A Dragon's Life


Could the be a choice to breath different stuff for example:

Poison gas:
Ice frost:


So my internet is being shut off at any day now, I will be unable to post any updates for probably a few weeks to months. I will continue working as much as possible during this time, been able to work today some even.

Added in a couple features & choices today that will make things a bit more interesting:
New Ability Mastery - details are listed below
Now you can study with your poison skinned brother - learn about the cultures and races, learn new skills, languages, & gain some insight to this worlds history
Special Skills - listed below, these skills will come in handy in various locations & with various cultures

Ability Mastery - now your abilities have a starting point, as in one specific use, but you can hone your powers to do unusual and new things:
Fire Breath - starts off as a powerful stream of fire (though short), also fireballs. Can evolve to a an inferno breath (much hotter, can breathe out longer with more fire), can eventually breath a fire tornado and may be able to coat your body on fire (think Monstrous Nightmare)
Frost Breath - Starts off with a mist-like breath that freezes small opponents or body parts of larger creatures, can eventually entirely freeze enemies, and at its highest point you can coat your body in ice like extra armor yet still move as agile as ever
Lightning - Start off with uncontrolled energy (you can focus it, but that does mean it will go exactly where you want it), can learn to focus it to one spot, then to multiple spots, then can eventually cover your body in a constant electrical current while still shooting bolts
Healing Breath - Can heal self (excluding scars) & minor creatures, can learn to heal larger/tougher creatures & bring most creatures back from the brink of death, eventually can heal scars & old battle wounds & heal even other dragons completely
Basalisk Stare - turns enemies to stone but does not kill (think stasis or death-like coma), then can turn large creatures to stone faster, eventually can turn dragons to stone & kills all other creatures
Breath of Life - can kill one small area at a time, can poison waterways & larger sections, can decimate large fields (not forest), can eradicate entire forest, eventually can kill living creatures directly
Mist Breath - can create thick fog bank for a small area but cannot completely hide you, creates thicker fog & completely hides light colored dragons, creates thicker large fog banks & can hide slightly darker dragons, eventually completely erases you from sight regardless of color

Special Skills - abilities learned from the 4 cultures (Human, Elf, Dwarf, & Centaur)
Dwarven Smithing - adapted to your size & claws, Dwarven Smithing allows you to recognize ores, metals, jewels, & gems and allows you to turn them into more treasure than before (EX: you find 200 gold in some ruins, you may also find precious jewels you can craft into an adorning crown, a jeweled sword, a diamond hilt staff, ect). Special pieces like this can make you seem more divine, more of a tyrant, or other effects that would benefit you & your followers
Elven Music - dragons cannot play Elven instruments but learning Music allows you to sing in Pomaiin, which is infused with elven magick that you can imbue with emotion. Music in a diplomatic situation can make kingdoms more likely to listen than attack, can stop a fight, or can even cause a fight and raise battle spirits & erase fatigue of your soldiers (yes, there is a part where you could lend a claw to help a human army)
Shaman Healing - a divine gift, this is not a power but a special spell learned from Human wizards history. Can give sleep and peace to wounded creatures that allows them to rest without pain while they heal, gives you knowledge of plants that humans use in medicines, and makes it more likely humans will seek you out for help (healing or wise words)
Astral Reading - a gift from the Centaurs, allows you to divine possible futures just by reading the stars. Allows easier navigation, the ability to judge distances & helps you know how much energy you need to expend, and helps tell humans & other creatures the stories in the skies


All the new info!! Love it!!

Also, that sucks about your internet, I hope things get better soon!


Sorry to hear about the internet. Hope things turn out okay.

Also, small question, are different stats going to be increased/decreased depending on what you choose when interacting with your siblings (Like fighting with the eldest brother, learning with the poison skin brother, and maybe hunting with your sister if that’s getting a rewrite?)


So fighting w ur older brother gets increases to ur abilities & stats relating to powers & anything to do w fighting
Learning w ur other brother gets u intellect & possibly a new skill, as well as increases to culture stats
Hunting w ur sister…I’m not sure yet. Still working on the second brother. W her it’s most likely increases to agility, dexterity, & maybe powers


So looks like my internet will be lost within the next 24 hours or so. I will be unable to post updates for awhile.

