Best WIPs - 2015


Hi there, long time lurker first time poster and account maker. I’ve been trying to find a thread that catalogues as many great or fun, games still in development but I haven’t had much luck. If there already is such a thread, I would greatly appreaciate if you could point it out to me and shut this one down. If there isn’t, then we’ll just use this one!

There are so many great wips on the site, I’ve lost hours playing and replaying a few of them, but I know I’ve barely scratched the surface. What are some of your favourites and why do you enjoy them? These can be new wips or fairly old ones long in development like Guenevere (one of my favs btw!)

What is ur fav game so far?
Help me get back into the community!

In no particular order at all. :sunglasses: Favorite WIPS and hoping that someday It will be official games! :scream:

Blood For Poppies - Do I really need to say why? Cuz this is a good game period.

Blood Moon Prophecy - Very creepy game and it is intriguing.

Death Reapers Contract - Most fun game I have played and I get to be a death god! Oh yeah!

Drágóneer - It has dragons and no sparkling vampires. So yeah I dig this besides I get to have a dragon as a pet mwahahaha.

Ghost in the library - I enjoyed this game even if it has a slow progress. Hey I feel like a member of the new age ghost busters.

Guenevere - What not to like about that game it awesome even if I have to be a girl.

Lunchtime at St. Expeditus - light hearted game and it is so sweet that I can’t help but like it.

Mate Bait Investigations - I think this game is going to be dramarama but I love the crazy sister and her girlfriend.

Monsters - Cuz I like the dark psychological vibe of the game.

Team Zero - Cuz I can become a hero trope.

When In Rome - As they say when in rome do what the romans do and you’ll have fun.


First of all, welcome!!
And to answer your questions here is my list of best

  1. Guenevere - it’s great, fantastic and so on. Thing I like the most about this game is the fact that it’ś focused on the relationships and characters. Thanks that you can easily became… emotionally attached.

  2. Zombie Exodus: Save Haven - great apocalypse-survival game. The writing is amazing it’s so detailed that despite my lack of imagination I am able to easily get the feeling that i’m actually there.

  3. Fallen Hero - we are playing as a former superhero who decide to change sides and became a villian. All characters are complex, relationships between them is also well-developed.

  4. Best of us - another game about superheroes :smile:, demo is very promising the game allows you to choose your powers set, outfit, nationality and many other things. It’s not always have great impact on the story but it’s nice to be able to choose this things myself.

Another WIP-s that I find intersting: Rise to Power, The Followers, My Imaginary friend, Guns of Infinity


I’m not sure how to do the link thing

Guenevere- best game ever

All: the replica trilogy- not sure if it was created in 2015 but still a really, really awesome game


@boredhypocrite Any idea what death reaper’s contract got released as? I’ve tried find the game but can’t find it because of the change of name :frowning:

My favorite would have to be Dragoneer so far! A close second is a WIP I’ve played but I’ve forgotten its name. It’s the one where the MC has super powers and tries to save his/her childhood best friend that was presumed to be dead until someone had tried to contact the MC.


I’m not sure but (some quick searching on the forum) clicks fingers After Dark (I think)


Yes, that’s the one! Quite impressed with how you managed to search it up!

After trying to dig it up on my phone, I came across another that I also really enjoyed. Brought to you by ZIP! is also another good one!


I typed in “Superpower” and it was like the 12th one and I too like brought to you by ZIP (even if I only understood about half of it)


Here are my favorite :sunglasses:WIPS

  1. Guns of Infinity- Why? Cuz the first one was frickn awesome, so sequel has to be good right?
  2. Zombie Exodus: safe haven- Cuz story is good, lots of choices and I was constantly on the edge of my seat waiting for some pissed off zombie to rip my throat out.
  3. Lords of Dust-its new, its fresh and it has a very interesting backdrop to the story, who doesn’t love them a good back drop to a story, right?
    Those are my top three WIPS.


@orkwut It was last year and I know it now has a some additional VN patches to patch the bugs on god mode. Yeah some can cheat and itwas super funny. I got it on steam before on the Japanese VN section and it was cool, game name is Kariirebito Keiyaku if you can see that then here is the Japanese title that I got (刈り入れ人 契約) Now I just wait for the English patch since the Steam people are like make it English yada yada… You’ll see the author (Aera Coltheart) pseudo name Yuri Uzami but if you read the credits line her author name can see it beside Uzami name lols.

I like the Drágóneer especially when the MC asked if the Elder lady can sparkle ehehehehe the evil in me very happy. I very like the pucker baby scene hahaha poor dad me no love him more than mama.

@SheaMcD Just click that hyperlink icon then you get the put link icon. That how you make links on this forum.


Hmmm, odd, I can’t seem to find it on steam based on the names you’ve given. Maybe it was a regional release or something. I’ll comb through the visual novel search and see if I can find it :neutral_face:


GoI, DRC, CoR and Guinevere of course.