A Dog's Life (WIP)

Hi everyone! I know some of you may remember this game last year, and unfortunately there’s not much new stuff. I have been in the hospital, had to take care of my child, & my computer was sent in for a few weeks for repairs right after New Year.

As before, you choose from many dog breeds, each with their own stats, characteristics, and you can play as a wolf, wolfdog, coyote, & coydog! Start out with your mother, making some early choices, & end up in the Shelter, where eventually you will make the choice to escape or stay & become a pet.
So far, I have been focusing on researching each dog breed & adding info & appropriate stats, so beyond character creation, there’s not much avaliable yet. All Giant & Large dogs have info & stats, working on medium & tiny dogs now. Other/Hybrid’s will be worked on last.

Currently, due to losing the game files, there is a mother scene (the only one I was able to recover), startup, but the shelter was gone & needs to be completely redone (which was going to happen anyway) but the stats, tricks, & characters remain! (Mainly because I wrote them down physically)
I’m so excited to start this again, & this time I am being more careful about keeping my computer in good condition!

Current plans: three separate times you can leave the shelter to be a stray (so you can meet the families & make your decision based on what the families are like if your not sure which way to go), firehouse, police, pet, show dog, & hunting dog, pet shows are exclusive to show dogs (only one family, which will only take purebreds), multiple places to go, & even a hunger bar that will help determine how long a stray lives! Service dog & therapy dogs, & strays will have the option of changing their minds later on the become a therapy dog!

If this game can get finished, I will possibly make A Cat’s Life (same thing, but with cats as strays, pets, or show cats)

Below is the link for the new game.


Medium dogs are now done! Small dogs coming!

I’ve never thought i would love a game like this. But this is so cute :heart_eyes:

I liked the idea to hate humans :slight_smile:

I thought it would be boring if you could just be a human loving pet, & it provides a challenge since I’m still somewhat new with this program.

plus, there are definately perks to hating humans later on

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Just a suggestion but you should add a pomsky as a playable dog :smiley:

A pomsky? I’ll look it up, but may I ask what kind of dog that is? If it’s a mixed breed, I can’t put it in (I’m not adding any major or minor mixed breeds like that), but you can make something like it as a mutt.

Edit: Well, after looking at it, I may add designer breeds but with the exception that they cannot be strays. I read a bit about the pomsky, and I highly doubt a designer breed like that could ever survive for long as a stray, & one of the families available would immediately want them anyway

Ah ok then I’ll play as a siberian husky then XD

Think i couldn’t go without sharing this awesomeness.

Might give an idea as well ahah.

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I remember this from last year!! I thought it was such a cool concept, and I’m glad to see it’s been revived! I can’t wait to see where you take this!

I hated it so much when I lost it! I was super excited to do this, & learning about all these breeds gives me new respect for dogs, especially the ones believed to be super dangerous (when really, their just big softies).
I’m hoping people enjoy the little bit of info i have about each breed!


I’m glad this is back! And I can’t wait to see what happens next. But I do have a question, is it possible for a wolf hybrid to become a police dog or a therapy dog? Or is this question to spoilery?

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thanks for pointing out the typo, but I’m going through the typos in each scene when their completely done.

& yes, with a couple exceptions, any breed can do any job. Thanks to Mrxanite, I’m thinking about potentially adding Designer Breeds.
As for what breeds have exceptions, the Beltran’s will not take you home unless you are a purebred, so wolves, mutts, coyotes, & hybrids cannot do dog shows. & yes there will be dog shows, but I’m not spoiling those except by saying that you will not have a Look stat or anything regarding how shiny your coat is, because for most of the game that will literally not matter & have no effect.

Medium & Small dogs are done, two breeds (Blue Heeler’s & Mini Dachshunds) have been removed, while Mini Pin’s & Maltese have been moved to Tiny/Toy.

4 more breeds of dogs to go, then Hybrids/Hybrids will be worked on. Very soon I will be working on the Mother scenes (which you will especially enjoy if you are a wolf, & find it to be very eye opening for coyotes I believe), which while there is quite a lot for pure’s & mutts, I want to change things around & reword them.

If you make a mutt, do not worry about muzzles or legs, they will develop during or after the Shelter scene.

Also, just a note, I will be added an option to remove your collars yourselves (but there will be negative repercussions) & all pets will be microchipped automatically upon going home, & you will automatically be fixed if you chose the Beltran’s, the police, rescue dogs, therapy, & service dogs.


It’s so cool how much work you are putting into this! Your dedication amazes me. This WIP also kinda hits close to home considering I’ll be adopting a shelter dog soon!

Welcome back! I remember this demo from last year as well! There are still some errors from the current demo but otherwise than that, it is still the same demo that I know and love! <3



hell yeah, thank god this game is back from the dead, best of luck!

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Hey there seems to be a problem choosing the bernise mountain dog there comes a error code

@Sade98 can you tell me the error? I made some changes in my copy, which might be different from what your playing. I wanna make sure I get the right error fixed.

Edit: Fixed it, sorry about that

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All dog breeds are done! Now onto the Other/Hybrid’s!

Just a note for those wanting to play as wolf hybrids: the game is set against you terribly. People will fear you more than actual wolves, regardless of stats. You will find it much harder to do certain jobs or activities, & while you may live slightly longer, the outside world will be much harder (trust me, with everything I have read about wolfdogs, this will make sense)