Not in Need of Rescue WIP - A Fairytale Adventure - NOW WITH PLAYTEST FOR PROLOGUE!


Oh the Stat page looks great in my opinion! I especially like the outer self stats, more so when I heard that they would change throughout the story, because it really gives a well established feeling of depth to the MC rather than making it seem like the player would simply be railroaded in the story! Great job so far! :smile:


Hey everyone,

So I am finding it difficult to creatively implement a Myers-Briggs test in the form of a narrative. This is mainly because the test is structured so that answers are gradient; that is, the tester responds with “completely agree, mostly agree” etc with “completely disagree” at the opposite end. I found versions that use questions with simply two juxtaposed answers, but the scoring system is complex, not sure if I could code it. I could nix that and go with questions that I create, but I’m no psychologist so I doubt it would be as “scarily accurate” as many people claim the Myers-Briggs is. I am now toying with the idea of doing a straight MBTI test at the beginning (I would put some narrative around it/build up to it), and then have an option to skip it and simply choose an MBTI (and have an option to be given a random MBTI, if you can figure out how to code it).This way people new to MBTI can get the real deal, and people who know their type/want to experience a different type/don’t care that much about psychology can get straight to the meat of the story.

Please share your thoughts on this~



MC is the main character :smile:


I would be fine with a strait Myers-Briggs test, as long as you give a explanations and introduction for it. In fact I am pretty excited about this idea


Sweet. Imma do it. I’ll keep the “narrative” MBTI test on the backburner in case the “straight” version gets a lot of complaints lol.


Hey all,

Got an idea for some images to use, need artists! I started a thread for it here, check it out for more info.



I’d like to beta test when you need a beta-tester.


Well, if you just want to take the personality test, I could give you a beta test of that rather soon. As for the actual fairy tale playing part, that will be a while. :sweat:


Alright, sounds good to me.:relaxed:


Would this personality test be the same as a regular MBTI personality test or would you have put your own spin on it? Like have fairytale elements in it that ask how you would deal with a particular situation as a princess?

If not that’s completely fine; I just wanted to know.


It is a traditional style MBTI test. I may make story choices binary based on each of the four juxtaposed letters (ie have two choices, one that relates to Extroversion and one to Introversion), and then have story consequences if you don’t choose to your strength. Or perhaps I will have the stats change when the MC makes a choice, and then have something at the end of the story describing the change. I haven’t decided what direction I want to go in regarding story choices and consequences/stat changes.


Consequences? What exactly do you mean by that?

For example, in real life I’m an INTJ. And a pretty smart cookie, since my thinking and intuition is highly prioritised, and I’m an extremely rational person. Are you suggesting that if I get INTJ and then make an emotionally charged decision rather than a rational, logical one I will get (for lack of a better word) punished?

If you change the stats, that may be good if you do it methodically; for example the character could start off with the most stereotypical INTJ personality you could imagine, and at the end it details how you may be more emotional than the average INTJ, or more perceptive as opposed to judging? That would sound cool.

Assuming you don’t already have a plan, that is.


That’s pretty much what I mean, although I wouldn’t say “punished.” Think of it like a skill that the MC has - if you’re a Thinker, but try to persuade people by using emotions, you’ll fail. Then the story will branch based on that failure (ex, you tried to comfort the peasants by appealing to their emotions, but they didn’t buy it; the kingdom is now in an uneasy state) and/or the MC will have an opportunity to rectify their screw-up. Again, still very much up-in-air.

Since I am making the MBTI stats on a percent scale, I may have certain, more difficult choices harder to pass than others. For example, maybe you are 75% Thinker and 25% Feeler. If you try and comfort your loved ones by whispering platitudes and praising them, instead of offering advice for their problem, then you can succeed with a 25% Feeler score. But if it was the earlier example I gave of persuading the peasants using emotions, you would fail with only 25% Feeler. Also, this allows for someone who chooses their MBTI, or has it randomly given to them, to be able to succeed while still having a 50-50 score for each stat.

Now I’m thinking that instead of the original stats I had for “outer self,” I may just replace them with “reputation” and other plot items such as wealth, caste, etc. The more I look at the characteristics I put as “outer self,” the more I realize they could easily be related to a particular MBTI, and thus are just unnecessary fluff.

Basically that’s what I want to do. Maybe I’ll have achievements for “following the inner self” and “finding a new inner self.” Also, since I plan to do this in multiple books, if the MC changes to a different MBTI by the end of the first story, I want them to be able to start the next story with that change reflected in their stats.


I know that Journey to the West is a novel, but it also is a Folk Fairytale in China. Mulan is a novel too. It is up to you.


Part of the reason I nixed it was its length :yum:


Best ever interpretation of that:

That is one game that really stuck with me


I am both excited and confused by this idea. Based on your list of characters does that choose which fairy tale will be played? Or does it just choose the character in a set setting (like Robin Hood in a Snow White story type of deal?)

By the by, have you read the Fables comics? They’re fairy tales’ characters that are adopted to our modern world. Maybe you could use those comics as an inspiration to relate your characters to the readers.


Hm. How creative are you going to be with the folktales? Are you going to lengthen or shorten them and your own interpretations/new ideas as you go along, or are you going to try and remain as true as you can to the original (I’ll let you define “original”) tales?

Even if you ax some tales right now due to length, you can always play around with them and edit their readi g time as a result. It’s what they do in Hollywood all the time whenever they make adaptions out of books.


I’m going to make the character relation the MC’s “soul” and have the “helper” (ie fairy godmother) based on that. Perhaps I will have special choices which are only available if you have a specific character soul. Idk it’s still in idea phase. Right now, for simplicity, I am just having a set order for the fairy tales, regardless of what character the MC matches to. Originally I wanted them to start in the fairy tale of the character they match to, but that would significantly delay this project’s completion if I did it that way.


I’m taking inspiration from every different variation of a specific tale I can find (without infringing copyrights, that is) and adding some of my own ideas/interpretation as well. The more variations, the better; that makes for more possible player choices and more replay-ability.

Yes but that requires I read them lol. Tarzan has lots of good cliff notes/synopsis’s, so even though it is a multi-part book series, I can get an idea of the plot easily. Journey to the West, as far as I’ve seen, is just a loooooong adventure with lots of creature encounters; not much explanation for plot (if you know of a good short synopsis of it please point me to it!)