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My teen MC would promptly start ignoring their (all 3) existence for the rest of time. While also hoping they fall off a cliff :smiling_imp:.


And much like the movie Clue, here is an alternate bit of history. For those who don’t like sappy/sugar sweetness, you might wish to skip this one.

[spoiler]Logan looked out the window, a frown on his face as the rain poured down. He gave a slight jump as lightning flashed, and the thunder cracked.

“I hate the thunder,” he muttered, “Almost as much as I hate the zombies.”

A light laugh filled the air, and Logan turned around only to see Kelly handing him a mug of hot chocolate. He smiled when he saw that it was filled to the brim with marshmallows. The former reporter had come to talk to Danielle just as the skies burst open, and so decided to stay until it passed.

“Let me guess,” he said, “You like the rain?”

Kelly nodded, and took a sip of her own drink “Yes, I do. When it rains, it reminds me of my grandmother…”

Logan grimaced slightly at the thought that his grandparents, like his mother, were no longer around.

“Like you, I used to be scared of thunder,” Kelly said.

“I’m not scared. I just don’t like being surprised,” interrupted Logan, a little more vehemently than normal.

“I stand corrected,” Kelly said, bemused by the boy’s reaction.

Danielle covered her mouth with her hand to keep from chuckling as well, “What about your grandmother?”

Kelly’s eyes twinkled in remembrance, “My grandmother on my mother’s side…she was Lakota…she told me I had nothing to be scared of when it stormed. It was simply the heyoka at play.”

“Heyoka?” Logan asked, “What is that?”

Kelly patted a spot near her, “The heyoka is the spirit of the storm. When the thunder cracks, that’s only because he is using the winds as sticks to beat the drum of thunder.”

Logan sipped his chocolate, then said quietly, “Mom used to say it was the sound of angels bowling.”

Kelly gave him a gentle hug, “The skies are a big place. I don’t see why it can’t be both.”

Kelly continued with her story, “The thing with the heyoka…well, they are tricksters. The thunder? They just like seeing people jump.”

Logan frowned, “That seems kind of mean.”

Kelly shook her head, “No, they’re not. They’re teachers as well as tricksters…this is just one way they can get your attention. They like to make you stop, and think.”

Logan’s forehead furrowed, “And how would I know if I ever met one?”

“If they’re hiding their appearance,” Kelly replied, “He has two horns.”

“But if he likes to play tricks,” Logan said, “Then he wouldn’t show them.”

“Correct. However, they can’t hide how they speak. See, whatever they say is the opposite of what they mean.” Kelly explained.

“What do you mean?” Logan asked.

“Let’s take today as an example,” Kelly said, “If you were outside, you’d say you were cold and wet…a heyoka would say they were hot and dry.”

Intrigued, Logan excitedly said, “Did they make opposite day? You know, like at school…”

Kelly smiled, “Could be. Could be.”

She glanced out the window, and saw that the storm was starting to let up. She rose, and said, “Well, I better get back to my place. Parker might get worried.”

Danielle stood up as well, “Let me walk you back.” Danielle left it unsaid that she was there in case one of the infected entered, undetected, thanks to the storm.

“That’s not necessary,” Kelly said, but quieted down as she saw the teenager pick up her gun, and do a quick look to make sure it was loaded.

Silence filled the air between the two, interrupted only by them going outside. However, once they were away from the house, Kelly said in a perturbed tone, “I’m perfectly capable of protecting myself.”

“I know,” Danielle answered quietly.

“Then why are you even doing this?” Kelly asked, exasperated.

Danielle took a deep breath, and said, “Remember back in Nightfall? When I said you could stay with me?”

Kelly nodded, her face growing dark at the memory of the Makarovs.

“When you accepted my invitation, that put you under my protection,” Danielle said, “Yeah, I know the fire destroyed my home, but it didn’t rescind my invitation.”

Kelly’s frown quirked slightly upwards, “You really take this stuff seriously, don’t you?”

