A Dog's Life (WIP)


Minor update. The issue Logan3000x noticed is fixed, & a small change to wolfdog lc’s. Your mother is now set to a random dog breed & you get a small boost according to her breed, as well as a possible change to your looks (tail, fur length or texture, tail, legs, or muzzle)


Mother scene is mostly done, just need finishing touches on wolfdog hc’s & then need to do coyote & coydogs.

You can now go to the shelter as wolves, dogs, & wolfdog lc’s! also, wolfdog lc’s have a choiuce about staying home or not, unlike dogs (& no, dogs will not get that choice)


The game is looking great! I do have another question though, if a dog doesn’t get fixed in the story, will they be able to have puppies?


Yes. There r at least 1 male & 1 female dogs n each stray pack that can b your mate, male show dogs can b sired & females can b bred, the hunter family has a male & female u can mate w, but police, rescue, firehouse, therapy, & service dogs will b fixed immediately. As for the family who just wanta a pet, I will make it random if your fixed or not (& if ur not fixed while living w them, u can b mates w almost any dog that can b ur mate regardless who they r)


Three new stats!
Coward vs Brave - Are you a coward among dogs, or are you the first to rush into a fight or dangerous situation! Especially useful for working dogs such as police, firehouse, and rescue dogs.

Feral vs Tame - humans judge animals by their looks most of the time, here is no different. Dirty fur, dried blood in your fur, looking wild or dangerous all attribute to being feral. Neatly groomed, well behaved, and never showing savagery all attribute to looking tame. (they have their uses, mainly when interacting with humans, & humans will react according to that stat regardless of if you have a collar or not)

Honor vs Dishonor - a classic, really doesn’t affect much unless you’re a stray. Determines certain moves in fights, if you’ll sometimes risk your own neck saving someone else’s, and occasionally some other minor events.

Coyote mother scene is almost completely done! There’s a few choices that do not have anything yet (they just lead on to where you can continue on), but they will be finished today!

I apologize of it seems like I have too many stats, charts, or anything on the stat screen. I know its a lot, but this is a large game & I don’t want to cut down on something that will be used later (when you actually need it or need to see it)

Edit: There is a problem with the coyote scene is you go to hunt beetles, butterflies, or follow the strange smell. I will be fixing it as soon as I get some help via the forums

2nd’ Edit: The issue has been fixed! Play through coyotes like you want now! (Note: Two things still have not been completed yet, pond & watch the humans)


Super excited for this game! But I’m also worried about the amount of branches you have, writing stories for either stray and pet is already a huge task, have you considered cutting down the amount of occupation a dog can have? Or is it only going to matter at the very end?

I also suggest that when choosing breed, it’s better to give the option of go back and see what the other choices have to offer after the background information on the breed


I don’t mind the amount of writing I will need to do with the various branches (including a new & brutal branch I have planned), & while it is a huge task I am severely enjoying the challenge.
Deaths are the same overall (being hit by a car, accidentally eating rat poison, old age, ect), and death only appears different if you are a stray or a pet (& then according to the family). The game glosses over your entire life, from puphood to death (regardless of when that death is), & most dogs will probably die by 12 years (the game will probably be kind of long, but I’m trying to make sure it will never be boring), if they manage to avoid or survive dangerous situation. But most dogs will die long before then (except pets, since people take care of their pets so well usually)

& as for going back, let me finish the Mother scene & then I can change it. But I seriously did think about making that option at first, but then I started working on the mother scene and forgot to put it in lol

Edit: Forgot to add, this game is meant to be somewhat educational, & while cutting down the options for dogs might lessen the length of the game, & cut down on my writing, I want people to see what it’s like for a dog to do those jobs (mainly because a few of those jobs, people aren’t entirely aware of them or what they consist of, & I’ve come across several people in the recent years who think that dogs in those positions are all work & no play, so i would like to educate them on that). As a bonus, I’ve even begun to contact people who train dogs for those positions about what it takes for a dog to be chosen & perform that job, so its a massive networking & social bonus, as well as lets me get over my own issues with dogs (what’s super funny is before I began this, I was terrified of dogs. I was attacked as a kid by a pit-mix once (& I knew it was a pit mix because his owners told us) & have avoided dogs since. Making this game & going this in-depth has given me a whole new perspective on dogs in general & now I’m just fascinated & excited by all that i’m learning)


Found this when trying to be a golden retriever:

Also, typos. Should be they’re and the.

“No! No they aren’t! I just heard my humans; their going to take you away!" You can see the whites of her eyes even in the darkness and you bolt up onto your paws. You’ve never seen her frightened, let alone panicked. “Their going to take you to the Shelter!”

