A Dog's Life (WIP)

What abou ‘us’ wolves? What will be our doom trigger?

Can you explain what you mean?

How hard will be for a wolf to live as a pet?

Slightly harder, depending on the family your with. As a typical pet, may be as hard as a giant breed in terms of fitting onto the couch or something, but while they might be afraid of you, it won’t be like wolfdogs. The Beltran’s will ignore you so wolves will not live with them, but the hunters will definitely fear you. They will constantly fear you will turn on them.
Wolves being rescue, firehouse, and police dogs will vary. They will fear you, but mostly admire you (if you play your cards right).
As for therapy & service dogs…oh you will be feared


So severely proud of myself because the wolf is done, as are wolfdogs! & wolfdogs now get a random stats bonus to their “Other” Stats, as well as random bonus’s to the natural stats

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All the breeds are done! I will start working on the mother scene now!


I can’t believe how hard you’re working on this, i can’t catch up :grin: . And i would be sorry about the wolfdogs disadvantage since im sure im gonna play as a wolfdog but it’s just reality, gotta accept it :upside_down_face:

Hye, what fun would it be if it was too easy! Plus, after reading about wolfdogs even more., they are not trusted due to their unpredictability & are banned in many places. So yea, making it very difficult may not seem right or anything, but it should be fun.


Error that popped up when I tried making a shiba inu

Thanks ^^ fixed it

I am currently working on the wolf mother scene, & there are some choices but most lead nowhere yet.


I just thought to point this out, but in the shelter, you’re given the option to stop or continue barking. Which is all well and good but, I played as a wolf, and wolves can’t actually bark like a domesticated dog. They can growl-bark, howl-bark, or give a sharp grunt, that sounds like a bark, but they are physically incapable of barking as we know dogs can. Wolves “barking” is only a very small fraction of their vocalization, and are considered a very rare thing. Typically, wolves “bark” only in warning, defence or protest.

Also, wolves are very intelligent. In fact, the smarter of the domesticated dogs, Border Collies, Poodles (Yes, Poodles rank 2nd place in the world’s smartest dogs list), GSDs, Dobermans, Belgian Shepherds, etc. Is about as smart as a wolf puppy, while the adults are even smarter.

I don’t really mind either way though, if it’s changed or not, I’ll play it regardless! (I’m not sure there is really a short, sharp and shiny word for “growl-bark” or “howl-bark” so you don’t have to spell it out every time, also makes coding so much easier, so I understand if it doesn’t get changed) But as a lot of people don’t actually know wolves can’t bark, only giving the illusion of one, and as I adore wolves, I thought to say it aloud.

Good luck with further writing, I look forward to more!


An ambitious project, but one I’d love to see more of-- it’s not often you get to play as an animal in these types of games. :slight_smile:

@EmberWolf I actually have taken out all of the shelter parts currently. It’s going to completely rewritten, with new choices & characters.

& I know wolves don’t bark like dogs, but since most of the breeds are dogs & not wolves, this makes it easier to write & reduces the complicated codes I would need to write for just one species. Wolves get a decrease in vocal as well, so in a lot of places (unless you go for a vocal wolf &/or choose a vocal option), wolves won’t make any sounds


Fair enough. I understand. It was just that when I found the subject in question and thought maybe, you didn’t known, I wanted to shed some light on the more ‘hidden’ facts about the creature that I know many people just don’t know. Many people still think that wolves are dangerous, but in truth, they are only (generally) dangerous when provoked or scared. I’m not trying to attack your knowledge on wolves, just pointing it out.

I’ve seen lots of people start writing with no or loose understanding about fact, lore, etc. Like, in one book, they made wolves aggressive for no reason, like they were bloodthirsty beasts that sort to hurt people for shits and giggles. Which is not true at all. Misinformation will be the death of any aspiring writer. All I wanted, was to help, if I could, on a subject I’m very familiar with.

And, not only that, but in my mind, having that small change to the wolf, sets them apart. Gives them more realism and individuality, to help set them apart from their dog cousins. As you said that, as a wolf, they will generally be (more) feared, thus not being able to bark, would make them, for some people, more intimidating. To go along with their sheer size (Like Ghost from Game of Thrones, he was the more intimidating dire wolf, simply before he made no noise at all). It just gives them another characteristic.

But as I said in the previous post, I understand being neutral with the barking, it makes coding hell of a lot easier. And if you give the wolf special traits, then you have to do something for the rest. So I completely understand. It was just a thought, nothing more.

I adore wolves ^^ For a few years I tried to volunteer at a sanctuary but it was too far. I hate that people think their dangerous & I wish it was illegal to hunt them DX but thank you so much ^^ it’s been awhile since I’ve read about wolves, & some things i had forgotten (that’s why their in the game to be honest, is to help people realize that their not dangerous. I added some info about wolves on their choice screen, feel free to read through it & let me know if something is wrong)

& i think everyone will love the boost wolves get, check it out. I actually planned on people fearing them more than wolfdogs, but wolves are more predictable in behavior than wolf hybrids so even when afraid, still kinda know what could happen lol


I think that’s the same for any mixed breed, really, half wolf or no. All of a sudden, they have more then one set of instincts, one new set for each new breed introduced into that blood line. And then they have a whole new host of ‘problems’ as bloodlines clash. From physical conditions, to temperament. Natural aggression meets meekness, then suddenly, they snap and hurt someone or something (Of course, that’s not to say that will happen, but it does make it more potential.)

I’m actually a qualified dog trainer, so I know a far amount about dogs and wolves in general. (I also own two big dogs, a Doberman and a Groenendael Belgian Shepherd. If it’s not too much to ask… can you please add the Groenendale? They are a rare breed to see and never have I seen them in a game before!)

Though, as I come from Australia, we don’t have wolves… :sob: It sucks so much. So, while I’m currently living in America, I plan to see at least one before I go home permanently. (We don’t even have them in the zoo, not that I agree with show side of zoos anyway.) Though I wish I could take them home with me, the air fair alone would kill me, if not, then the government would, as wolves are banned completely, can’t even have hybrids…

(Sorry, that was long! Haha)

But yeah, I’ll take a read and see if I can’t help in some way. I’m glad there is another person who is has the same idea as me, when it comes to wolves. They certainly aren’t vicious without cause.


Wolves have always been my favorite animal. I live in Kentucky and we don’t have them around here anymore, but according to my parents and grandparents, it used to be crawling with them. I’ve heard their going to be reintroduced soon, in Kentucky also. Hopefully it will help with the massive deer population around here, we do have coyotes out here but there’s no way that no more than 7 or 8 coyotes at a time can catch a single deer. When their reintroduced, maybe there’ll be less accidents on the highway because of deer.
Nothing has been killing deer since they’ve been gone(except the occasional car) , the coyotes have run wild, and there are almost no rabbits except in town because of the coyotes. It will be much better with them finally back. :smile:


Wow, so huge update! The wolf mother scene is not entirely done, but I have done so much that I think you guys should see the results now!

Many choices for wolf pups, and still some more to come, but wolf pups will get a large stat boost depending on their choices (& you won’t know what your doing in some cases til you make the choice!), and the wolf mother scene also already leads to the Shelter with some choices (which are finished). I still have to finish off the wolf mother scene, wolfdog mother scenes, coyote mother scenes, & coydog mother scenes.

I know some of the parts aren’t done for wolf mother, there’s a part that leads nowhere really (as in there’s not much), but I really want everyone to see these new updates!


My favorite animal of the canine family is the fox :stuck_out_tongue:


I noticed a really bad error with the wolf mother scene & I will fix it soon