Danielle shrugged, “You can blame that on my mom. She was a neo-pagan, believed in stuff like guest right. I guess it rubbed off on me.”

Kelly stopped, her hair slick from the fading rain, “Is that the only reason?”

Danielle squirmed, and looked down at her feet, “No. I think I’ve been pretty clear that I like being around you…”

Kelly smiled, “You aren’t such bad company yourself.”

Danielle shrugged, “But not good enough to…to…” Danielle shook her head, “It wouldn’t matter…even if I was a year older…”

Danielle paused when she felt a warm hand caress her cheek, and saw Kelly staring straight into her eyes. Danielle trembled slightly under the touch.

“I have been giving it some thought as well,” Kelly said quietly, “In the old world…before the infected…but it isn’t that time.”

She stopped as a bolt of lightning filled the sky, Kelly’s tattoos appearing to dance in the flash of light.

“But it isn’t the old world,” Kelly said, “And those rules don’t apply.”

Danielle covered Kelly’s hand with her own, “Are…are you sure? I mean…”

Danielle grew quiet when she felt a pair of warm lips press gently against her own, and for a moment, felt at right with the world.[/spoiler]


Just something that I had going through my mind, sort of an alternate explanation why the teenager’s parents were away. This is a bit lengthy, and has some angst, so you might be bored with it.

[spoiler]Danielle took a breath, and tapped the side of her guitar, flexing her fingers to loosen them up. The chill air was a welcome relief after the heat of the day, and the moon shining overhead gave her plenty of light to see by.

Just as she started to strum, she paused as she heard the window beside her open.

“There you are,” Madison said, sticking her head out of the attic window. The blonde teenager took a glimpse at the countryside, and she gave a wistful sigh, “It is rather beautiful at night, isn’t it?”

“Why do you think I like to come here?” Danielle replied.

“Well, I wasn’t sure. I mean, I know you said you didn’t mind if moved in, but you’ve been quiet all day,” Madison said.

“It’s just been a long day,” Danielle said. She patted a spot beside her, “If you want to join me, come on.”

Madison took a slight breath out of hesitation, then clambered out the window, making sure to stay well away from the edge and settled down by Danielle’s side. Madison ran a hand through her hair, and said, “Thanks again for allowing me to move in.”

“No problem,” Danielle said, “Though I apologize if it is a little crowded.”

Madison drew her knees up to her chin, “If you don’t mind my asking, but what is the deal with Jillian and Kelly? They practically have been by your side since I met them.”

Danielle shrugged, “I really couldn’t tell you.”

Madison cocked her head to one side, “Then how did you meet? I mean, I recognize Kelly from the news, but not the other one…”

Danielle rested her guitar on her knee, “Believe it or not, Kelly was my neighbor. I only saw her the few times the neighborhood came together. As for Jillian, I never saw her before she tried to steal from me.”

“What?” Madison said in a voice louder than she met, “Are you serious?”

“Yep,” Danielle said, “Her and Lyle…”

“Lyle? Who’s Lyle,” Madison interrupted.

“Jillian’s boyfriend,” Danielle explained, “They knocked on my door, asking for help. I…”

Danielle’s face reddened, “I was about to turn them away, but my nephew pleaded that I take them in.”

“But you said Jillian tried to steal from you, didn’t she?” Madison asked.

“Yes. I…I caught them in the act. I was going to boot them out, but given how dangerous things were…well, I gave them a second chance,” Danielle said.

“So, where’s Lyle?” Madison asked, “Is he…one of the infected?”

“I really don’t know. After I saved them from Rosie and Driver…” Danielle answered.

“Wait, you knew Rosie and Driver as well?” Madison asked, confused.

“Sort-of. Jillian and Lyle went back to get the rest of their stuff, and I…well, I didn’t trust them, so I followed. They got jumped by Rosie, Driver, and their friend Dylan. They were about to get robbed, maybe worse…and I intervened,” Danielle said, her face getting a distant look.

