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Drama is always necessary.


Just a little something for fun. Yeah, the MC’s nephew is a little older in this case.

[spoiler]Danielle looked in the mirror, rolling her lips in and out to let the fresh cherry juice color them.

“Going out again?” asked her nephew Logan.

Danielle nodded, "Just for an hour or two."At least it is better than lipstick

Logan bit his lip, “Who is it tonight? Madison? Or Rachel? You didn’t see her since last week.”

Danielle blushed, and answered quietly, “Actually…it is Bailey.”

Logan shook his head, and said, “Aunt Danielle, just why are you seeing all of them? This isn’t like pokemon where you can collect them all.”

Danielle squirmed slightly, then said, “I…I just want to be sure that who I am with is the right one. I’d like it to last.”

“If you say so,” Logan said, “Though Brody said you were just enjoying the fact you’re more popular than Madison is at the moment.”

Danielle blushed, and for a moment she wanted to track Brody down to teach him a thing or two about quiet. Then the feeling left just as quick as it came.

Danielle knelt down and looked her nephew in the eye, “It isn’t just about me, though. They also have to like you.”

Logan nodded, then asked, “Then…can I tell you what I think?”

“Alright,” Danielle said, taking a seat at the nearby bed, “What about Rachel?”

Logan closed his eyes, “Rachel is nice enough…but something about her feels…wrong. Like she is hiding who she is. I…I don’t know if we can trust her.”

Danielle found herself agreeing with her nephew, then asked, “What about the others?”

Logan moved to the bed next to her, and said, “Rosie…she scares me.”

“She scares everyone,” Danielle offered.

Logan looked up into her eyes, “Is that supposed to be a good thing? Kelly…Kelly doesn’t like me.”

“That’s true. She never was much for kids,” Danielled agreed.

“Madison…she is too bossy,” Logan continued.

Danielle smiled, “She’s always been that way.”

“Jillian…Jillian is fun to be around,” Logan said, “I…I know she was kind of mean when we first met, but she’s now my friend.”

“Okay, so Jillian is one choice,” Danielle said, “Any others?”

Logan’s smile grew, “Bailey is always nice, if quiet. I like it when she smiles, though.”

“Alright, Bailey is good I grant you. So who would be better?” Danielle asked.

“I…I don’t know,” Logan whispered, “It is hard to pick…I know, let’s flip a coin.”

Amused, Danielle said, “Alright. Maybe I’ll get lucky in love.”

She found a small quarter on her dresser, wondering why she kept it around when currency had no value in the zombie apocalypse, “Okay, throw it in the air. Heads, Jillian…Tails, Bailey.”

Logan flicked the coin high with a snap of his finger, and it seemed to hang in the air for a small eternity, reflecting the waning light of the day when it started back down. It fell onto the ground, and made a settling noise as it came to a stop…standing straight up and down.

“Um, okay,” said Danielle, a little weirded out, “So what does this mean?”

Logan answered, “Jillian dates Bailey and you sleep on the couch.”


"Jillian dates Bailey and you sleep on the couch"
That cheeky little smartass :joy:


Well, when Lady Luck is playing matchmaker, who is Logan to stand in the way? :wink:


…So I recently realized that I got my own MC’s age wrong in my last fic and I have once again reconfirmed that my choice to avoid a major that involves complex math was a good decision

I have a million plot bunnies and like three half finished fics but first, does anyone one know where Zombie Exodus (the first one) actually takes place? I’m like halfway through replaying and I know it’s in the US and on one of the coasts at least, just not sure if it’s east or west. I miss details like this all the time though. Is the location ever actually mentioned at all?

Not really relevant for what I’m currently working on but knowing the location would help a little with some of the plot bunnies


I’m pretty sure it’s in the same general area as safe haven. I could be wrong thogh since it’s been awhile since i played the first one :sweat_smile:.


@princecatling Safe Haven is in Colorado and it’s not near the same area as the original, but I have no idea where the original is.


Come to think of it i don’t think the original ever really says where it is. Only thing i can infer is that it’s somewhere in the U.S.


