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I recently started working on Not in Need of Rescue (original thread here), and I want to have some unique, original images for parts of it. Unfortunately, I haz no monies, so commissioning a professional is out of the question. I need someone who loves to art and is willing to do some pro bono work.

Part of the game involves giving the MC a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. There are sixteen altogether. These archetypes have “nicknames” based on their temperaments (check this out to learn more), and I thought it would be cool to have character portraits based on them. I got the idea during my MBTI research when I saw this.

Here are the MBTI’s/nicknames:

  • Provider (ESFJ): Supplying
  • Protector (ISFJ): Securing
  • Inspector (ISTJ): Certifying
  • Supervisor (ESTJ): Enforcing
  • Performer (ESFP): Demonstrating
  • Composer (ISFP): Synthesizing
  • Promoter (ESTP): Persuading
  • Crafter (ISTP): Instrumenting
  • Champion (ENFP): Motivating
  • Healer (INFP): Conciliating
  • Teacher (ENFJ): Educating
  • Counselor (INFJ): Guiding
  • Inventor (ENTP): Devising
  • Architect (INTP): Designing
  • Fieldmarshal (ENTJ): Mobilizing
  • Mastermind (INTJ): Entailing

So, if you, or someone you know, is intrigued by this and wants to take on the challenge, let me know!

Otherwise I may just use stock images, lulz.

Happy Gaming!


Are you familiar with the copyright rules for Myers-Briggs? What is the game like? Is it a light-hearted Disney-esque fable or a dark Grimm story? The art style should probably match the tone or depict the fairy character with that story. There is also the compatibility with phones, tablets, and computers.

How is the game going to be setup? It seems ambitious to write 16 games in one story that all have enough character detail and length that romance options seem plausible.

A focus on one tale told from different perspectives might be easier to write. For example, Beauty and the Beast told from the point of view witch, Beast, kiss giver, villager, or animated furniture. Or, Snow White told from the view of dwarves, Snow, kiss giver, woodland animal.

There’s also the coding factor of changing the image of personality changes.


Mastermind (INTJ) FTW! Actually I was considering making these traits my opposed stats in my game, and doing something similar. [quote=“Sovereign2Lilith, post:2, topic:18316”]
Are you familiar with the copyright rules for Myers-Briggs?

You do raise an interesting point. I hate copyright! It probably is copyright, but if you put it in as more like an analogy you might be okay. “Some might describe you as an INFJ” or something like that? Let me look it up though…

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Found this online (so caution!):

You can copyright any one particular implementation of the MBTI, but the Jungian types (virtually the same thing) predate the Myers & Briggs expansion. They've been around for a long time and many websites and books have adapted the same system and produced their original interpretations of it. You can copyright specific text, i.e. any one personality test, but not the overall idea that "people who answer certain questions about themselves give certain insights about their behavior".

For example, the HumanMetrics test is MBTI-compatible, though unofficial, and will give you the 4 letters you need to look at the results from ANY MBTI/Jung-compatible description. Once you know you're a INFP, for example, you can just Google "INFP" and find a billion free descriptions of them and some more in-depth books (I'd recommend "Please Understand Me", but there are lots out there).

In other words, just have your assessees use one of the freely available clones (which are more than good enough) and you don't have to worry about the "official" MBTI copyright.

I Just Can’t Wait to be King! I have taken the MBTI test several times over the last two decades and remain a steadfast ENFJ. Ironically, I work at a university now and find myself mentoring quite a bit. :slight_smile:

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Myers-Briggs, as a published psychological theorem, is public domain. Hence why you can find a kabillion “free personality tests” based on Myers-Briggs lol.

Loosely based on the original tales (Grimm, Perrault, Lang, and other compilers of these folk tales). I am taking a lot of creative leeway to allow for multiple endings and character development. The original fairy tales are just a framework.

I already have the MBTI test almost completely coded :blush:

That is a very interesting idea. I had originally planned to just have the MC play as the protagonist of the tales. Please see the original thread for more info :relaxed:

*if statements, my friend. Lots of *if statements. :wink:

Yup! I hadn’t seen that specific line, but I got the jist of that during my research :blush:

You could make use of the new string extracting feature of ChoiceScript too, if only to build the names, since you I’ll have stats to prove which letter you will have anyways.

Um… what? You mean using ${var}? (Sorry I’m a self taught newb with ChoiceScript)

Like you can build names *set type “{extrovertletter”&"${sensingletter}" and so on, and then put that code in the stats screen and it will constantly change whenever they check their stats if a value has tipped. You’ll have to set the letter variables first.


Ohhh I see what you mean. I have just been using *set MBTI for each choice. I have an option to simply choose your MBTI if you already know it; an option to take the exam; and an option for a random MBTI. At the end of each part, I have a *set MBTI (for all sixteen MBTI’s… it didn’t take as long as you’d think lol. Copy + paste and *gosub are my friends ;3) Then I just use ${MBTI} on the stats screen, with *if statements.

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