A Dragon's Life


I second that! It’s such a beautiful idea.


Ok, a few things:

I am writing again! However, there is a catch
I am over my writers block with A Dog’s Life, so work will continue on that for the time being. I will keep A Dragons Life open, but this game is officially paused for the time being

About shapeshifting: because so many people seem to want this, shapeshifting into a human will now be possible with 95+ magick. & you cannot hold the form permently either, only for a short time (maybe…half a day? more with practice?)


So wait does that mean the game is updated or is this a future addition?


A Dog’s Life is my first work, started a couple years ago. Back in August I created the new version of it, but eventually had to stop due to writers block.
I started A Dragon’s Life because of the writers block, but A Dog’s Life is my priority. It’s a completely different game I’m writing and while I have writers block, A Dragon’s Life will be worked on. But when I do not have writers block, A Dog’s Life will be worked on instead.

A Dragon’s Life has no update currently and is on pause.


Given that Choice of Dragon was one of the first Choicescript games I ever played, I really hope you finish this. I really like the customization you put in creating your dragon. A lot of variables to keep track of, but it really adds to the game.


I want my own army of dragon worshippers.


Oh god, Why have I not think of that


I want a dragon as a pet slave.


I’m honestly rather curious to see the relationships between your dragon and the various kingdoms in-game. Choice of the Dragon didn’t go too in depth with it, so I’m excited to see your take on it.

Of course we can go with the whole tyrannical dragon ruling a kingdom trope, but protecting a kingdom in return for service, treasure, etc seems nice too. Perhaps we don’t even need to bother with the kingdoms if we don’t want to.


You will need to work with the kingdoms at some point, as near the end of the game I have a large Multi-kingdom war starting that you can actually help prevent, or just make worse.
But for the time being, this game is on pause so I’m not putting as much thought as I normally would.


Will we get to take a human form?


I’m getting flash backs of Aku in human form


As stated somewhere above, yes but you need to have 95 Magick Mastery. & it’s only temporary, lasting only half a day or so.


Can you use it more than once? Or once a day?


Only once every few days (EI: once every few events).



For those that watch A Dogs Life, you saw this already.
But for those that dont, I am in the hospital. It’s a self check in, not an emergancy, but I am unclear about the exact time i will be in here. Below is the post i just made for A Dogs Life.

Just an update. I’m still in the hospital, but am considered long term (yay for earning a 15 minute phone use). Probably gonna b n here for a couple months unfortunately.
Occassionally we can earn the rights to use phones for awhile (like today I finally did), but it’s not very often. Will keep you guys updated as much as I can.


Uh, never heard of a hospital saying you can’t use your phone…

Edit- Ohhh THAT sort of hospital…


All our love is with you.:gift_heart:


Question; “Is writing cathartic, or does it help you at all?” Because if so, they would likely utilize it in treatment.