I started playing around with photoshop, and made some character aesthetics. I’m still trying to figure out if they are balanced or not (the text vs. images amount), what works better and how to handle the fonts, so if you know a trick or two, let me know :smile: Oh, and before I forget; :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: I DON’T own any of the photos, they are from Pinterest :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:

Here we have Tommy (after Janice’s death, that’s why I made it kinda gloomy):

And Nora, in all her fabulosity :heart_eyes:

If anyone is wondering, the quotes used are from the very game, chapter 2 and 4 to be specific (all of Nora’s are from chapter 4). I want to do Brody and Madison’s next, but I’m still pondering on how I should make them :thinking: I’m going with red/garnet for Brody (along with football/sports elements), but I’m not sure about Madison. I thought of bubblegum pink or lime green, but I don’t know what else (asides from party themes). What do you think?


Thought I’d try writing a fanfic of my teen MC and Madison.

Daisy let out a long sigh as the door closed leaving her and Madison alone. Thankfully that meeting had gone by without any arguments. Their group was diverse, to say the least.

“How do you do that?” Madison’s worried expression made Daisy’s heart sink. “I don’t think I could ever get them to listen to me the way they listen to you.”

“You and your brother basically ruled our school.”

“Yeah, I guess but… we had money and good looks and you know just got that position by default. And I didn’t have to deal with all these adults who think you’re just some kid. And I know they don’t openly say anything, not like they did at the start but some of them still give you these looks when you give out the daily assignments, they’re questioning you but then… they just do it.”

“Well, the time has certainly helped and as for leadership style if I’m being honest…” She began staring at her feet but Madison could still make out the faint blush forming on those cute cheeks. "I got my inspiration from you. " It was Madison’s turn to feel a blush form across her cheeks. “At school, you might have gotten attention and power without doing much to earn it but you never abused it. You never were mean to some of the less popular kids. You didn’t use those who clung to you, instead, you actually listened to them and you didn’t stop there. When Sarah, who hated your guts suggested new moves for the cheerleading routine you listened to her because you knew she was the best choreographer on the squad.”

Daisy was a mess by this stage, hands fidgeting with the sleeves of her jacket and her face seemingly unable to lift itself up. It was rare for her to get like this but damn if Madison didn’t love it, although it was hard for her to do anything when she was fighting a blush of her own.

As she couldn’t find any words, Madison decided she could at least move that chin that was stubbornly refusing to move up. She regretted it the moment those green eyes meet hers, she turned her head to the side before she got lost in them, knowing from experience how easy that was. It was now Daisy’s turn to move the second stubborn chin of the pair. They became lost in each other only for a second before Daisy closed the gap between them with a gentle kiss.They pressed their foreheads together holding each other and just for a moment all thoughts of the hell they had been through to get to this moment slipped away.

“We uh,” Daisy hated having to do this. “should probably get going.”

“Yeah, I suppose those supplies aren’t going to just scavenge themselves.”[/spoiler]


How do you do the spoilers thing? Its the only thing keeping me from posting my own!


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You can also click on the cog icon, then “Blur spoiler”.


Here’s mine. It is darker than most, so be warned. This will be the first writing piece I’ve ever posted on here. Hope at least someone finds it decent. Very short.

[spoiler]Syn bows his head, tightly clutching his revolver in his right hand. He kneels atop the roof of a shed, staring ahead into the distance at the red giant in the sky, as if trying to force it to set with his mind, and somehow winning. His chest rises and falls deeply beneath his shirt, each breath almost in perfect unison. Adrenaline stirs inside his entire body. His arms, legs, back and neck are extremely numb, and he can’t seem to cease shaking. After inhaling an amount of oxygen so big his lungs threatened to explode inside him, then cracking his neck twice, the boy leaps down off the miniature wooden structure.

Syn’s face contorts both in anger, and in sorrow as he glances at the door of it. Scratching, and a distinct moan escapes outside from within. A monster. One of the many demons of this new world.

But once a child. Filled with innocence, hope. Now deteriorated and deformed into what can only be described as an embodiment of biological death.