“Shit, no wonder Rosie and Driver hate your guts,” Madison said with a sigh, “But it makes sense Jillian would stand by your side. You saved her…although, from the looks she’s been giving your way, I think there might be something more.”

“Really?” Danielle said with wonder, then shook her head, “Nah, it can’t be. I mean, she has a boyfriend…”

Madison snorted, and punched Danielle’s shoulder playfully, “Maybe she goes both ways. Trust me she’s interested in you. So, what happened with Lyle? You…you didn’t shoot him, did you?”

“Of course not. He…he freaked out, argued with Jillian, and then left. So, she’s been by my side since. Even if things started rough, she’s had my back since…and she’s good with Logan,” Danielle said.

“That’s really important to you, isn’t it?” Madison said.

Danielle shrugged, “I don’t think I was cut out to be a parent. As it is, I don’t have much time to spend with him with all my other duties. However, Jillian is helping with that. So is Kelly, for that matter.”

Madison bit her lip, “They should. You’re practically keeping a roof over their head, and making sure they’re fed.” Then Madison’s cheeks reddened, “…and I guess me as well. I promise I won’t be a burden.”

“I never even gave it a second thought,” Danielle lied, “But if you don’t mind me asking, why did you move out from Brody?”

“Mostly for my health,” Madison answered, “He…he is one of the sloppiest people you could ever know. When I saw his underwear in the hallway floor, well, I told him to start cleaning up or else…”

“Did he?”

“No,” Madison said, “If anything, he got worse. So, I took all his underwear, put it in a trashcan, and set it on fire.”

Danielle laughed, “I thought I smelled burning rubber.”

“Elastic, actually. It wasn’t to much longer when I asked if you had room,” Madison grinned back.

Madison looked off in the distance, and blew a strand of hair out of her face, “It’s weird. Just six months ago, my biggest concern was what I was going to wear to the Prom.”

Danielle briefly looked at Madison’s curvy figure, and her cheeks reddened at the thought of a form-hugging dress. Instead, she said, “Oh? Did you know what you were going to wear?”

Madison closed her eyes, “I had my eyes on this peach dress, but…” She shook her head, “And you?”

Danielle gulped, “Oh…I didn’t have a dress.”

“Why not?” Madison asked.

Danielle sighed, “For one thing, I didn’t have a date. I know many people go stag, but…well, it doesn’t matter. For another, money was so tight, even with a part-time job…well, I couldn’t justify saving money for a silly dance.”

“It sounds…rough. Couldn’t your parents have helped?” Madison asked, then realized that she might have come off as a little judgmental, though Danielle didn’t seem to notice it.

“No,” Danielle replied thoughtfully, “You know I was taking care of Logan?”

“You said his mother was getting treated at the hospital,” Madison said.

“Yes…and that was also why my parents weren’t home,” Danielle said slowly, “My parents…well, Dad had a job interview out of state, and Mom was scouting neighborhoods. Our house…our house was mortgaged to the hilt. Even with insurance…my sister didn’t have enough money, so Mom and Dad were doing what they could.”

“Jesus, I’m sorry…” Madison said, “If…if I had known…” She let the words die since she didn’t have anything else to add.

Danielle looked toward the distance, “So, next year, I would have been somewhere else for my senior year. When I went to your party…” Danielled almost added, “It was to see you at least one more time” but instead spoke aloud “It was to try and take my mind off things.”

“Well, I’m glad you came to the party…” Madison said.

“Really?” Danielle replied, biting the inside of her cheek, “I tried to talk to you, but once your friends came around…” Danielle shook her head, “It doesn’t matter. It isn’t like I would have stood a chance, anyways…”

Silence filled the night between the two of them, then Madison added, “Would you be mad if I said…well…I hoped we might have gone to the same college?”

“?” Danielle gave Madison a quizzical look.

“We…we would have been away from high school…I wouldn’t have to play their stupid social games,” Madison continued, “I mean, we were friends in elementary school…and I missed that once we hit junior high.”