I am being evicted in a week & while I will have my laptop for work, I’m not 100% sure how often I will be able to work for the next few weeks. I have family taking me & my wife & kid in across the country, but it will take a few days to get there & then we have to settle down into our new & temporary home, which needs work & has some very important things missing, all the while looking for work & trying to make sure we’re ok.

I can post updates on the forum via my phone, but cannot make any uploads until we can find a way to get internet (whether that means going to McDonalds or stealing it from someone, or maybe even waiting until we can get our own). I will do my best to keep everyone updated & try to upload whatever I have before we lose internet.

I just uploaded the files, regardless of any bugs (if there are any).


Hope everything works out okay over there.

In the meantime, I have two quick questions regarding the story; How will our siblings be reintroduced? Will they be friendly with us or will they just be competition for treasure, territory and other stuff? I can see the eldest brother especially giving us a hard time.

What will our first interaction with humans be like? Will we approach them first or do they track us down in our lair?


Can we have relations with ROs of other races?
The love story between a dragon and a human (drama) hahaha :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:


About siblings:
Ur elder brother is a nomadic tyrant. He terrorizes the country wherever he goes, but in not sure how you will meet him yet
Your sister is set up in a large glittering cavern of crystals as a divine wise dragon & healer
Your older brother is a scholar in the kingdom of Croia, learning history alongside the humans & wizards

Ur first interaction will depend on your starting choices. I’m planning on u meeting a human caravan if u hunt w ur sister, but if u do something else I’m not sure how u will meet them yet

& no romances with other races lol, however eventually there will be individuals u can have relationships w


I’d like to think that the eldest brother could start causing havoc in your territory; Either just for fun, to steal food and treasure, or even to get revenge on you for supposedly causing the mother to beat him if you stop fighting him as a hatchling? Then you’d either have to challenge him to a fight, persuade him to leave, or maybe even get the kingdom you rule over to chase him off.


Or just bribe him :slight_smile:


I’m aware game development has paused for now, but here’s some more design ideas for when it resumes:

Bull-like horns, could add quite a bit of intimidation along with strength.

Spinal fin (Either a cetacean dorsal fin or a fish-like sail) for agility.

Tusks (Or saber teeth?) for strength.

Head crests (Can be feathery, spiky, or even cobra-like) that boost different stats depending on what you select.

Ears (Some dragons are depicted with ears) that can make you look less intimidating.


This could provide cool visual ideas though bull horns sound cool


One of the mechanics I’m also rather curious to see in-game are the dens; obviously the smaller you are, the more options you have, though I hope there’s a good variety to choose from, like mountain caves, dens hidden in the forest, or maybe you could even repurpose the ruins of a castle into your home.

Will they also have some pros and cons depending on things? For example; you’re a large dragon, and you just found a rare example of a cave big enough for you, but it’s near human civilization, meaning the knights could find you more easily if you’ve been causing trouble.


Oh my god! This game is soo good that I find myself at loss of words​:heart: I have been drifting on this forum for some amazing new WiPs and then I found this! This game is just freakin awesome, there was soo much demand for a sequel to the Choice of Dragon and you were kind enough to give us a similar one, you don’t know how happy I am to find this gane, I am desperately waiting for the full version, can’t wait though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So here’s an update on whats going on:

My family has been moved successfully
A family member of mine was kind enough to let me live in my late grandfathers house
HOWEVER: it is a mess. I mean it’s just like he got up & hasn’t come back, but no one has taken care of it for 2 years (a couple things r missing but they did not clean). My wife & I are working on cleaning this place top to bottom before I can even think of working on anything right now unfortunately, & we are on very limited funds so this is taking forever since we cqnt hire help

I will work whenever I can, but this place is my priority for the time being. It may take long than a few weeks, it’s that bad (we have to make this place ok for 2 adults, a toddler, & 4+ cats)


Well it’s just good that you have a places to stay


Just an quick post about my situation:

I should be back to working by the end of the week, we got some help from the family member that owns this place & it’s making everything a bit easier. The major repairs r done, now it’s the small stuff (plus we had a wasp problem that’s getting fixed, thank god its winter)

It probably b slow going for awhile though as we still have internet, assistance, day care (if possible), & other things to set up as well. I am thinking that next year (as in, a month from now), work should b either back to normal or close

Thank u all for being patient!


That’s amazing news! Can’t wait to play the whole game❤.


It needs some dragon transforming into humans like if you want a magical and cunning dragon, you can turn into a human to infiltrate kingdoms.

Love/like only if you agree