The door swings open, and Syn’s eyes meet the soulless, empty abysses that form the little girl’s. Her hair is tattered and mangled, her clothes ripped and ruined, her soul extinguished.

No longer human.

“I have to. I fuckin’ have to,” Syn says to himself as the short female zombie charges right into his left hand. He quickly sticks the barrel of his Colt Python into its mouth, tears streaming down his cheeks.

Then a single shot is heard.

Madison and the others come rushing out of the farmhouse. She screams his name over and over, but to no avail. When she arrives arrives at the tiny wooden shed, she can only see a weakened, broken, and defeated clone of her boyfriend, usually strong, loyal, serious, and protective, now sobbing beside the corpse of his younger sister.

“Wha-what?!?!” She screams as she comes closer.

The boy simply looks up, and sees nothing but his last glimmer of hope in this life, in this deadly new world, ready to be destroyed at any given moment, just like his sister.

No, he thinks. Never again…never again.

For the first time ever, its him throwing himself into her arms.

…And the gun now lays in the grass, the barrel still smoking… [/spoiler]


This was originally planned to be part of a longer thing but I decided to keep it at just this since it seemed pretty complete as is

I wrote it while I was visiting family out of the country for a month. I’m closeted and couldn’t bring my chest binder with me so this was kind of vent-y (finally back home now though, thank god)

This takes place after the supply depot

Gender Dysphoria sucks

“Have you been sleeping in your binder again?”

Michael winced at the accusation. “Maybe…” He cast a guilty glance over at the stretched out piece of fabric laying out on the table.

“Mike, you know that’s bad for you!” And here he was now, being scolded like a child by his own baby sister. “You need to take a break from wearing it for a bit.”


“No buts!” Emma gave him a sympathetic look. “I know all this is hard for you, but I don’t want you to go and get yourself hurt any more than you already have. You’ll break a rib,” she said, giving a hard jab to one of purpling bruises on his chest.

“Ow, shit! Alright, alright, I’ll take a break. Damned thing needs to get washed anyway,” he grumbled as he threw his shirt back on - sans binder this time. “Thanks for the checkup, Em.”


I have finished the Milford twins, so I’m dropping them here :smile: I don’t own any of the photos, they are from Pinterest; credit to their respective owners (and Jim, the author of ZE:SH; the quotes are his).


That’s almost exactly how I pictured Maddie. I imagined Brody with a more average face and hair, though. Don’t know why. Fantastic job, nonetheless.


You make me want to start making aesthetics myself but I still don’t have a working computer :tired_face:

Also your Brody looks almost exactly like a guy I actually went to high school with and tbh it kinda creeps me out


For the longest time ever, I really couldn’t get an exact image of Madison and Brody in my head.

But I actually really like your pictures of them. So thanks for finally putting this annoyance of mine to rest.


Just got an incident or two in mind from my teen MC with some of the past with Madison.

Danielle unloaded the truck of the freshly scavenged supplies. Brody came up to assist her. The two of the worked in quiet until about half the bed was empty.

“Thanks,” Danielle said as the two took a short break.

“No worries,” Brody said.

“Oh, and I wanted to wish you a happy birthday. Sorry if I missed it,” Danielle said conversationally.

“Heh, when you find something good, you don’t dare wait,” Brody said good-naturedly, “Though maybe you should wish Madison a happy birthday as well.”

Danielle frowned, and shook her head.

3rd Grade, Madison’s Birthday Party

Danielle laughed with the rest of the girls as the magician continued to perform at Madison’s birthday party. Then she stopped as she felt a slight twinge in her bowels.

Danielle crossed her legs, hoping the building pressure would ease up, but to no avail.

“Madison,” Danielle whispered.

“What?” Madison said, her attention fixated on the magician trying to saw a rabbit in half.

“Where is the nearest bathroom?” Danielle asked.

Madison gave her friend a bemused smile, “Go down that hallway and it should be the fourth door on the left.”

