A Dragon's Life



Man… these updates are pretty fast. I like it so far, although it does remind me of a previous CoG but with multiple dragons and creatures… or at least what I remembered.


I have literally nothing else to do but work on my games at the moment. & this is really fun.

There will be other mythical creatures mentioned in game (one is coming up after you find your first cave) & maybe a few more relationships (like with The Wizards Guild or something)


Why not make it so your dragon can own a pet dog? This way you can include stuff from a dog’s life and work on two things at once.


Dragons seem more likely to eat a dog than to have one as a pet.


So here’s some more info for later in the game

Dragons can have minions. They are listed below (these are WIP, does not mean they will actually be in the game):
Trolls (guards for treasures)
Imps/Demons (must have magick 30 or higher)
Elementals (elemental beings made of pure arcane energy, must have good reputation with Wizards)


How’s everything going?


Currently still working on an extended hatchling scene.

Here’s what’s new:
Extended hatchling years - more stat changes, opportunities for relationships w ur siblings (u meet all 3 later on)
New stats! History, culture, 3 human kingdoms, wizards guild, in depth languages for Elves Dwarves & Centaurs

Coming up:
More work on hatchling scene
Minions will be added
Mythical creature list (stat screen, info about creatures encountered in game)


what if you add a special power that lets you change from dragon form to human form and it be more for scouting and stealth just a thought, it’s your game soooo :slight_smile:


What about kobolds? I would feel better having minions of draconic heritage ‘u’


Can you actually become a god in this game? Like, at the end of your life, the gods install you in the pantheon or something?


Not exactly. If you reach god status, the gods make you immortal & unable to die by any means. Humans will revere you for the rest of time, or until you fade into legend at least, and you will be a god in the eyes of man & an immortal in the eyes of the gods


Backing up a bit, I noticed some problems with the Wyverns & a ton of conflicts with adornments. I need to fix those, but I should get those done pretty quickly.

Basically I saw that I didn’t keep you from having tail spikes & a club tail & a scale tip (for example)

Edit: Yea, finished that quicker than expected. Here’s a bit of an update for what I’m working on tonight and tomorrow:

A small part of the hatchling scene is done. You get to hang out with your mother a bit & get to learn about different langues, cultures, & gain some intellect. As well as a history lesson.
You also get to fight with your oldest brother (working on that part right now). For those familar with the Wolf & Wolfdog fight scenes from A Dog’s Life, it’s the same basic mechanic, just with dragons & a few more choices. Plus a much greater chance of getting massive decreases in your health, lowered/raised stat with your family, & a chance to see what your adornments can do in a fight


Just letting everyone know, this fight scene may take all day to write (& possibly into tomorrow). It’s not exactly long, but there are lots of variables & I’m working on a scar inventory at the same time (fight takes priority, just waiting for responses to my post in the help section for the inventory issue which should be fixed in no time)

Details for the fight section (& just in general):
Having damaging adornments is very helpful (horns, sharp spines, scaled spiked or clubbed tip)
Having abilities that cause damage is extremely helpful & the mist ability helps you avoid damage at all (or escape in some fights)
Sometimes being slower, weaker, or clumsier is better. Not every fight is won by speed, strength, or being dexterous


Can you give an example? I’m having a hard time seeing how that could be better in a fight


I imagine someone could take mercy/pity on you if you are terribly slow or weak. Or someone could think your clumsiness is endearing. Or, I suppose, this could end up being a slapstick comedy, and you could trip on something, stumble, and push your foe into a well.


I suppose but that wouldn’t really be winning would it? That’s more like using your weaknesses to avoid a fight


Slower: less chance to hit but more likely to land a more powerful blow
Weaker: typically the weaker dragon is smarter, & a smarter dragon can find more openings or be able to recognize a move that does the most damage.
Clumsiness: what @Gower said, slapstick comedy based on random variables lol

Game was just updated! I do not have the hatchfight section finished (far from it), but you can choose to attack the eye, use mist breath, & stop fighting.

Artifacts! Various artifacts from around the world. Can be traded for treasure or given to the Wizards Guild in exchange for magick training (yes, there is the possibility of being friendly with humans, elves, dwarves, & centaurs)
Achievements! Most of them aren’t set in the game yet, but they are set up in preparation for the future
List of minions (cannot be accessed yet, but the list is there, will post list below)
Creatures you will face have been picked out (dragons are not the only mythical creatures in the game, they are listed below, this should be the full list, I don’t think I’ll add anymore)

Goblins (will fetch water, tunnel out new caves for treasure, & fight for you)
Humans (humans can either wish to serve you (divine dragons) or be traded to you in return for protection (tyrants), they will fetch food, keep your den tidy, & even clean your skin when asked)
Imps (will spy for you, trick your enemies, used as messengers, ect. Must have 30 magick mastery to summon)
Elementals (must have 60 magick, reach 75 with Wizards Guild, are guardians of your treasures. Elemental summoned will vary depending on what it’s guarding)

Creatures Encountered:
Syren (similar to ocean-dwelling sirens, this one is found in lakes)
Possibly more

Note about Artifacts Only way to get a dragon scale is from another dragon. You cannot rip off one of yours if you have scales


I love what your doing with this keep it up


And does that matter? Not everyone wants to be the stereotypical unbeatable hero of the story, specially if losing means experiencing some interesting outcomes that don’t result in an immediate game over. ‘Normal’ or even ‘weaker’ characters may struggle more but in a sense that’s it’s own charm too, not every journey has to be a cakewalk to be interesting. It depends on how it is delivered.


I understand that and I agree that what’s really important is how it’s delivered. I was just curious as to why stats like weaker and slower were a part of the game and how they could be used