A Dragon's Life

Yea. It’s very very short. Basically you just meet your broodmates and decide how you spend your hatchling years before your mother kicks you out. After that, the Young Adolescent years are relatively short.

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if my knowledge of size is correct the biggest dragon could crush the smallest in its hand (If the big one could move fast enough to catch it) and are you capable of gaining minions and becoming an king/queen (and if you can I hope there is a noble ruler option along with evil overlord)


Large dragons can crush tiny dragons if they get their claws/jaws on them, but the dragons in this game see that as 1) too easy & 2) completely dishonorable (to do to other dragons i mean)

I’m not sure about minions yet, but possibly.

You can’t be a king/queen, but you can be one of the following (subject to change):
Tyrannical Ruler
Divine Ruler
Tyrannical Monster (you don’t rule, you just go around smashing things)
Diving Being (sort of like a dragon version of a wise man/woman where people seek you out for help/answers)
Tyrannical Nomad (traveling the world wrecking havoc everywhere)
Divine Nomad (traveling the world healing & helping Earth & her creatures)

Even the possibility of being:
Lord of Demons
Living God

Humans can build shrines or statues of you (if you let them), leaving offerings of food & riches. If you are not a nomad, they can bring tribute to your den for protection, payment for help/questions, or just to make sure you leave their village/city/town alone


maybe put some more detail into the hatchling years.


So what if they are trying to take my “Stuff” like attacking a town I said I would protect or taking my tribute would it still be frowned upon then

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So your stashes are protected by a Dragon Rune, a symbol made by your teeth and imbued with natural magicks. It’s very tough to break. Only powerful wizards or Centaurs can break a Dragon Rune.
As for tribute left at statues or shrines, it will vary on where it is. A shrine (for divine, good, &/or god-like dragons) is rarely defiled, as they will be set in the center of villages, churches, temples, & very open, populated, &/or respected places. A statue however (for tyrants, evil, &/or demon like dragons) are set in the centers of villages/towns/cities or at important crossroads & are rarely defiled out of fear. The humans know a tyrant would destroy them for stealing from them, while divine beings are too respected.
If a village renounces you, you will get an option of how to react. You can talk them out of denying your protection, or simply attack.

This is all still a WIP so things may change


Could there maybe be a feathery ruff/ridge option, to match the feathery wings and tail tip? :blush:

It’s the only thing I’m mising to be able to create one of the dragons from my own WIP… :sweat_smile:


What’s new:
Hatchling scene/moment is done!
Find your first cave & possible stash location!
Meet an elf
List of the different kingdoms/races you encounter
List of their languages & your possible proficiency! (you automatically know Dragon & Common tongues)
(if you have a stash) Find some gold & start your hoarding!
Magick has been incorpurated & (via a random variable) can be increased!

What’s coming:
Possibly meet humans
A danger in the area

I might add that, I’m not sure. I’m taking a break for the night so I can sleep, I’ll look at it in the morning


Wow, that was a quick update. I hope you are enjoying this too, good luck with your other projects~

I am loving this. I adore dragons & it gives me some things to think about for my other games.

New update, last one for the night!

What’s new:
Attack the elf with certain powers! Fire, Ice, Lightning, of Life Breath, as well as Basilisk Stare


Nice. Not sure whether to be more Lockheed or Shenron for my first nicer dragon run…

Love the idea! And please make it longer than the choice of dragon. And i realize there is magic, is it possible to transform into human and find a human mate?


It’s called Dragon life…turning into a human wouldn’t make sense.

So… “Dragon’s Life” is basically “Choice of the Dragon” but with a different title. You get to choose your own dragon, find a cave to live in, amass your own hoard, sibling rivalry, have the population (and gods) to love or hate you, find and win over a mate, it’s set in a fantasy world where wizards try to control dragons, etc.

Would CoC even publish this game given how similar it is to to their other title? You’re going to have get a little creative with Dragon’s Life to make it stand out, I mean, there are a lot of fantasy / super-hero / college games around here but all of them manage to have that ‘something’ that sets them apart. Hope you can emulate that.

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Choice of dragon was great but you’ve got to admit there are lot of things that can still be added. The story on the end felt rushed, so considiring what you have written, I’m sure there are things you’ve felt lacking? That you can advise the author. Just my opinion though…

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Personally if I were to make a game like this I would have changed or omitted a few features, maybe even give it a different setting. A dragon game set in a post-apocalyptic urban world or even something akin to the Shadowrun universe or even Asia… any of those options could work. And it would set it apart from the stereotypical (and a tad overused) medieval-like western fantasy world. What about a dragon that was turned or can turn into a human and wreak havoc or manipulate different factions or societies? After all these beings are a symbol of power and occasionally change and wisdom so why not explore their symbolism to it’s potential?

Choice of Dragons wasn’t perfect but I feel like the way Dragon’s Life is heading isn’t that much different from it’s predecessor. I’m aware it is too early to give a proper review and that anything (and everything) is set to change, but from what I’ve seen so far it isn’t faring much better in the writing and pace department… IMO. You are born, given a few scenes with your family and thrown out into the world already as an adolescent. There’s no build up, no setting up a personality and barely any interactions with our family. I like concise, carefully planned and solid works, not rush-ups.

And if I’m going to be honest, I’m skeptical about all this. This is the 3rd work the author is currently working on (Dog’s Life is paused due to writer’s block) and each game, in particular the other two, have a crazy amount of options to choose from and several branching paths in the story line. I think they are being too ambitious and too fast and loose with their work… chances are none of these games are probably ever even going to be finished. I would gladly be proven wrong though.


That would be fun!

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So I’m thinking of the magick component some more & I think eventually it will b possible to completely shapeshift. In the beginning it’s just barriers & locators, but at magick 60 u can do illusions. Maybe at a higher percentage u can shapeshift to a human.
Today I’m going to focus on a big event & possibly expand upon the beginning


This game seems pretty good so far, despite it being only the beginning. Though, I will point out a few little issues:

-On the first page of Hatching, ‘You’re’ is used instead of ‘Your’.

-After I customized my dragon and went into the stats, my dragons’ name showed up as ‘Unknown’ even though I’d given it a name. I dunno if this is an issue with the premade names, since I had typed in a name myself.

Also, some suggestions!

-Water breath, for a more aquatic dragon perhaps? You could use it for more passive purposes, such as helping your followers grow crops in return for gold, or if you’d rather it be a more destructive power, it could be scalding water breath?

-An option for tan (Sand colored) scales/feathers/skin/fur? Could give camouflage in desert-like environments if those are planned to be in the game.

Ok so here’s a new update (no uploads, just letting you all know what I’m doing)

Complete rewrite of the hatchling scene. There is the short (the current) version, but I am making an expanded version for people who want a more indepth look into your past & your family. I may end up erasing the short version after the long one is done

Water breathing- dragons can hold their breath for up to five days underwater (massive lungs), so water breathing may not be a special power (if it is, it will be a natural ability)
Tan - there should already be tan in almost every color choice, if not I will correct that
Names - I’ll check that, it should have entered your name