“Thanks,” Danielle said, and stood up as quietly as she could, and quickly headed down the hall. Danielle was filled with great relief when she left the bathroom. On her way

back to Madison’s party, she couldn’t help but overhear a couple of adult voices from the dining room. She recognized the two voices, one belonged to Madison’s mother, and the

other was Taylor’s mother.

“…skiing Barbie clothes? Really? And they couldn’t even take the price tag off properly. Seriously, Wal-Mart?” said Madison’s mother.

“Well, you can always give it to charity,” Taylor’s mother offered.

Danielle felt her cheeks blush, and a different ache in her stomach since that described one of her presents to Madison. Things had been tight recently; her parents stopped

giving her allowance. What money she had she got by recycling whatever she could find.

“One man’s trash is another man’s…well, it is still trash,” Madison’s mother said with a sharp laugh. Then her voice dropped, "I swear, I don’t know how Madison could be

friends with that girl."

“You have to admit, it is a little…unbecoming…don’t you think?” Taylor’s mother added.

“Agreed. After all, there is a certain expectation about us Milfords, and it is time Madison started showing it,” said Madison’s mother.

Danielle slowly trudged back to the party, any cheer for the festivities gone with what she overheard. She sat back in the chair as the magician now started to pull scarves

from a volunteer’s ears.

“Is everything alright?” Madison asked quietly.

For a moment, Danielle wondered whether to tell her friend what she overheard, but just as quickly dismissed it. She didn’t want to make a scene at Madison’s party, so she

would tell her later.

“It’s fine,” Danielle answered nocommittently.

4th Grade, school day after Madison’s Birthday

Danielle waited by the door, having arrived early to school. She held a wrapped box with a bow the shade of pink that was Madison’s favorite. She hoped Madison liked her gift, though things had been strained of late between both of them. Too many missed slumber parties, too many gatherings canceled, much beyond the realm of coincidence. Her attention refocused as she saw Madison step out of her parents’ car, and start walking toward the school.

Danielle took a deep breath and started to say “Happy…”

However, she was cut off when Madison looked at her, and said, “My birthday was yesterday.”

Deflated, Danielle closed her eyes, “I know.”

Madison glanced at her friend “So why weren’t you there?”

Danielle shrugged, “I…I didn’t recieve an invitation.”

“Not this again,” Madison snapped, “I made it out myself. My mom sent them out in the mail over two weeks ago.”

Danielle looked down, “I…I didn’t get one.”

Madison snapped, “So? You could still have come by.”

Danielle’s temper flared, “I tried, alright. My mom asked yours if there was a party, and we were told it was going to be at the movie theater.”

Madison’s anger matched Danielle’s, “Please. Lying about my mom again? That’s not cool Danielle. Look, I get it, you don’t want to be friends. Fine.”

Danielle’s energy drained and she quietly said, “But…”

Madison, still in a righteous fury, strode past Danielle, her shoulder knocking the gift to the ground.

Present Day:
“Sorry Brody,” Danielle said, returning to pulling things out of the back of the truck, “I can’t do that.”

“But why?” Brody asked.

“Ancient history,” Danielle answered.[/spoiler]


So I’d like to apologize because I’ve taken ending 9 of Zombie Exodus and took it in a completely different direction that what was originally intended

Also I replayed and figured out it probably takes place in Oregon or the northwest since there are mentions of rattlesnakes and brown bears and it’s humid. Rattlesnakes live basically everywhere and brown bears live mostly farther north. There are parts of California that brown bears can be found in, but the setting can’t be somewhere in California because the drought had already started by 2012 so having any humidity at all there would be rare. Probably not Washington since that’s one of the states that ending 9 lists for other states where settlements have popped up

I wrote one of those New Temperance plot bunnies

It's three in the mornign

Michael didn’t exactly enjoy living in New Temperance.

He wasn’t sure if there was anyone who did. Strange things happened there.

Little things at first, like how the house creaked. He just excused it as the wind, despite how it happened even on days without even a breeze, and ignored how much it sounded like footsteps.

Try as he might, he couldn’t ignore how things only got stranger from there.

