Not in Need of Rescue WIP - A Fairytale Adventure - NOW WITH PLAYTEST FOR PROLOGUE!


Haha well no harm done. I derp all the time, I know the feeling~



What does MBTI mean?



Sensor - I think you mean Senser? But “Senser/Intuitive” still sounds odd. I know you’re taking it direct from the archetypes… maybe “Sensing/Intuitive”? I’d have no idea what that means if I hadn’t heard of MBTI, so a glossary or explanation of the stats when introduced would be a good idea.

The stats sound well-rounded and useful. Is there enough split on Denizen/Outsider, though? It seems that most fairy tale people are locals, except maybe Alice.



MBTI stands for “Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.” It’s based on a theory of psychology which “types” people based on the comparisons I have listed under “Inner Self.” It makes for a total of 16 possible personalities, which I am going to compare to classic fairytale characters. If you’re interested, go ahead and google it - all sorts of stuff which assigns MBTIs to fictional characters!

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Thanks, I’ll look it up.



I’ll have to do a glossary for sure. I thought about renaming those pieces, but then it could get confusing when using the MBTI label (ie, what is the “S” in ISTJ if I don’t use Sensor?). I also plan to give a short description of the MBTI traits/attitude once it has been determined for the MC.

As for the denizen/outsider: I was going to make all of the “outer self” stats based on what choices the MC makes once they are in the fairy tale. So they will be static throughout the prologue.



I recall you mentioning a quiz to see what princess you’re best related to in terms of personality. Are you continuing with this?

Because if so, its rather poetic that people’s individual MBTI type correspond to the princess you play as, but does that mean you’ll have to shift your personality you play as to accommodate the next princess, or you’ll be able to make them all act the same?

Out of curiosity, what’s people’s MBTI type? Because I admittedly haven’t spent much time analysing the behaviour of various princesses, and I consistently fail to search it online, so I’m wondering about the correspondence.

It also means you might have trouble effectively portraying how the different personality types act in different situations and everyday life. For example, I’m an INTJ who admittedly acts quite like you’d expect an INTJ to act, but the subtle differences could mean so much. You’d have to do a lot of thinking on how they would react in every situation.

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Yes. I have effectively chosen and typed out 16 protagonists that the MC could be compared to. What I plan to do is have the big story choices (ie, things which directly tie to conflict resolution) be related to the strengths of each MBTI archetype. If the choice made does not correspond with the MC’s MBTI, it will branch the story, and they will have another opportunity to succeed. I haven’t decided if I want to have a game over at some point if the incorrect choice is made too many times, or if I want to have some sort of stat-change/MBTI re-type. Or perhaps I could have the “helper” character intervene, like “hey MC, you should really be playing to your strengths” and maybe they will give a hint. It’s up in the air as of now.

I’ve changed my direction a tad - the MC will end up playing through a plethora of fairytales as each different protagonist; they’ll be put in their shoes. But how they resolve the conflict will be unique to the MBTI. The forcing to shift personalities to play to the princess’ strength was my original plan, but as many have suggested, this severely limits MC freedom to choose, as well as the possibilities for endings.

But… but… that would give it away~

I can tell you that I am taking a lot of creative liberties in order to have a leading fairytale character which fits each MBTI. Otherwise, almost all of the princess characters would be ISFJ. Plus a lot of the “princess MBTI’s” I found during my search were horribly mismatched (checkout this blog post about it)



Oh the Stat page looks great in my opinion! I especially like the outer self stats, more so when I heard that they would change throughout the story, because it really gives a well established feeling of depth to the MC rather than making it seem like the player would simply be railroaded in the story! Great job so far! :smile:



Hey everyone,

So I am finding it difficult to creatively implement a Myers-Briggs test in the form of a narrative. This is mainly because the test is structured so that answers are gradient; that is, the tester responds with “completely agree, mostly agree” etc with “completely disagree” at the opposite end. I found versions that use questions with simply two juxtaposed answers, but the scoring system is complex, not sure if I could code it. I could nix that and go with questions that I create, but I’m no psychologist so I doubt it would be as “scarily accurate” as many people claim the Myers-Briggs is. I am now toying with the idea of doing a straight MBTI test at the beginning (I would put some narrative around it/build up to it), and then have an option to skip it and simply choose an MBTI (and have an option to be given a random MBTI, if you can figure out how to code it).This way people new to MBTI can get the real deal, and people who know their type/want to experience a different type/don’t care that much about psychology can get straight to the meat of the story.

Please share your thoughts on this~


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MC is the main character :smile:



I would be fine with a strait Myers-Briggs test, as long as you give a explanations and introduction for it. In fact I am pretty excited about this idea



Sweet. Imma do it. I’ll keep the “narrative” MBTI test on the backburner in case the “straight” version gets a lot of complaints lol.



Hey all,

Got an idea for some images to use, need artists! I started a thread for it here, check it out for more info.




I’d like to beta test when you need a beta-tester.



Well, if you just want to take the personality test, I could give you a beta test of that rather soon. As for the actual fairy tale playing part, that will be a while. :sweat:



Alright, sounds good to me.:relaxed:



Would this personality test be the same as a regular MBTI personality test or would you have put your own spin on it? Like have fairytale elements in it that ask how you would deal with a particular situation as a princess?

If not that’s completely fine; I just wanted to know.



It is a traditional style MBTI test. I may make story choices binary based on each of the four juxtaposed letters (ie have two choices, one that relates to Extroversion and one to Introversion), and then have story consequences if you don’t choose to your strength. Or perhaps I will have the stats change when the MC makes a choice, and then have something at the end of the story describing the change. I haven’t decided what direction I want to go in regarding story choices and consequences/stat changes.



Consequences? What exactly do you mean by that?

For example, in real life I’m an INTJ. And a pretty smart cookie, since my thinking and intuition is highly prioritised, and I’m an extremely rational person. Are you suggesting that if I get INTJ and then make an emotionally charged decision rather than a rational, logical one I will get (for lack of a better word) punished?

If you change the stats, that may be good if you do it methodically; for example the character could start off with the most stereotypical INTJ personality you could imagine, and at the end it details how you may be more emotional than the average INTJ, or more perceptive as opposed to judging? That would sound cool.

Assuming you don’t already have a plan, that is.