A Dragon's Life

From the author of A Dog’s Life (another WIP), come’s A Dragon’s Life!
Inspired by Choice of Dragon, this is similar but with my own distinct writing style!

Currently finished & uploaded: Character creation
Last update: 10-25-18

-Male or female
-Find a mate (later)
-Many different ways to play!
-Complete customization or premade dragons!
-Breath or Power abilities!

Link: https://dashingdon.com/go/3261


got error : startup line 2784: bad label

Fixing. Will upload in about 10 minutes (making a couple more edits that will create bugs if I upload them now)

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Startup line error 2781
Love the customisation options though

Edited files are uploaded!

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Nice start.

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work fine now…but that was soooo short!!!


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Trust me, there will be plenty lol. This is just the beginning.


Interesting… With that quantity of stats, i am hoping this will be a very deep game
And it is really good to have such a variety in size choice too.


I want to have a decent amount of content as it goes on, and some of the ideas I’m putting into this come from Choice of Dragon & a dragon hatching game from Armor Games


I picked the Wyvern and the Breath of Life
And what about Cats Life and Dogs Life?

They are being worked on, I’m just taking a break due to writers block. This is what I do when I get that problem, I work on something else for awhile. As soon as I get past it (aka get inspiration) I’ll go back to A Dog’s Life.


I really like this. Maybe add an option to be a runt. Also will this be worked on during your break from dog’s life?

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This is my break from A Dog’s Life lol

& I did consider both Giant (size of a King’s Castle) but that was too big, and as for runt…I feel like that would be way to small. Tiny is small enough lol


A very ambitious project. If you are able to pull it off, IF, it will either the best CoG, or somewhere close to that mark

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I doubt this will be even close to the best honestly

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no i meant make tiny the runt.

Ah ok. Well tiny is kind of the runt (not offically though). There will be times you’ll run into other dragons or other creatures with experience with dragons that will make a comment regarding your size and a few may call you “stunted” or something similar. That is in the future though, when you’re an adult.

Currently working on the first cave!

What’s done (there may be tweaks here and there but the follow parts are finished for the most part):
Character Creation
Hatchling Years

Coming Events, Parts, & Ideas:
First Stash
First Interaction with humans
First interaction with elves
First interaction with dwarves
First interaction with centaurs

Dragon’s can wield basic magic by the way. Nothing like wizards of course, but you can set up magical barriers, sensory barriers (able to tell when someone is coming), and use locator spells (basically that heightens your natural abilities for a short time to find someone or something).


oh ok. so wait hatchling years is just one page?