Fallen Hero update 5 april 2015

Continuing the discussion from Fallen Hero - (supervillain WIP) update 24 Jan 2015:

Since apparently I can’t update the old topic (too old for editing?) I figured I might as well make a new one.

So, Fallen hero has finally updated! You can play it here:


The new features are a revamped character creation system, more variables and more story. We now have an entirely new chapter, a new person, and about 23 000 words of story in an average playthrough.

I will also post some FAQ’s here, so people will know some of my thoughts.

  1. You are playing a villain, but whether you stay that way or try for redemption will be up to you.
  2. We have not reached the villain identity step yet (soon). There you will have secondary powers and be able to adopt a name, suit and identity.
  3. You will be able to romance many people in the game, and yes, several at once if you dare and manage, The MC will change and grow, and you will not be locked into many choices, but they will affect how people see and react to you.
  4. Yes, there are spelling and grammar errors. I have not put it to my proofreaders, since I am still changing things.
  5. Please tell me if I have missed any faulty pronouns. I really have tried this time.
  6. The stat screen is just temporary for now. I need to figure out how to do what I want it to do.
  7. Any feedback is great, but there’s no guarantee I will listen.

So when will this game be released?
I have no idea. The reason why this update was so late is that I have moved cities, and just bought a house, and is working at a new workplace. So lot of stuff going on in real life. I also have my other writing (of which you can check out http://www.breakscomic.com/ since that is in english), which I also needs to deal with.

So, sadly, this is my third job, and my first time coding choicescript, so it is really dependent on my free time. I’ll keep typing away though, since you people seem to like it

Corrected a lot of the errors pointed out so far.
I finally managed to implement a save system (I hope) thanks to @CJW

Once you start playing, as long as you have the “autosave enabled”, the game should save, even if you close your browser. If you want to stop saving at a specific point, to try out different paths for example, then just unclick the autosave. Once you want to go back and redo, just press “load” and you should be taken right back to where you stopped autosaving.

Now to keep working on the next chapter…


Added a new chapter, and did some very minor changes in the earlier ones. Mainly to add support for people who want to play as asexual and go a friendship route instead of a romance route. Since it is later, I have no doubts I have messed up many things that I will spot tomorrow, but enjoy! This is the last of the “statbuilding” chapters, after this it is just story, which is a LOT more fun and easy to write.

It is up to a bit over 25 000 words on a random playthrough (67 000 in total).


First time I’ve heard of this story, but I love the demo.


So happy to see this updated, it’s probably my favorite wip on here.


Ate it up like a hungry dog - love the new updates :slight_smile:

Btw, good luck with writing, your new job and house :smiley:


Are you going to add a save system?

I loved the added details to all the character creation. I liked how it gave brief descriptions of each choice such as when I chose grey they “were deep and empty. Probably symbolic” (based on my awful memory). Or how the short and wild hairstyle was “easy to fashion, but I never did. A jab against conformity” (also, based on my awful memory). I think next for character creation you should focus on the clothing styles or maybe a brief description of how we’ve been getting along in the past years (ex; Choice 1: I survived by being invisible. I never moved unless I had to, and lived off the bare essentials. I didn’t interact with anyone else. Choice 2: I survived by being ruthless. I took from whoever I wanted and never asked for anything. Choice 3: I survived, I don’t know how because I was never able to stop helping people around me) or something like that except better because you’re a lot more talented at this than I am.
The new scenes were good and progressed the story quite well. I like how Ortega (at least for me) is both good for making you feel good and having a friend for the first time in forever, yet also bad because she’s bringing in a lot of complicated stuff that you really don’t want to be a part of. Great balance and I would love to see this develop.
I’d say the biggest change I would recommend is adding more to the double’s life. Granted, you did do this with the introduction of the henchmen and the merc, but I think you should expand on Joes bar. It seems like the double is a regular here; seems like there could be a lot of interaction there. Maybe for future chapters, have more missions in which you send the double to take care of things.
A minor annoyance with the infiltration into the heroes’ group is that when you say “I don’t know if I still have powers, and I’m not keen on finding out” people act as if it’s confirmed that you have no powers at all. Maybe instead of that, people could just subtly (or not-so-subtly) hint that you should make an exception, just this once. This could fit in with the option “reveal I have powers or keep the illusion;” this choice could be replaced by “agree to trying my powers or get angry at them for asking.”
So far this has been my favorite WIP. This is better than a lot of the games made professionally. Take all the time you need IRL and good luck with everything.


OMG I hadn’t checked on this game in a while, but I’m glad I got to experience so many past updates in one go! I absolutely adore this, and I love that there are even more little choices that help us get into our character’s head (ahaha) without causing too much branching trouble for you.
I am already really attached to the characters, especially Ortega… I have such a weakness for that kind of long lost (maybe pining a bit…) rekindling between older, more tired and world weary people. I just about screamed after that last encounter (chose not to flirt on the basis that my protagonist would rather be with them for real, haha). I get the feeling the romance subplot is going to be complicated I CANT WAIT…
I hope all your stuff with moving and whatnot is going well! Thank you for continuing to work on this beautiful thing that you let us enjoy for free despite being I’m sure very busy…
(Btw, I actually quite liked the original title of Los Diablos :wink: personally, I prefer slightly more oblique and subtle titles, but of course I love the game to pieces whatever it’s called.