Danielle exhaled softly, “I appreciate the thought, but it wouldn’t have worked. I…I wasn’t going to college. Not that my grades were all that bad, but when my sister got sick…Mom and Dad had saved some money for my college fund. I told them to use it…there was a huge fight…my sister even sided with my parents, but as I told them…I didn’t care about my future if it might help my sister keep hers.”

Danielle laughed bitterly, “But I guess fate decided to take a shit on everything. With the rise of the infected…”

Madison laid a reassuring hand on Danielle’s shoulder, and the two teenagers let quiet fill the air once again for a couple more minutes.


So I wrote another thing but it’s kind of an AU (a bit like the New Temperance one I did a while ago) and only involves ocs so I’m not entirely sure of how well it fits here?

[details=Here it is anyway]Something seemed… off.

He couldn’t quite put his finger on what, but there was something that didn’t seem quite right.

“Is there something wrong, brother?” Mia laid a calming hand over his shoulder.




That couldn’t be.

His sister was gone. She’d been dead for months so how could she be here?

“What’s the matter, brother?” Why was she not saying his name?

The more he looked the more there seemed to be something wrong, something off, about the woman. She couldn’t be Mia. Her eyes seemed just a bit too open. Skin too pale and transparent and seeming almost gray. Her movements strangely slow and deliberate.

Felix shoved her hand from his shoulder and took one, two steps back. “Who are you?” he breathed, voice shaking.

Suddenly her form seemed to flicker. She cocked her head to the side, eyes remaining unnervingly wide and somehow looking both vacant and intently focused on him at the same time. “What are you talking about?” She opened her mouth and that was when he saw them. Too many teeth, sharp and thin like knives.

He opened his mouth to scream but no sound came out, and then he turned and ran.

The woman, no, the thing gave chase and grabbed for him but he managed to wrench himself away.

He kept running, nearly slipping on the shattered remains of a broken mirror and half falling down the stairs, until was he out of the house.

He felt the early spring sun hit his face and suddenly he remembered what he was doing there in the first place. That morning, he and his cousin Addison had gone on a supply run and found a neighborhood that seemed oddly empty, even for an apocalypse. There were cars with still full gas tanks and the houses seemed nearly untouched by other scavengers.

The last thing he remembered was getting out of the truck.

He paused only to look around for his cousin, not remembering how he had gotten to the house in the first place. All the houses around him looked the same.

“Felix!” he heard a voice coming from his right and saw his cousin’s faded red-dyed hair. He wasn’t sure if there had ever been happier to see another human being in his life.

He started running toward them, having barely been able to catch his breath. “Get back to the truck, we need to leave! Now!”

“What?” Addison stumbled as Felix caught their arm.

“I’ll explain later, we need to go!” When the two of them reached their truck, he all but threw his cousin in. He drove as fast as he could and didn’t slow down or look back until the neighborhood was far behind them. He knew Addison was yelling at him the entire time but all he heard was the wild beating of his own heart.

“Felix! Felix? What the hell happened to you? You were gone for four hours and you’re bleeding! What was in there?” Felix had finally slowed the truck and Addison jostled him to attention.


It was only then that he registered the warmth dripping down his left arm and he looked down to the sight of five long, thin, impossibly clean incisions.[/details]


A last bit of fanfic…I promise not to bore anyone else further with this stuff.

[spoiler]Danielle looked off in the distance and saw a lone figure making its way across the landscape. She lifted some binoculars, and looked for other figures.

“Anything else?” Madison asked.

“Nope, just a lone infected,” Danielle answered.

“Can I…can I shoot it?” Logan, her nephew, asked, “I’ve gotten better, and…”

“Sure,” Danielle interrupted, “The practice will do you some good.”

The trio made their way a little closer, and the figure stopped, as if sniffing the air, and then seemed to notice Danielle’s group. With a speed that belied its size, it started to sprint toward them.

