Zombie Exodus *Spoilers*

(Me and Jimd already discussed the contents of this post and I have his permission to post)
Hey there fellow fans of Zombie Exodus. I’m starting this discussion for topics of Zombie Exodus including questions, problems, and perhaps different viewpoints or relations pertaining to the game. I for one love the game because it brings a new theory to the zombie genre “survival” not simply a shoot em’ up game, but a game that focuses on the aspects of survival and the human psyche as traumatic events arise throughout the storyline testing the readers humanity and survival skills in the face of a zombie apocalypse. Its also not a Main character dominant game you have specific skills as well as your fellow cathedral members where perhaps ones good construction wise redneck and another is a gun slinging nerd and yourself whatever you make yourself out to be. The storyline contains dozens of dozens of plot twists and surprises and always keeps the reader on their toes. This discussion is for Zombie Exodus in general not simply a few chapters. Feel free to share ideas and questions and your own experiences as to zombie exodus. I have a few questions of my own that perhaps some may find silly and others find deep and thought provoking. Questions such as…
#1 In part 3 if i visit the animal hospital after trading for supplies with Devlin and Eugene I still only have a moderate amount of medicine. Now this is normal but come part 5 I have the same amount of medicine overall (none) whether i visit the animal shelter or not. So maybe its just for storyline details or maybe it was actually intended to give you more medicine but is simply a small oversight.
#2 In part 5 there should be a option to scavenge for medicine because a lot of the members of the cathedral take very important medications that when it dries up it is life threatening. This has been discussed before but I thought I would just put my two cents in as well.
#3 If I may suggest perhaps whenever it comes to it you should number your endings such as
Ending 7/12 Escape by Boat

Ending 2/12 Lone Wanderer

Just a thought but a simple idea none-the-less to let the reader know how many endings there are overall but perhaps that isn’t what you have in mind and is fine as well I just like to share ideas thus this thread!

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Soulless scavenger: leave everybody else behind when running for the boat and sail away before they get to it

Or maybe: Soulless scavenger with their beloved pooch?

@Trollhunterthethird HAHAHA! I was just about to post something similar to that. :slight_smile: Every zombie apocalypse survivor needs a dog.

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We also have to remember how hard these endings would be to code especially with the almost 100 outcomes
Taking Toby and Mindy and your sister.
Taking Tom and Eugene
Taking Crone and Emma
Taking Kelly
There is an insane amount of outcomes which is why it would initially be ideal for there to be separate endings like one boat ending where you took nobody, then another where you took a few, and one where you took all. Then repeat with the other storylines each with their own pros and cons depending on the situation

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I only really care one final with Emma dead with a horribly dead and i want or stay or continue in land a boat its not a place with a great future only a very temporary solution elements lack of water or any kind of resource in a zone of world with hurricanes and bad storms really dangerous

I myself hate the idea of leaving on a boat i was simply giving an example as to the endings. But if your zombie exodus experience is anything like mine then I have like 60 some days of water and 32 days of food and like 4 days of energy. So water wouldnt necessaraly be a factor in mine but i do see your viewpoint on the situation. And as well im pretty sure you couldnt get that much water onto a boat but then again thats water for a group of roughly 7-12 people so if you went it solo with that much food you might have a chance. Im staying at the cathedral and am hoping that others will stay as well because its the group that keeps the cathedral running not the other way around.

If you’re traveling in a boat, then I don’t think water is going to be much of an issue as long as you distill it in order to get rid of the salt and any pollutants. A heavy duty distillation kit would be nice for a large group, but not necessary. I’m sure the Cathedral has the equipment needed to build a home-made still. Building a still isn’t rocket science.