“What’s a shelter? Is it like here?” Your sister doesn’t seem concerned, but you feel a cold trickle of dread down your spine. They way your mother says that word, Shelter, makes you think it can’t be good”

Interesting game though. I’m looking forward to it. Us dog lovers could use a simulator since the cat lovers already got one :smiley:


FINALLY!!! Coyote mother scene is done!
& that last issue discovered (thanks SoulsOfTheDamned) is fixed.

Coydogs mother scene is all that’s left, then I can finally begin the Shelter scene.

Here’s the plan for the Shelter:
You are in the shelter for awhile now, instead of a few days. The first week you are there is completely dedicated to how you interact with humans (when they bring you food, when they start trying to train you in the basic commands (which are optional at the shelter, you will be allowed to ignore the training), they introduce you to the collar & chest harness for walks (so leash training), & also try to get you used to human interaction.
2nd week is dedicated to introductions with other dogs. 4 dogs (2 strays, 2 pets), and interaction with others of your own species.
3rd week: the first families! The “pet” families will appear, THIS WILL BE YOUR ONLY CHANCE TO CHOOSE THEM (unless you restart of course)
4th week: firehouse, police, & rescue team come to visit (again, only chance to choose them)
5th week: Healer’s week! Healer is the term dogs use for doctors & vets, & the 5th week is for meeting the therapy team looking for shelter dogs (my town has a program for training shelter dogs as service pets, that’s where that idea comes from), & you can be a service dog THROUGH the therapy team, so just be aware that service dogs can only go through the therapy team to be a service dog.
6th week: This is the final week, this is not recommended for people who cannot stand animal cruelty. This is a new branch that is your last resort before you will become a stray no matter what at this point. I know this is an extra bit of writing that admittedly makes me slightly uncomfortable, this game is meant to be somewhat educational as well as realistic & I think people need to see this side that sometimes dogs fall into.


Your a amazing person to be able to make this thing happen gl sounds really fun


Ahh! I’m so excited! I can’t wait!


So update. Thought I would be starting Shelter this morning but the coydog scene is taking longer than expected (plus my husband is on a apartment cleaning spree & we’ve been cleaning like crazy).

The Coydog scene is partially finished. It has a beginning, & currently you can explore the house, but that’s it (plus stats boost, only a few points), but the next part isn’t finished yet


Small update!

You can now hunt as a coydog in the Mother scene, & there’s now an ending!

If I can keep working, I should be able to start the Shelter by Wednesday morning. Really sorry about the slow progress guys!

Edit: Because I don’t want to comment again, but you can now catch raindrops. One…just one…final choice left (stay with sister), & I can possibly start shelter. Someone emailed me & suggested that with all we can do as non-dog breeds I redo the mutt/Purebred mother scene, & I’m just going to do a read through before I do anything else then


I didn’t realize the game was updating until today! I’m so used of seeing the title changing every few time every time the game update!


The mistakes are still there, They should be “they’re” and Shelter should be “shelter”.
I believe this should be “and” not “&”.


The Mother scene is done!!! Excluding grammar edits of course.

But I will start Shelter this week, but I am in the process of moving & starting school again, so updates are going to come slowly (going to cosmetology school so I will be gone all morning & til mid afternoon, plus moving into a new place over the next couple months)


Does the job K9 dog also include being a sniffer/ drug detection dog? Or will it branch?
I think that more dog breeds could be police dogs if that was an option.


all breeds can be police dogs, all breeds can be service & therapy, all breeds can be rescue & firehouse, & all can be pets. Only purebred dogs can be show dogs, but also all breeds can continue into the brutal branch.

& yes, there will be 3 branches of police dogs. Attack dogs (chasing down criminals), trackers (tracking escaped criminals or lost people that don’t fall under rescue squad jurisdiction), & sniffers (bombs, drugs, or any illegal/dangerous substances that fit that description).
Attack dogs & trackers will go together somewhat, depending on the current event & your original branch, & trackers & sniffers will have a lot to do with each other, with the main difference being that trackers deal with finding humans while sniffers find non-living things

Edit: Should note, the only restriction the breed/species you choose will have is if you’re not a purebred dog, (so if you’re a wolf, coydog, mutt, coyote, or wolfdog) you cannot choose the Beltran’s


Thanks for clarifying!


Can you also become a watch dog for the Glenns or the Rhodes?


Well…sort of. The Rhode’s adopt you because they need another hunting dog. You’re there because they want you to sniff out &/or hunt down something (usually deer, fox, & small prey). As for the Glenn’s…you can become a self appointed watchdog, there may be times where you’ll wake up at night but you can choose to go back to sleep or do something else (just like in the beginning of the Shelter scene, which has been started & uploaded)