Logan raised his rifle, and sighted the figure. A few precious seconds passed until it came into view…and then he lowered his gun.

“What’s the matter?” Danielle asked.

“That…it…it’s mom,” Logan said.

“No, it couldn’t be…” Danielle replied, and raised the binoculars, and took a closer look. With this second glance, she could see the infected was wearing a torn up hospital gown, while the creature’s long red hair looked like a snarled mess. Danielle then took in a sharp breath as the sunlight gleamed on a silver wolf’s head pendant, a necklace her sister wore almost everyday.

“Damn it,” Danielle swore.

“What’s wrong?” Madison asked.

“That…that is my sister…” Danielle whispered.

Madison’s face softened with understanding, and she said, “I…I can take the shot.”

Danielle shook her head, “No, the responsibility is mine.”

She raised her rifle to her shoulder, and took careful aim…

“You can’t do that!” Logan shouted, “Not to Mom!”

“Logan, that’s not your mom, not…” Danielle tried to say, but stopped as she felt unbalanced. Focused as she was on the zombie, she didn’t notice her nephew give her a short push, which briefly unbalanced her.

In those precious seconds, Logan burst out at a dead-run, yelling “Mom! I’m over here!”

The sound seemed to give the infected another burst of speed, and was quickly heading toward Logan. Danielle swore, trying to get the shot lined up again…only to find her nephew in the way.

Adrenaline surged through her own body, and Danielle sprinted toward the two figures. Logan suddenly stopped as he suddenly noticed the sharp, dagger-like teeth which filled his mother’s mouth.

“Mom, no!” he shouted, in a terrified voice, finding himself rooted to the ground. Just as the infected’s loomed large, it suddenly tumbled backward as his aunt threw herself, shoulder first, into her undead sister.

“Get out of here…now!” Danielle yelled, trying to get up. However, her thoughts suddenly exploded into a shower of pain as her sister bit heavily into her shoulder. Trying to remember her training, Danielle tried punch and kick the zombie away, but to no avail. Then the struggle ceased as quickly as a bullet ended the zombie’s unlife. Danielle stared upward, only to see Madison looking down at her, grief and anger suffusing her face.

“Nice…nice shot…” Danielle said, her speech slurring slightly as she felt a dizziness in the back of her head.

“Hush love…we…we have to get you back…” Madison babbled.

Danielle shook her head, “It’s to late for that. You…you know what you have to do.”

As her vision started to dim, she noticed her nephew slowly approach her.

“I’m…I’m sorry,” he cried, hands outstretched.

“Ss…stay back. Don’t get my blood on you…” Danielle whispered, then fell back to the ground. There was quiet for a couple minutes, when a shudder ran through her body. The teeth started to elongate with a loud snapping sound, and a low keening could be heard in the back of her throat.

“Sorry love,” Madison whispered, and lowered her gun for a final shot, ending Danielle’s rising. Then she heard a loud sobbing come from behind her.

“I…I’m sorry…” Logan whispered. He looked toward the blonde teenager, and said, “I…I didn’t mean for that to happen Aunt Madi…”

“Don’t you call me that,” Madison hissed, her grief turning into a burning anger, “Don’t you talk to me ever again…”

“But…” Logan whimpered.

“Just don’t,” Madison said in a fury, “Because of you…I had to shoot the one I love…”

“I loved her too!” Logan yelled back.

“But not enough to listen,” Madison snapped. She shook her head, walking back to the safe haven, “As far as I’m concerned…I might have pulled the trigger, but you are the one who killed her.”


Really no more? :frowning: hope not, really like this one :slight_smile: .


For a while at least. I will probably do other fanfic later on, and I need to focus on my paid writing.


