Captured (A Somewhat Work In Progress)

I’m thinking of creating my own IF. This was/might still be my idea:

Your an animal ( XD ) and you get captured by scientists who do “experiments” on you to make you human. I really haven’t thought the content after that though. :stuck_out_tongue:

so like chimeras but in reverse

Chimera in reverse? So like… a creature with the tail of a snake as it’s head and the three asses of a dragon, a lion, and a goat?

Three heads and three asses but only one tail? I dont know what to say about that…

Transformations. Nice.

He is obviously talking about the chimera definition they use in FMA which is different from chimeras in most mythologies and he probobly have spesifyed.

(chimeras in FMA are humans given animal abuilitys)

yes that what i was talking about

@Cagye_bee Sure… it was completely OBVIOUS that he was referring to a creature from a Japanese comic and television show by the total lack of any mention of it…

Also, FMA Chimeras aren’t humans given animal abilities. They’re creatures altered by alchemy. The first time a human chimera shows up it’s a big shocking reveal and a horrible abomination which leads to one of the first big tragic moments in the comic and both shows.

Wow, i looked at a picture of a Chimera and its pretty nice but I dont understand why a goat is in their.

What the heck is a Chimera? :">

A mix between a lion, goat ,snake,and dragon or just a mix of genes like there can be a human chimera,but other then that I have no idea who made this up.

Google is your friend.

Yes yes it is

Back to the topic at hand, yes this will be a good premise for a game. Not many give the layer a chance to play an animal.

I’m pretty curious how the ‘turning into a human’ thing will work.

Think of it like beauty and the beast. One would have to fuse themselves to a system that is more inherent and based off what skills you offer to the table. Imagine that once one got passed the whole ‘escape the lab, the only place I have ever known’ phase, what would one do then?

@ shoelip a little late on this, but in my defense I have only read three books and it was obvious to me and as you have shown know of the books as well. And I ment obvious to anybody that had read the books.

I like the idea and think it can be a great game but I think you should pick what animal you want to be and should be added to your attributed ( lion-strength chimpanzee- intelligence etc…)

@zane That is what I’m planning. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm… I MIGHT begin around September, due to life. :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe next year. Or, sometime in August. [-(

Hopefully I’ll be able to start earlier. [-O<

how is it going