Once you get out on the water you can pull out a map, find a nice sized island. Not to big(ZOMBIES) and not to small since you’ll be there for a while. Plant some crops and build some short walls around the island to prevent floaters from visiting. Fortify the highest point of the island and that’s the prefect shelter

When it comes to romance options, are their any same sex romance options for the fellas? I’m a bi guy and have already romanced Heather and Mindy in other playthroughs (and loved them both) but it would be pretty cool to have an option on the dude side. I heard that you could romance Tom but I’m up to part 4 and there hasn’t really been much reaction with him yet

yeah there are homosexual romances


Yes you can romance Tom and Devlin, if they like you enough. For Devlin, you can’t enter a romance with any of the girls. Not sure if the same applies for Tom.

im a girl in game and always romance devlin @WolieGrey no idea tom i never romance him

@tommywu You can romance either Tom or Devlin, but only if you’ve turned down Mindy and Heather. They just won’t show any interest in you if you’re already in a relationship. I think Tom comes first, so you need to turn him down also in order to get Devlin.

I’ll admit the Tom romance had me going WTF?! Tom WTF???!!! Especially since there’s no hint anywhere that he even likes men, and the fact you’re both male is just never addressed. With Mindy and Heather it’s mentioned that they’re both bi. And I suppose the gender-switch Devlin’s lover is given at least establishes his past. But I never saw Tom as anything but straight, and in love with his wife, and so him suddenly deciding to throw himself at a male MC just comes out of the blue.

i see the gay romance credible and more with tom storm past my best friend its gay and know gay that were married with women some people couldn’t accept their own sexuality maybe all the guilty come to think his homosexual feelings cause their own tragedy and her wife death. But a apocalypse the fact of being obliged to life with a handsome boy the fear of zombies make him dominated for his inner feelings i don’t think all has to be this way but i think its a plausible explanation

I agree because during a zombie apocolypse seeing some screwed up stuff would want you to seek condolences in anyone or even anything that you could. Now another thing the cathedral has an offence and defense im wondering what kind of offense there could be besides training people to shoot guns sounds kind of like a defense so I thought would defense me how effective the cathedral is against zombies. Then offense is how good the cathedral reacts to raiders and survivors and whatnot? Maybe theres some simple clue im browsing over but to me it appears that way since i cant take the cathedral on a zombie hunting spree for obvious reasons.

If Tom were conflicted about being gay, then surely he’d try to hide the relationship, which he didn’t. Surely Heather would have said something, which she didn’t. I would have liked to have seen some sort of acknowledgement, even if it was just a single mention, since as things are it just feels shallow and unrealistic.

I think the Tom relationship is the one that least works for me. It’s the one with the least depth, the least believability. I suspect that Tom was just doing it because he was drunk, he was lonely, he wanted to control/manipulate you. And maybe he developed a few feelings but I’ve never figured it was anything but a vague like. With the other three it felt more believable to me.

My plan is to gather a To Do list of ways to improve ZE. For now, I am finishing Part as all would probably agree is top priority. Then I plan to go back and add in/alter content such as adding more to Tom’s relationship, improving the weapon system, and maybe adding extra missions to chapter 4.

Yay! That’s great news. I love how you listen to feedback and are actually willing to make a list, even if it doesn’t all get implemented. I think Tom suffers from you never getting to go on any mission with him, never really spending any time with him. Of course that’s perfectly in character. Definitely finish the game first though.

Of course of course Jimd but I just thought maybe I was missing out on a simple explenation but I understand the complete game comes first. What good is a polished car without a motor? I was simply pointing out just some small tidbits not trashing your game at all I love it. The interacting with individual survivors is so perfected and edged out there isnt much improving there. As well as the fuel mission it was a dream I died like 7 times though because I constintly used guns whenever I had very low dexterity but the mission itself was terrific very very very in-depth. My favorite mission so far is definatly the medicine trading with Eugene and Devlin. My favorite consept as of yet is being a leader because I feel like I did an extremely better job then any of the previos leaders I meen the only thing my group should be worried about is zombie exodus because we have more than enough food and water maybe not enough fuel but thats my fault. The game is definatly my favorite out of the choicescript series definatly the most worked on and fine tuned. Not to dis others of course such as unnatural and choice of dragons they are terrific as well but Zombie Exodus is definatly staying in my most memorable games list.