Meh I’ll give posting this little thing I came up with a go :stuck_out_tongue: especially as I actually felt like writing for a change :slight_smile: not very experienced(but this is good practise I guess :stuck_out_tongue: ), so don’t know how good it’ll be, but hopefully someone’ll get some enjoyment out of it. Also did write out the rest of the scene, but I’m at least somewhat happy with this bit, but not so much the next bit so anyway, here it is:

Lauren walked besides Jaime slowly making her way to a small village outside of nightfall. Jaime had wanted to drive, to bring others along, but Lauren could barely manage to be around Jaime for prolonged periods of time, let alone anyone else. It wasn’t anything personal, but her anxiety wouldn’t allow for it. As for driving, well it was either drive to the village to scavenge and be back at the camp quicker, back with all those…people, or walk there and actually have a break from them.

Lauren was tempted to say she felt guilty for being awquard. But no. She hadn’t wanted this, she hated living with people, she hadn’t stated it explicitly to anyone in the group, but if they didn’t know it they were idiots. If Jaime was sick of Lauren’s attitude he could simply abandon the group and stay somewhere just with Lauren. But like he’d do that, Lauren was pretty sure he viewed it as his duty to protect them, or some other bullshit. But there’s more people alive than just them, besides if they can’t survive by themselves that’s their problem, not Lauren’s…she might have a kinder attitude to some, especially driver…but he was oblivious to Lauren’s feelings towards him, so fuck him.

Jaime turned to Lauren, who was still looking forward blankly as the song “people equals shit” by slipknot rang out in her ears. “We’re nearly there now, I’d say another few minutes. Remember to stay on your guard, I think this place’s zombie population is thinning out with our previous visits, but there’s still probably enough Zs to give us trouble if we’re not careful…” Jaime looked at Lauren expectantly, looking for any kind of reaction, but all he got in reply was a nod, Lauren came out here to be as alone as she could be, not to chat. " You might want to take out your earphones too, I mean…" Again Jaime looked at Lauren, he knew she wouldn’t comply, that she was far from defenseless, but her music was an unnecessary distraction when they were supposed to be working to get supplies and be on alert.
In response Lauren just sent him a death glare then rolled her eyes before going back to staring forwards.
Jaime sighed heavily. He knew Lauren wasn’t a people person, that she liked her own space and that her music was an important part of that, but he just saw it as an unnecessary risk. Furthermore when going on missions communication between team members is important, as is cooperation and bonding, all of which Lauren had no regard for what so ever.

Edit: ok here’s the second bit, edited it a few times, so hopefully it’s ok :slight_smile: . :slight_smile:
After five or so minutes the duo entered the village, Jaime held his SMG at the ready, whilst Lauren’s black bowie knife and pistol remained holstered, her arms crossed in annoyance at the time Jaime was taking to decide which house to search. "I don’t think we’ve searched this one yet, and it seems pretty untouched, lets go."
Lauren simply nodded in response and followed Jaime inside the house, a typical two story building. The two proceeded through similar such houses scavenging anything of worth until they came across a couple lying in bed together, held in each other’s arms. Lauren glared daggers at the couple, before spitting at them with a mix of emotion, her eyes tearing up slightly.
Jaime looked to Lauren awquardly, not sure as of how to procede or what to feel. “A-are you ok Lauren?” Jaime asked weakly, moving slowly towards Lauren the thought of putting his hand on her shoulder in his mind.
Lauren spun round at his words, her death glare now directed towards Jaime “what…of course I am.” She spat out at him angrilly.
Jaime flinched at the agressive response, before doing his best to regain his composure “Ok, I was just making sure.”
“Well there was no need, now lets go.” She replied back, not giving him chance to respond further, her eyes still watery. “If Jaime has time to waste caring about my emotions, he has time to go through that room by himself” she thought to herself as she headed out.
Jaime looked after her before sighing heavily and beginning to look through the room. He’ll try and talk to her later. He wants to help her, but that’s not easy when she wont let anyone in.

