K-9 Unit (interest check)

You’ve been on the force for about five years now in the ever growing town of White Rock, and things are finally going the way you had always hoped. You’ve been able to convince the Chief to start a K-9 Unit with you as the leader… Well because you’re the only member for right now. Chief refuses to let the unit grow until you show how necessary it is. You and your newly adopted partner will be facing challenges searching and rescuing lost children, missing people, and anyone else who must be found. Along the way your furry sidekick becomes more than just your partner; they’re your best friend.

So that’s the basic premise of it. You’re going to be able to choose your dog’s breed, gender, and personality.

Right now the breed options are:
-German Shepherd (the classic)
-Golden Retriever
-Australian Shepherd
(And one more I’d like you guys to choose)

While there will be five love interests (two male, two female, and one non-binary) the main focus of the story is about the bond between the MC and their pup.

If this gets enough interest I’ll write and post a short demo where you pick your puppy out and all that cuteness.




It sounds good to have a history of such good luck:sunglasses:

you forgot Chihuahua.

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No labrador?

I’d like to also see a mongrel rescue dog.

Heh and now I’m thinking of this scene again, which amuses me.


I’ve had a few favorite stories involving newly founded organizations with lousy budgets but I’m not sure about this.

Eh. I’m a bit curious where this is going.

Just don’t you dare kill my pup.


todo menos eso:rage:

That’s not a huge part of the game really. It adds some pressure for your MC for sure but it’s more about the relationship with the dog and how the two of you affect the town. I don’t foresee any blistering failures that shut down the unit. The Chief is just a grump.

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I was considering the Labrador and that might totally still end up being an option if enough people want it. And maybe I could add a mixed breed option as well.

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Labradors are such a common police dog, it’s why I’m surprised they’re not there.

A mixed-breed mutt would be good for characterisation and pulling at heart strings.

I would also like a Dogue De Bordeaux like in Turner and Hooch. :slight_smile:

This is pretty cool.

//glares// Just don’t make me put down my dog.


I like this idea. I’d love to submit the breed of my dog: Finnish Spitz but he is too small for k-9 use.

With that said, this list might be of great use to your project:

[quote] Notable police dog breeds are:

1: Basset Hound (locating bombs and narcotics)

2: Beagle (locating bombs, drugs. Used worldwide.)

3: Belgian Malinois (protection, attack dog, locating IEDs, locating evidence, drugs, prisoner transport, tracking.)

4: Bloodhound (odor-specific ID, tracking, locating bombs, drugs, evidence.)

5: English Cocker Spaniel (firearms, bombs, money, drugs)

6: Doberman Pinscher (protection, attack dog)

7: Dutch Shepherd (protection, attack dog)

8: Springer Spaniel (locating bombs, drugs)

9: German Shepherd (protection, attack dog, ground based tracking and air based tracking, locating human remains, locating drugs, locating IEDs, locating evidence)

10: German Shorthaired Pointer (ground based tracking and air based tracking, locating drugs, locating evidence)

11: Labrador Retriever (locating bombs, drugs)

The Belgian Malinois is the popular choice for the military too… so that would be my addition to your list.

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Sounds pretty interesting.
I don’t think I would be able to handle the responsibility though. Any other game I play, I might feel a tinge of guilt if I accidentally FUBAR everything up. Or get everyone I know and love lives ruined. But I don’t think I can handle a dog. Getting my dog hurt or worse would be the death of me, I don’t think I can handle that…

Other wise, you have my interest. Better make that bond between man and dog feel damn real though. I expect Old Yeller levels of bawling my eyes out if things go south.

In terms of a final dog; I’d say go with a mutt. Seriously, mutts are fantastic. It might be a bit harder to train compared to other dogs you could have on the force, but mutts tend to not have all the issues associated with other ‘pure breeds’, medical or otherwise. If you are going to be attribution stats to your dog, a Mutt could be a solid jack of all stats dog.

I might replace the Akita with them. I just really like Akitas myself :joy:

And I think I’m gonna include the mixed breed rescue. I like it the more I think about it.

If we have a band of ravenous Turner and Hooch fans show up then hell yeah :grin:

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Thank you! :grinning: I think I’m gonna make a poll at some point to decide on the final breed or mixed breed and I will definitely include some of these as options.

Interesting concept; I’d be willing to play!

I’ve actually been a volunteer SAR K-9 handler for my local sheriff’s office for the past four years; very rewarding work. I’ve used Shepherds, Lab mixes, and two species of Hound, they all have very interesting traits specific to their breed, and the individual dog.

Just as a fun experiment I’ve started training my Chihuahua as an off-leash mantracker, we’re a little stuck in the obedience training part though, lol

That’s awesome. Would you be willing to ever talk about the process of training and all that with me? I’ve been researching but it would be so much cooler to talk to someone who actually did it.

While training hasn’t always been my strong suit (and I only work on the civilian side of things), I’d be happy to point you in the right direction at least! It’s been awhile since I’ve trained a K-9 pard’, but tbh it’s mostly psychology and understanding. Yeah, just PM me with some of the questions you have, I’ll see if I can answer them with some degree of accuracy, if not, I have contacts who certainly can.

Im curious why the breed makes a difference? Dog breeds are something of human creation based on the dogs appearances and we cant see the dog in a text based game.

You could ask the player to simply name their breed of dog and then they could play the game with any breed they imagine.

Only thing you might need to do is have a question after the naming asking how big that dog grows which may make a difference to some of the things you can do.

E.g: very small dog cant take down criminals easily but can burrow into small spaces to find people.

All the stats and skills for the dog could be grown through the training. Spending more time on sniffer skills or tackling baddies or cheering up the elderly at the local rest home.

Just a thought

It’s just for fun really. I like having details like that when I play a choice game. It brings it to life for me.