Zombie Exodus *Spoilers*


@Zombie_Stranger I know you weren’t trashing ZE. Constructive criticism is welcome. Trashing my game with constructive criticism is even helpful! :slight_smile: That’s certainly happened to me as well.


Hey if anyones willing to share id love to hear how your supply situation at the cathedral is doing at the end of part 4 mine is:
48 days of water
18 days of food
11 days of energy


@FairyGodfeather yeah it was a bit odd coming out of the blue, then again most bi guys don’t really like to come out and be open about their sexuality, I’m the perfect example haha so from that perspective I can understand. My problem is that he just walks up to my room after nothing but professional interaction and says I need you. It’s pretty out of the blue. Uncle Lou sort of addresses the fact that it’s a same sex relationship at one point though


@tommywu I understand keeping it quiet, especially since he was married and people tend to assume that because you’re bi, you’re promiscuous and if you’re in a committed relationship why would you even mention being bi unless it meant that you were looking for a hook up. Not to mention the whole “there’s no such thing as bisexuality you must be a closetted gay.”

However, it did seem odd that no one seemed that surprised and that you didn’t get a chance to act surprised. I think there is room there for elaboration. I also get that well it’s astonishing that this is a game where the same-sex romances are the same as the opposite ones and I’m so grateful that they are treated the same.

Mindy and Heather are established to be bi. With Devlin it didn’t matter, because he doesn’t have the same past history with any of the characters so him being gay, or straight, or bi, well he is what he is. I suppose that by word of JimD he’s considered gay and not bi if you’re male. I’d wonder where that would put his previous leering at Heather, and his lack of leering at any men.

But JimD’s said he’ll fix things once he’s finished and I have faith in him. I think games like this do matter.

Where did Uncle Lou address it?


I hope @JimD let Devlin like bi im like girl want have some male option than not try to kill me each five seconds drinking and crying for a woman he probably treated badly before she died. I like heather and Mindy romances in bi characters but being myself straight i need some straight option like my main head cannon and the heather fight car goes well with him harsh appearance when in reality he is more sweet.


@Marajade JimD’s said that if you’re female, Devlin’s straight, and if you’re male, Devlin’s gay, I believe. So you do have an option.


@FairyGodfeather when you ask Uncle Lou about his opinion on Tom he says that he was surprised that the two of got together and that he is accepting of it even though he thinks it was really quick after Emily’s death. I think it may have been in the part 5 beta test. I guess he doesn’t address it specifically but it would seem like the reaction you’d expect.

It definitely would have been better with some surprise involved, if there hasn’t been much of a romantic undertone to the relationship and no mention of Tom’s bisexuality then that would be the reaction that seems most viable. @JimD could maybe take a page out of bioware’s book with how they established Kaidan and MSheps relationship with some subtle flirting and some expression of feelings that go a bit beyond two bros.

Yeah I’m glad they’re treated in the same way too, that’s why I’ve always loved the games by Choice of Games and their associates, it’s awesome to see some queer positive gaming!

I think it would sort of ruin character development if Delvin was completely gay, his advances on Heather is the whole reason that she and Emma hate him.



I’m generally not in favour of the player-centric sexual orientations, but I already argued and lost that point in the other thread. :slight_smile: It’s another of those tiny things, I think, that I’d like to mention to Devlin: “so were you really leering at Heather”? It seems a little out of character since there’s no other point in the game that he leers at anyone. He does hit on you but with substantially less ogling. Not that gay men can’t also leer at women and make them uncomfortable, but it does cast things into a different light, I think.

I agree! I love the queer positive gaming. I love that even with the hosted games people make an active effort to include queer content.

I’m actually okay with Tom’s completely out of the blue, extremely clumsy, drunken attempt at seduction, with absolutely no romance to it at all. It’s more, I’d like you to at least be able to question it. But, I’d like attempts at romance after that, and I would like more interaction before.


@FairyGodfeather I suppose he could have just been ogling to make her uncomfortable but it was made pretty clear that he was looking up her legs while she wears booty shorts so it just wouldn’t really fit in with established character if he’s gay.