Jaime finished up in the room and then proceeded to look for Lauren, finding himself getting slightly annoyed and angry. Splitting up like this really isn’t a good idea. After several minutes he found her sitting on a bed in another room, probably the couple’s child’s room. She was sat with her back against the wall, her knees pulled up cuddling a brown teddy bear she’d obviously found in the room. As soon as she heard the door open she put one hand on her knife, the other trying in vain to hide the bear.

Jaime looked to her with a look of slight amusement on his face.
Seeing this Lauren sent him her usual glare. "Tell anyone you die, understand?"
Jaime choked out a laugh "Ok, don’t worry I wont. You know you can bring him along if you like?"
Lauren held her glare, before turning to the bare, biting her lip in thought before a slight smile crossed her face. She put him in her backpack, but then turned to Jaime, returning her glare “You should warn the group…” Lauren bit her lip, her eyes watering slightly "I-I…I wont hesitate to kill them, ok?"
Jaime looked to Lauren taken a back slightly, though this wasn’t really that suprising "Look there’s nothing wro-"
Lauren’s glare intensified “save it. Just tell them…ok?” she replied, her voice softening at the end, almost pleadingly.
After a slight pause Jaime gave a nod and in as calm a tone as he could manage replied “Well I…” Jaime struggled for the right words, Lauren was feeling emotional, she clearly hadn’t thought that if he told the group not to tease Lauren for her bear then they’d know she had it, which she surely wouldn’t want, though he knew it was a much bigger deal to her than it would be to any of the others in the group. "Ok, will do. Now lets go, we’re done here."
Lauren simply nodded and got up off the bed following Jaime out, wondering if Jaime got a good haul. She came out purely to be alone, so the group can like what she found or not, she doesn’t owe them anything.


All the other kids with their pumped up kicks, better run, better run faster than my bullet.


Just a little something I was figuring, especially if the death toll was massive, and human survivors few and far between…

[spoiler]8 Years P.Z.A. (Post Zombie Apocalypse)

Danielle ran a hand through her hair as she saw her nephew brooding on the porch. Ever since his 18th birthday a couple months prior, he was rather moody, more so than the

average teenager.

She closed her eyes, and took a deep breath, before she stepped outside. She was glad the porch had an awning, otherwise the heat would have been unbearable in the hot, dry

Colorado summer day.

“Mind if if I sit for a few?” Danielle asked, and winced internally at how inane that sounded.

Logan glanced up at her, and silently nodded. He scooted over and made room for his aunt. As she sate down, she couldn’t help but notice that he was easily a head taller than

she was.

Sis, I think you’d be proud of the young man he’s become Danielle thought.

“How are you doing?” Danielle said, resting her hands on the flat of her lap.

“Fine,” said Logan, part-way between a whisper and a grunt.

Several minutes of silence passed between them when Danielle decided to be a little more direct.

“Logan, whats wrong?” Danielle asked.

“Who said anything was wrong?” he replied looking into the distance.

Danielle stood up, put her hands on her hips, and said, “Logan Quentin Thompson, I can still send you to your room without supper.”

Logan’s cheeks turned red, though his lips quirked slightly at the admonishment before breaking out in a laugh. Realizing just what she said, Danielle joined in the laughter

before sitting back down.

Once the tension eased up, Logan leaned back, and he said, “Sorry, I’ve just been doing a lot of thinking.”

“About what?” Danielle replied, glad that her nephew was finally opening up.

“Loneliness,” Logan simply said.

“Lonely? In what way?” Danielle asked.

Logan rubbed his cheek, “I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there aren’t exactly a lot of people my age in our safe haven.”

Danielle felt a surge of sympathy since her nephew was right. The nearest settlment was at least a day’s ride away on horseback, and though their numbers had greatly diminished

in the intervening years, the infected was still the greatest threat, especially if one travelled alone.

“I…I think I see where you are going with this,” Danielle said as the realization sunk in.

“Exactly,” Logan said, “Not a lot of opportunities to date.”

“Sorry about that,” Danielle said automatically, but Logan waved her apology away.

“It is what it is,” he said, “But…well…what would you do if I said I was interested in someone here?”

