Captured (WiP)

  1. From the womb.
    1.1 - Blind: Bats, Moles.

1.2 - Blind by disease/infection/etc.: Same as the ones below.

1.3 - Sighted: Tigers, Apes (Either a orang utan, gorilla or chimpanzee, each having no effects on gameplay), Rabbits (OMFG WBUIWQBIWQ), Dogs, Cats, Rats (Either a rat, hamster or guinea pig, each having no effects on gameplay), Elephants, Wolves [BY REQUEST], Foxes [BY REQUEST] and Bears (Either a grizzly bear, honey bear or a panda {Woop}, each having no effects on gameplay) [BY REQUEST].

1.4 - Sighted, aquatic animals: Whales, Dolphins and Sharks [ALL BY REQUEST].

The by requests animals are considered.

  1. From the egg.
    2.1 - Blind: ‘Texas Salamander’ Fishes, Cave Beetles.

2.2 - Blind by disease/infection/etc.: Same as the ones below.

2.3 - Sighted: Turtles or Tortoise, Crows, Doves, Sparrows, Parrots, Hornbills, Snakes, Fishes -Sea Fish = Tuna. No picking what sea fish you wan’t to be. -Domesticated Fish = Goldfish/Angelfish. -No River Fish. Lastly, Vultures [BY REQUEST]

2.4 - Sighted, bugs or related beings: Spiders, Cockroaches, Lizards, Flies and Bees [BY REQUEST].

  1. That would be about 33 animals/insects which I’ll work on, minus about 10 later on which I CBA to do.
  • Or the Aquatic/Flight animals. Because y’know, they’re shorter if you decide to pick the Sub-game option for them.


You are loved!!!

Tiger picture, this game is going to upset me, isn’t it? I can predict already :-((

@JossieE Why would a tiger pic upset you?

^ Lul.

Blargh. What stats should I have for this game?
I can’t think of any. Lul

I’m not sure what your story is going for If it was me personally id put like a predatory stats and bush craft, survival skills, senses, hunting stuff like that

extremely excited about this, I love animals ~mainly wolves and tigers

Eheheh, should I make the game stupid by letting yall be werewolves and golem or some shaz like that? Even maybe ‘wild’ untamed sparkling vampires?

Also a humanity vs Ferity stat would be good

If you choose to be a bat, will you be batman

I was surprised when it ended all of thee sudden. Looks very promising though. I’ll look forward to longer demos

Update: Added all the animals under the womb section. Added a tad bit for the egg section which cannot be picked. Added info for the choices under the womb section.

So far, it hasn’t gone past the part you pick which animal you become.

Looking forward to this and hope you finish it

Also looking forward at how hlyou will describe thing for blind characters


@2Ton I love tigers and if there is going to be a captured tiger involved, I’ll cry like a little baby

~Update: Sorry for the slow progress. The game will be updated during this month or the next. Heh. Too much work up my sleeves. *Cough*

@CountDon That’s a cool tiger pic on the opening page. =D>

*Cough*… Heh… Google Images~ Go!