Come to think of it the whole out of the blue thing was kind of endearing, but it would have been good to have more friendly interaction before then as it’s weird that the professional relationship turns into “oh btw I love you”


Maybe Devlin was just like look at her wear short shorts during a zombie attack I mean I would lol :stuck_out_tongue:


I would be looking at her for other reasons :wink: haha, especially as I’m imagining her as Eliza Dushku


@Zombie_Stranger I had 24 days of water, 21 days of food, and 16 days of fuel at the end of part 4


Lol well if she looked like her you do have a point :stuck_out_tongue: but I’m sure Devlin looks just as good


Tom didn’t say he loved you, did he? Just that he felt a connection, he wanted to feel human, he wanted to be with you. It was a shocking moment since at the time I thought he hated my guts and was deliberately sending me off to die so for him to suddenly throw himself at me it was rather WTF? I like it like it is, completely out of the blue. I’d just like a chance to respond to how surprising it is as opposed to a just “yes/no”.

I think if romance is needed and a more gradual approach better to do that with Devlin than Tom. Admittedly if Tom starts looking at me I’d suspect he’s plotting to kill me.

The scene with Devlin and Heather is somewhat ambigious, I think. It actually got me questioning my own innate sexism. I know that if I was actually in the situation, and I’d picked up a guy that was making both my sister, and my sister’s best friend extremely incomfortable, zombie apocalypse or not I’d tell him to lay it off or else. I’d move him into the front of the car to get him away from them.

However, Devlin’s comment echoed exactly the same thing that I was thinking about Heather’s clothes. They seemed impractical, but well she was right, she didn’t get injured, she was hot, and she did have the right to wear whatever she wanted to.

And there’s absolutely no future point where Devlin’s accused of harassing any of the women. He keeps to himself. You can bet that if he had been causing problems then something would have happened about it. He doesn’t even try to hook up with anyone, but the main character, and you never catch him ogling you first, do you? So the instinct’s to say that Heather was over-reacting and Devlin was telling the truth that he wasn’t actually ogling her but doing a WTF? on her outfit. But it could go either way and it is ambigious. Ambigious is good.

Ha! Okay if Heather looked like Eliza Dushku… :slight_smile:


you are clearly a boy heather its not over reacting at all. A totally creep looking guy who was alone in apocalypse half drunk in a car covered someone else blood start look at me in a car with a rape face and when you tell that stop he acts like a dick ;In a real life situation in a apocalypse without police i kill him right in that moment without doubt or hesitation more if my sister is there the probability of that guy try to rape us or stolen us its too high


Oh that would ruin @JimD’s story if that was possible.

Still, I think it would be great for you to be driving along, Devlin makes his smart-alec comment and then BANG! You blow his brains out for disrespecting Heather, and Emma and Heather would be WTF??? And Devlin would be dead so no medicine at Temperance. Even if it lead to a bad end, with Heather and Emma deserting you because you’re crazy psychokiller, I’d still think it’s be a fun thing to include.


My healthy state is ok and my carpenter could destroy looker and shoot in face to the old man who don’t want to trade with me i offered Eugene good stuff he could trade with me anyway. I never would let a bloody suspicious men come into the car first place lol in a apocalypse more if he is cover by blood and have a horrible Handover


Eugene would be dead if Devlin wasn’t there to protect him and the bandits would have looted all of the medicine. Actually, reading over the section there probably should be the opportunity to kill Devlin. Since he can die or not be recruited I don’t think it would change the game too much, it’d just mean missing out on the Temperance mission.

I think if you choose not to go to the car yourself, you should be able to shoot him through the windscreen, when he grabs Heather (or Emma’s hand). Even if you miss I still think it should be a choice of run there, or shoot where you are.

This is just idle speculation, really, really low priority stuff though. It works fine as it is. I do think the total shock (or lack thereof) of killing someone who could be a companion, who isn’t a zombie, would be something that brings home the horror of the zombie apocalypse though.

Is Devlin covered in blood? I didn’t see any mention of that.


the car is full cover of blood Devlin where sleeping there hours so he has to stumped in blood completely drunken lol


Oh I missed that. “Dried blood stains the passenger seat, but otherwise the car is clean and undamaged.” Devlin was in the back seat though and not the passenger seat. It does weird me that the MC didn’t even check the back seat of the car, and neither did Heather or Emma but oh well.