A Dragon's Life


So I have been released from the hospital (mainly because my insurance will not cover my stay anymore), but this game is on pause still.


well it’s good to hear from you still :smile:

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I love dragons! Need more stories in which you play as a dragon

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Unfortunately I will be unable to post things for awhile, or update any of my games. I am being admitted to a hospital again but this time i know I won’t be out for a few months and am unable to bring my phone this time. Will contact the admins when I am able to update my forums.


We hope your better soon, take care hope everything is alright


So I am back, I am getting better, but unfortunately I am slow to start my work at the moment. It may be some time before I am able to focus on it fully (or even partially) because my health is my priority, and I am working with a doctor on how I can get “back to normal”.

I am making this post in my other 2 games.


I’d advise showing what choosing a certain attribute does by clicking on it and then having us click on it again to confirm whether or not we want it, that way we don’t have to restart every time to find out what the different characteristics do.


One thing I was kind of wondering recently was how in-depth our relationships with the kingdoms will be. Will we be able to have a decent relationship with all of them, or will some of them see our dragon as a threat if we’re on good terms with a kingdom they dislike?

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