or curse you

P.s. sorry my english suck


The name issue will be fixed in the next upload.

If u anger the gods, they will kill u

Sorry for no post or updates, my family is being evicted from our home & have 2 weeks to leave


:grimacing: hope everything works out about two years ago I had a house fire and I (along with my two brothers and both parents) had to live with a friend for six months so I know thing like that can be rough