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This game is just awesome. I was really disappointed when I couldn’t play any further but I’ll try to be patient. :wink:
Maybe someone already asked this question but I’m curious… who are the RO/RI?
Anyway I’m very excited for future updates. Keep up the great work! :grin:

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@Shawnheatherly I’m glad you like it!

@Blackmath333 blushes Damn, you people are making me all embarrassed here :wink: . Thank you!

@dreamdragonhatchling Thank you! Things are a bit chaotic right now, fun, but just so many things to DO.

@Dark_Stalker I plan to, if I can figure out how. Never done this before after all, but right now it is long enough to really need it, I know.

@Interestedparty Good idea about the background choices! I will add something like that in the future, I like it a lot. The complications with Ortega is a main part of the story, and you will definitely get to see more things there. Same with your puppet’s life, trust me, you’ll be spending more time with them.

Also, crap, other people have brought up the same about the ambiguous power choice before, it was on my list of things but I forgot it. Hopefully I will fix that in the next update. Also,also… thank you so much!

@payroo The romance sublots are going to be complicated indeed! I am so fond of complications, and when you play a bodysnatching telepath, things are never easy.

@FinalFantasyFreak I’m sorry, I have to ask… what is RO/RI? Is it romantic options/interests? If so… Ortega and Mortum are the main ones, with another two becoming options later in the book. Of course, if some other characters jumps out at me and wants romanced, I’ll probably write it in. I love those bits.

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I have been stalking this game for a while and thought it was about time I left some feedback.

The MC is awesome. These hints about a tragic past you keep scattering made me intrigued, so much so than I’m not sure whether I want the next chapter to be a flashback or to continue the main plot.

I love complicated relationships, and this thing I am about to develop between the MC, Ortega and the MC’s puppet promises to be both hilarious and heartbreaking. It seems to me like Ortega responds better to the puppet’s flirtatious comments than to the MC’s… which is probably going to crush the MC’s already brittle selt-esteem…

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Finally, you are back man , i will go to testing straight away . Welcome Back Commander. :slight_smile:

BTW stop being such a CD project, you are turturing me with that wait.

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OK the line
“Please, Argent, I’m sorry, is that what you want to hear? We can talk about this.”
repeats, after you choose if you just punch him, smile, or use impersonation with The Herald, it repeats in all cases, unless it is the intent i would suggest changing the following line a bit


And since most people see you as a white man, you have a certain bit of privilege that you’re not above abusing to stay safe. i would suggest exchanging word privilege for word Advantage, in relation to current happenings, word privilege has become a bit toxic.(just nitpicking throught.)

@malinryden great work! ^^ Im loving it so much :grinning::grin::blush:

Quick question: with enough skill and energy - will it ever be possible to reconnect with the consciousness of the puppet or is s/he a truly, truly lost cause? Despite how badly I treat mine, I’d really like to get to know my puppet better.

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I just love this game, the MC’s such a complicated character (which sounds weird since we play her/him/them :P). I just can’t wait to find out exactly what happened and how she got her powers (since it’s not the Hero drug). So far I’ve played my MC as more of an anti-hero, or someone who doesn’t exactly wants to be a villain but feel like she has to be. All the other characters are so also very interesting. My favorite so far is Ortega. :smiley:

The romance is going to be so complicated and I worry a lot for my poor MC’s heart, mostly because I’ve RP her as if she has had feelings for Ortega forever (and is probably in denial about that). That was also the main reason I didn’t flirt with him with the puppet, and I just hope it hasn’t “locked” me out of the romance option (I wouldn’t think so, but I’ve played games that did stuff like that). In general Ortega/MC is going to be a mess, especially with the whole villain/hero thing, but so far in the game I felt if there was anyone with the possibility to stop/redeem/drag the MC out of the darkness it’s Ortega (both romantic and platonic “route”). ^^

In general this game is awesome and so far I’ve haven’t found as good a game as this with a villain protagonist who’s actuallty a 3D character and not just an illogical, “for the evulz”, a**hole character. :smiley:

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I loved playing this game but one question that I do have is: will we have the choice of becoming a hero rather than a villain later on in the game?

I can’t read Ortega’s mind so I am probably not going to RO her csn’t be too suspicious, and then I’m definitely not going to Ro Mortum.

“You are playing a villain, but whether you stay that way or try for redemption will be up to you.”

Oh come addicted read it, its good damn first sentence :slight_smile: Glad i could be of help throught :slight_smile:

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Yes that was exactly my question. Thank you for the fast reply. :grin:
Oh it’ll be so difficult to decide between Ortega and Mortum that’s for sure, I like both of their ‘unusual’ characters so far… :wink:
Can’t wait for any future updates and again keep up tet great work.:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

@CaesarCzech haha oopse. Should’ve read that. Thanks for the reply though