A Dog's Life (WIP)


I don’t know if it ends there but I got this mother line 230: Invalid option; conflicts with option ‘Stalk!’ on line 223


Thats one of the issues, I’m really sorry I havent fixed it yet but I’m not home at the moment.

It should be finished in about 2 hours or so


The errors with the wolf mother scene have been fixed ^^ really sorry about, I had forgotten you can’t make choices the same name or it screws it up.

I’ll continue on the wolf scenes today, should be finished by tonight!


Did I pick the wrong size or do we not get saint Bernard as an option?


St Bernard has not been added yet, I do not know if I will be adding any more though since there are already so many breeds to choose from


Another update!

The wolf scene is almost done, a few more parts to work on and then I can move on to wolfdogs.

The wolf mother scene ends with a new part, the Pound’s Truck, which will be shared with coyotes, coydogs, and wolfdogs.

& as a surprise, I have made it so that some of the wolf scenes can go randomly with each game, regardless of your choices (don’t worry, their not major, just a few stat boost)


Ok, so the wolf mother scene is essentially done! The den scene needs work, but you can play through every single wolf mother part!

For people who go through the “Stay at den” choice, only the first story is written out, the rest have to wait until tomorrow (& possibly the next day) & there is no bonus to stats during that part yet. But you can play all the way through to the start of the pound’s truck, which leads directly to the shelter, which has nothing yet.

I want to finish the entire mother scene before working on the shelter, so it’ll probably be about 2 weeks before I can start working on the shelter, which I am now planning to span all the way up until your 4 months old possibly. yes, its gonna have lots of choices, lots of small bonus’s, and lots of dogs to meet!


Ran into this when trying to sniff training with wolf mother


Thanks for noticing that, I have the file fixed & uploaded so you can continue!


Ok, so a few more stories from the “Stay Here” choice in the mother scene are done & files are uploaded but I cannot work much today because I have appointments. So the stories are not completely finished, except for the first 3, and they all give some stats boost now.


I found this


You should add another hybrid dog for those of us who want the cleverness of a coyote and the strength of a wolf: COYWOLF!


@DragonHeart I’m afraid I won’t be adding any more breeds, but I did research coywolves & unfortunately I believe it would be far to easy to recognize them for them to end up at a shelter, since they are monitered. But, I do have plans for more animal games like this, so I will keep coywolves in mind for that.

Big update! The wolfden stories are still not done, but now the wolf mother scene has an ending! You have some choices with the pound truck & even enter the shelter! The shelter scene itself is not started, this is only the introduction for “stray” pups instead of pups handed over by owners.


Wolf mother scene is now completely done, including stories w stat boost. You see your entrance to the shelter and experience the pounds truck.

i will try to work on the wolfdog scenes today & Low content wolf dogs have a different beginning than high content wolfdogs (& HC wolfdogs have a beginning very similar to wolves)


Got this when trying to leap


@Logan3000x fixed ^^


I got another one


Fixed ^^ thanks lol

Wolfdog LC is started, will upload them tonight!


Wolf mother, dog mother, and wolfdog lc mother scenes are now completely done! Wolfdog HC, coyote, and coydog scenes are coming!


wolfdog lc mother scene
mother line 1393: Non-existent variable ‘space’