Captured (WiP)

Eheh, I finally got myself actually making a demo. Will be here soon. :-(( I didn’t know if I’m supposed to somehow get someone to unlock my other thread so I made a new thread.

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Psh. I fail at choicescript. How do I leave a name stat blank til I come to the part to enter your name or set a random name to it until the mc enters a name for it?

Edit: Nvm, I figured it out. T_T

How do I make the name that was input-ted by the mc the name of the character in the game? T_T

That… I dont know but what is the game about

Don go to your mygame.js then go to your name stat and leave it like this pretty much

  name: ""

For future reference to get your thread unlocked you need to contact a moderator. But since you got a new (and possibly more relevant one) I don’t think it overly matters.

@P0RT3R You’re an animal capture by scientists and experimented on to be ‘transformed’ into a human. Lul. And it continues from there. Each animal will have a slightly different path, effecting the game overall. Lul T_T

I made the idea up randomly. Heh

@2Ton I already figured that out (Which I say in the edit). But ~Removed sentence~

Edit: Nvm, figured everything out.



Update: I’ve come to the point that I need to decide what animal you can be. The fish will have no species of which you can pick, other than whale or dolphin. The birds will have a few species to pick from, or none at all. The land animals will have tons of options to pick from. There may be an option to be a bee or a beetle or another bug.

Each animal will have different scenes throughout the game, but will be similar when you become a human, the stats from different animals will affect the gameplay as a human, however.

The most distinct changes will be between the choice of land animals, birds, bugs or fish, as the scenes will be nearly all different.

The animals of which I’ve already decided are; The mole, the bat (Nearly blind) and the cave beetle for blind animals (Cave beetle may not be picked) that are truly a species of blind animals;

The dog, the cat, the snake, the tiger, the deer, the wolf, birds (the crow, the eagle), the chicken and the horse/zebra for animals that are either born blind or are sighted.

For aquatic animals, the fish, whale and dolphin.

For bugs, the bee, the housefly or the mosquito.

As you can see, there are already tons of animals that may be picked from, each having their own scenes. Any more animal suggestions, or any animals you think I shouldn’t have? I’m thinking of just having land animals for the main game, and having sub-games for the aquatic animals and those that fly. To make the game less complicated. T_T

Update: Here’s a very, very, very, very, short preview. It’s very, very, very, short and very basic with an incomplete stat chart and incomplete info and choices.

Would the Dolphin (Or whale, but I hate whales. They’re not smart.) be considered a land animal since it’s a mammal? They have vestigial legs/feet in their bodies. :stuck_out_tongue:


Do they NORMALLY spend time on land?

No they were a land animal that evolved into a sea creature and I think you should add sharks for the sea creatures that you can choose

I Hate Dolphins…

@RagEgnite, … Er, yes, yes they do! I know plenty of… Dolphins that er, walk on land.

I can’t help but think of that southpark episode where Kyle’s dad turns into a dolphin…

@Happy So you hate whales because you believe they are unintelligent? And no, dolphins and whales are not considered land animals, they are water mammals. Having vestigial legs/feet would not make them land creatures, because has you said these features are vestigial, so they are no longer used. But at some point in time, A VERY VERY VERY LONG TIME AGO their ancestors were land creatures that used their legs, but it is no longer so.

Dolphins are pretty intelligent. In fact, they’re the only known animal in terms of intelligence, for being second at being smart. Whales on the other hand- and in my opinion, are annoying. Besides, in Captured they COULD get their legs back somewhere in the story. Because y’know, they’re being turned into humans.

@Happy How are whales annoying? I personally think they are beautiful creatures, but I have not had any contact with them or any other sea creatures, sadly.

@CountDon You should add sharks, that’d be pretty awesome.

T_T Just realised I put cave beetles under the choices for those that are born from the womb. Heh. None of you realised it.

This is an interesting premise, and what little you have done looks great so far. Clearly with bugs you’ll want to avoid any which has terrifyingly short life cycles as so many do. For a third bird type how about a vulture? A fox would be different enough from a wolf to work as well. And I’d love to have a bear, either a grizzly or panda.

But yes, it might not be a bad idea to focus on the land animals for now so you have a wider selection, you won’t want to put yourself under too much work straight off.