Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven -- set for release 10/28/16


Amazing… *starts to cry*


@ninja6398 so far, I have background scenes for Con Artist, College Student, and Bank Robber. I am working on the others.

@Redgrave thanks. I may consider more weaknesses but with 13 already, the coding is really complex. Good idea on seeing level 0 skills. I’ll work that in.

@RagEgnite enjoy :slight_smile:

@Greyjoy glad you like them. I felt they add more depth to each character.

@trollhunterthethird many teens play these games, and I felt giving them the option to play as themselves is inclusive.

  1. No, teens will not have the same romantic options. I have some things planned but not like adult characters.

  2. Yes, you will be treated differently, and you will be able to react to that treatment, though social skills will help.

  3. Yes, they will advance related to mental health (the stat).

  4. Difference in living area comes into play in later chapters as you survive the start of the Apoc.

@JTAL I am going for replay value, especially at the start as I fell backgrounds were glossed over a bit early in ZE1.

I like your ideas for weaknesses. I am not sure I will add more, though I never say never. Thanks for your feedback.

@Reclaimer thanks for catching that issue.

@DSeg thanks for your feedback. I will look into it.

@ChimeraLord I am a fan of MMA, so I have a lot planned for that profession.

@Storm thanks! I think a police officer adds a lot of complexity.

@Scrivener blame me all you want :slight_smile: Yes, this will have a different vibe than ZE. Survival will take center stage.

@jps175 thanks!


So teenagers will be able to learn skills quicker than other people but start out weak in the beginning? Do you get to hide what your profession is to other people? Like if your a bank robber and did not one want anyone to know about it.


@Roslyn_samalt06 I really love the con artist profession and hope to add lots of options to con people along the way. I tried to add as much customization as possible. While I don’t personally customize my character’s looks in games, I know many people do enjoy it, and feedback highly suggested it.

Each section I write, I stop and see how challenges may be incorporated. Kleptomania is fun to write.

@P0RT3R thanks!


@Aznxa yes, exactly… teens start a bit unfinished but have a lot of potential.

And yes, again… you can hide your profession when asked later in chapter 1 and beyond.


If your still taking suggestions for careers how about adding Hitman to the criminal background? Overall this looks like it’s a great start to another epic like Exodus, speaking of that will we get to see characters from Exodus show up?


If u are still adding backrounds, I am for the Hitman as @Aznxa said, the game and movies about hitman are amazing, so I’m a fan of the idea


@JimD :open_mouth: Where have you been all my life.

Okay, I know that’s not entirely fair because, after all, there was that year or two of ZE which in itself was an amazing game (my favorite completed game, actually), but this… This is pretty groundbreaking. You won’t hear anyone complaining about a lack of customization, that’s for sure - and I think you handle it in a way that doesn’t just throw a ton of choices at you; rather, it’s much more subtle and professional. I felt like I was really able to channel my James Ford (Lost reference) with the Con Artist profession, and loved the choices in how they really defined your morality.


I agree with forturenes faded, where have you been all my life?!..
Your writing syle has dramatically improved from where you started to where you are now . Not that j am saying it’s bad , because honestly your by far the most talented and successful writer on the fourms and right from the very start you easily climbed to the top of the charts. When I was reading the first paragraphs that was my thought , I noticed how well the words flowed together. Jim you got…


So do you plan to make other professions later? Also this is really good.


@Aznxa @ChimeraLord hitman won’t be a player profession but there may be one later in the game.

@FortunesFaded thank you for your opinion. I really liked Sawyer, too, so I tried to channel him a bit. I really like subtle writing too.

@Roslyn_samalt06 I have really worked on my writing and am trying to improve over ZE. I see the early chapters and cringe.

@ninja6398 i doubt I’ll add more professions but hopefully some appeal to everyone.



Booo I chose movie star and wanted to watch my own movie but it got interrupted lol


Love it so far, if your open to suggestions, mine would be age (like 20s, 30s, 40s and so on) and facial hair, Just a suggestion, this looks like it will have a ton of replay ability. Cant wait for more !


I went with the SpecOp Soldier, because she had access to both melee and firearm training, and you can never have too many of those in a zombie apocalypse, right? :slight_smile:

Here’s my two word summary, as well as for the first ZE (which I can’t afford to get right now): WANT MOAR

I hope that’s coherent enough for you. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Jim. I was excited to see this thread pop up – I look forward to your releases as much as I do triple-A video games with millions of dollars for a budget.

Here are a few typos I found:

I picked to live in the city of Nightfall, and the description of Nightfall states, “Nightfall - smaller than Bolder.” Should be Boulder.

When designing my character, there was the sentence, “Our experiences compliment natural abilities.” Should be complement.

When Jaime was talking about the infection, he said, “effected up to five percent of the population.” Should be affected.

The amount of customization allowed is insanely impressive, so much so that I worry about if it might overwhelm you. Zombie Exodus had much fewer customization choices than Safe Haven, and ZE took a long time to complete. But I’m really looking forward to this newest CoG and hope everything works out well.


The customization appealed to me the most, its amazing simply put, story is great also


The customization is probably the biggest I’ve seen, and it’s really good.


Jake that ass left me all alone after I saved his life, I hope I see him later so i can exact revenge…


@Roslyn_samalt06 the other guy is no better >:(


Quick test shows that if you choose to have a dependent kid the game forgets your nickname on the next screen already; “He calls you Aunt .” in the case of an aunt, same with uncle. If choosing first name rather than nickname it works properly.

@JimD - Just don’t burn yourself out! Oh, and I understand, weaknesses need to come into play and will no doubt be a lot of work to add in.

How about a couple of professions instead? Mostly tweaks to stats more than anything. Like, say, “Race car driver” (good agility/dexterity and perception) and perhaps “Truck driver (HGV)” (needs perception and physique as well as will (to dare handle the big rig). Heck, “Taxi driver” fits in under driving profession, and “Bus driver” too.