Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven -- set for release 10/28/16


Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven is a companion to the first Zombie Exodus game, occurring in a new area of the United States with new characters. The open beta starts with character customization and the start of chapter 1.

Please feel free to provide feedback. The release notes on the start page describes what is included in each release.

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@Demonarke I don’t mind “cheating” since I understand why someone wants to do so–normally to do one playthrough with all possible options available. I’m not entirely sure how you’re editing the game or where you’re running it? Are you downloading game files and running it locally?

@Volchelkin yes, there will be a degree of teaching with the dependent and dogs. You will be able to teach the dependent to use weapons and give them protocols, such as “you always run for cover” or “always stay behind me.” I haven’t planned specifics but have ideas for how I want you to interact with them.

@Shoelip I like the idea of saving Chandra. I’ll add that in. Based on your feedback and others who stated it’s somewhat linear, I am considering how to add more impact beyond just morality stats. I do have some characters planned to continue on, and have added some choices that lead to stored variables for later use. For example, if you are an MMA fighter, your style has impact.

Overall, I wanted to write custom, short intros to each character since in ZE, I had everyone starting out in the same apartment in the same way. Though there aren’t many choices in the first chapter of Safe Haven, the story tailors to your character. That was my thought process, though I see I didn’t take it far enough.

@reaper95 if I understand your question, then no, I have fixed gender/orientation NPCs in Safe Haven.

@Foelhe that’s a great idea. I shall make it so.

@Bootsykk that’s for the kind words. I am glad you enjoyed it and hope your next playthrough is happier (or ending 5, since it’s my favorite).


I just finished the first Zombie Exodus and I was devastated by it. In a wonderful way. That was truly one of the best, most incredibly complex and thought out games I have ever had the pleasure to play on this site. I’m really, really happy with how it turned out in almost every sense of the word (wasn’t able to get a happy ending but oh well lol)

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to this new project. I’ll just comment again when I finish it, I pretty much shotgunned ZE over the weekend so I’m super ecstatic to try this before I do a second playthrough. :smiley:


Might not be a bad idea to call the career paths Prologue instead of Chapter One. People might not have as much of a problem with the linear bits if it’s not part of the story proper.


Yeah that confuses me too


My guess was that while the virus can infect animals like squirrels, the animal’s body can’t keep up with the virus’ needs and the body begins to self destruct rather quickly. The squirrel our scientist experimented on in ZE died almost immediately after it began to show signs of infection if I remember correctly, so I think JimD means that animals don’t become zombies in the same way humans do. Animals just get infected and are carriers of the virus before they die from it.


One thing that confuses me is in ZE you see no zombie animals and I remember @JimD saying animals couldn’t become zombies so the squirrel wouldn’t have moved there must have been a zombie nearby. Unless I misremembered.


I did the magazine test then after I finished it, it put me at the end of the beta. My profession was a police officer, but it works fine if you just give what job you have.


Wow! This is really awesome! I’m hoping that there will be an achievement added for surviving with all possible weaknesses… that would be hard!

On another note, if you’re looking for more weaknesses, having a transplanted organ would be a good one.

And finally, when you choose your profession and it tells you your skills (e.g. driving level 1), I’d like to see all of the level 0 skills as well just so we know what we’re missing out on.


I honestly wasn’t expecting a sequel, but I’m not complaining about the beta.


I haven’t finished yet but I love the inclusion of weaknesses.


This looks great, the customisation is just so in depth, and being a teen myself I feel very included so thank you. Might I suggest dyed hair colour? And I also have a couple of questions:

  1. Will Romances be open to all backgrounds?

  2. Because of being a Teen, would people doubt you and try to coddle you? If so can we use this to our advantage?

  3. About the delusions will that worsen as time goes on? Will we see another Cassie-like figure?

  4. Will each living area affect characters that you meet? Or will everyone get the same dish served but with different side dips?

Really bad metaphor but oh well, I like it so far Jimmy boy - Keep it up!


Did a quick and varied run-through of the student, con artist and robber (just once of each) and that seemed to work fine, didn’t hit the end of beta until after that date/other activity. Also tried another out of curiosity. Went on a date, robbed a bank and attempted a con job, great fun! And as I said, only once of each so far.

Must say this looks to have great replay value for those like me that like different approaches, what with all these occupations. And the thought of having a kid along, ouch, there’s something to sweat! Love all the options it is going to offer, very nice indeed!

I agree with @Redgrave about the skills at zero, even if it makes a long list, I suspect.

Also, a couple of weakness, seeing the “name of the game”, might be vegan and pacifist. Vegan can be tricky to stick to, and pacifist, well, reluctance to use violence in a zombie outbreak, eh, yeah.

I’ll try to give better feedback tomorrow, time to hit the sack here.


If you choose to take the survey to define your attributes, then pick “I disagree – I should redefine my attributes” your attributes all become very low (40 for the highest-priority one, down from 70). This bug does not repeat beyond the first time, fortunately, so you can’t end up with 10s in everything, and I hope that detail helps isolate the bug.

  1. When i choose my challenges and then choose “No - I need to choose my challenges again” it doesn’t clear my previous challenges.
  2. “You carry nothing” in the inventory screen appears next to “INVENTORY”. By the general looks of things, I assume your plan was for it to appear below “INVENTORY”, but I might be wrong.

Didn’t catch anything else. I played as a police officer, if that helps in any way.


Great game I chose MMA fighter


I choose the cop. Really fun by the way keep up the great work.


I blame you @JimD for fueling my zombie obsession :smiley: Anybody have sticks for the fire? *wanders off muttering about infection rates and machetes*

Anyways, I liked the wide variety of professions and the dating site had me giggling, especially since my people name is among them :slight_smile: Different vibe from ZE, too soon to tell what kind of vibe though.


Great so far can’t wait to play more.


God I got the troll of my life when I opened the beta and looked for the conartist and was so sad and choose criminal and saw conartist as an ocupation I literally did a victory lap around the room holding my tablet up in triumph . I love the demo so far, and was thrilled I didnt have to be stuck with Garrett and the joggers as my survival team. Because the conversation wouldn’t be awkward at all when Garrett comes up with the idea that we should hide at my ‘spa’.
And we cheering in my living room when they all died gruesomely because none of them listened to me , but then I reach the end of the demo. The words I am driving to my sister’s house made me face palm myself and fall off the couch. I hope I can go to my sister’s and find her dead , or go to what used to be my sister’s house before she died of a saddening cause so I can be the heartless criminal and use it as a tear jerker.
And one last thing , love the new description that you put in.badass red head with a Phoenix neck tat that has an addiction to stealing. But gets away with it because she has the stealth level of a ninja.love the little tit bits where it shows how you act with your problem, like maybe stealing a gold box as soon as my clients back is turned and trying to lite a smoke afterwards.