Sometimes Toby would stop and growl at thin air. Michael thought maybe the new environment was just stressing him out, but it never got better. If anything, it got more frequent, especially when little Gene came along. Toby would stick to the boy like glue and sometimes it felt like Toby worried about the boy more than his own parents did.

About two or three years in, Michael noticed a set of footprints, too large to be his own, too small to be Devlin’s, across the kitchen floor. He and Devlin both searched the house, both armed of course, but found no one else inside and not a thing out of place. They’d checked the doors and windows, three times each, and they were all closed and locked.

It was Devlin who suggested that they should pack up and move first. Michael agreed. They had nowhere to go, though, and travel would be difficult with a young child to take care of. They said they’d leave but never really made plans to.

Besides, there were more dangers outside town than a bit of dirt.

Roving groups of bandits weren’t entirely unlike the packs of feral dogs that roamed the streets at night. There were rumors that some of them were cannibals, but no one was ever willing to stick around them long enough to find proof.

And speaking of dogs, they weren’t very friendly either. The years had turned them wary of humans and quick to bite. Maybe some of them could be tamed again with time and patience, and they usually didn’t attack humans unless provoked, but they were just as hungry and desperate as people were. And this was nothing to say of the other animals.

There wouldn’t even be a guarantee they would be welcome in a new town anyway. Over years of isolation, people had become just as wary of one another. With how the apocalypse brought out the worst of humanity, no one could really blame them.

Oddness didn’t limit itself to Michael and Devlin’s little household.

After a few years, people started questioning where the ammunition came from. From how often it was used, for hunting for food, for killing zombies, sometimes even for when someone wanted to settle a dispute in their own way, supplies should have at least depleted, if not run out entirely. Somehow, the town’s ammunition stores never seemed to run out. It kept them safe, so no one ever bothered to try and find out.

There was also Fred Wilkins and his store. He and his teenaged daughter, Abby, managed it by themselves. Shipments came into the store. People saw them and knew where they came from. But there were a few products that were a bit difficult to explain.

Jars of dried something that looked like it belonged in what Michael remembered of the Harry Potter films and could cure just about anything. Wrapped candy bars even though they no longer had the means of producing things like plastic or chocolate, sometimes of brands that had been discontinued years before the outbreak. Books written in languages that no one recognized.

Plus, no one remembered when Fred and Abby Wilkins moved in or where they lived and no one had ever seen then outside the store.

Then there were strangers. There were ordinary strangers, who were either just passing through or looking for a safe place to live, and then there were strangers. Often times it was someone that someone in town knew, but they hadn’t seen them in years. Sometimes they had just been separated by time and circumstance, other times they stranger was missing for years, even long before the outbreak. It was hard to say what it was exactly, but something just always seemed off about them. Animals also always seemed to dislike them and suddenly became defensive when they came near.

When Michael saw Carl walking down the street, it felt like his blood froze. At least, he thought it was Carl anyway.

The man certainly had Carl’s face. He knew who Michael was, knew what happened at the Cathedral up until the point that Carl left. He was, as just about everything else in this town was, strange though.

He was friendly towards Michael, almost unnervingly so, especially since he and Michael had never been more than grudgingly civil towards one another at the Cathedral. Michael tried not to look too hard at Carl’s smile, stretched almost comically wide as it was. He was sure it was his imagination, but he could have sworn he’d seen fangs and a forked tongue.

He was also wearing a suit.

A clean, ironed suit.

Where the hell did Carl find a suit?

Michael simply forced a smile back and answered all of Carl’s questions, pretended they were just two friends catching up on lost time, despite everything in his body telling him to run away screaming. Nothing good ever happened to people who listened to that impulse.

When Carl finished and the two said their goodbyes, Michael watched until the other man, clad in his almost unnaturally clean suit, disappeared in the distance. And then he promptly went back inside, collapsed, shaking and unable to form full sentences, and scared the hell out of Devlin.

The next day when he saw Mindy, she told him that Carl, or at least the man, the being, wearing Carl’s face visited her as well.

Needless to say, they were relieved when Carl didn’t move into town and instead moved on elsewhere.