“Here?” Danielle mused, her mind automatically going to some of the people who had stayed behind.

“Yeah…would you think they were to old for me?” Logan said in a hesitant voice.

Danielle’s face broke into a smile, “Hon, I’m the last person you need to worry about in that regard. If you love someone, then you love them.”

Logan pursed his lips thoughtfully, “And…what if they were in a relationship with someone else?”

Now Danielle’s smile disappeared, and she bit her lip, "If…if you are talking about coming to some arrangement…if both people agreed…then I wouldn’t have much to say.

Although it can be tougher than a two-person relationship."

Not that it is impossilbe she thought After all, Tommy, Jaime and Lopez seemed to make things work between them.

Logan’s voice interrupted her musings, when he asked, “So…if…if I was in such a relationship…you wouldn’t get mad? You would still love me?”

Danielle wrapped her arms around her nephew’s shoulder “Of course I would. That goes without saying.”

Then she bit her lip in contemplation as she said, "Maybe…maybe if I knew who it was…I could tell you whether you had a chance. Just…well…there is a great chance of

heart break here. And that’s assuming they feel the same way back."

“I know” Logan said quietly, “If I tell you…you promise you won’t get mad?”

“I swear it,” Danielle said.

“…” mumbled Logan.

“What was that?” Danielle asked.

“Bailey,” Logan said in a slightly louder voice.

“That would be tough,” Danielle started to say “Since she…wait, did you say my Bailey?”

Embarrased, Logan turned his head away, and he gave a silent nod of agreement.

Danielle started to say something, then closed her mouth. She opened it again, and then shook her head. She clenched her fists, stood up, and walked away with some heavy


“Aunt Danielle, I didn’t…” Logan tried to explain.

“I…I promised I wouldn’t get mad, and that’s what I’m trying to do,” she said in a monotone voice before heading back inside.


Danielle stumbled through the next two days thinking of little else except for Logan’s admission. Feeling uneasy, Logan took to staying with Jaime.

Suddenly, Danielle jumped with a slight yelp as she felt a hand rest gently on her shoulder. Danielle leaned against the back wall, breathing deeply, “You scared me.”

Bailey gave a slight quirk of her lips, and shrugged, “Is everything alright? You’ve been zoning out the last two days?”

“I…I’ve just had a lot on my mind,” Danielle said in a bad attempt to divert the conversation.

“Whatever it was, it must have been something really bad. What did you and Logan fight about?” Bailey said sympathetically.

“What makes you think we fought?” Danielle said, trying to buy time.

Bailey shook her head, “Since you talked with him, he hasn’t been here since, spending all his time at Jaime’s. I tried to ask him what was the matter, but he gave me the same evasive response as you.”

Danielle took a deep breath, and replied, “You are right it was something me and Logan talked about, but I promise you…we didn’t fight.”

Bailey laced her fingers with Danielle’s “It still couldn’t be that bad, love. What happened? Maybe talking about it will help.”

Danielle sighed, “Logan…he…he said he felt lonely…which stands to reason. But…there was someone he was interested in…”

Bailey’s lips quirked in memory of her own parents, “And was afraid you wouldn’t approve?”

“You could say that,” Danielle said, “I told him that of course I wouldn’t have a problem…”

“Was it Jillian?” Bailey interrupted thoughtfully, “I mean, I couldn’t help but see her interest in him.”

“No, it wasn’t Jillian,” Danielle said quickly.

“Hmm…maybe it was boy trouble. The only one without a partner…” Bailey said, tapping her lips in thought.

“No, it isn’t a boy…it is definitely a girl,” Danielle said.

“Then what seems to be the problem?” Bailey asked in confusion.

“I…I had promised Logan I wouldn’t get mad, but I don’t know what to do,” Danielle said, the silence of the past couple days giving way to a torrent of babbling.

“Slow down, love, slow down” said Bailey, giving Danielle a comforting hug, “Who…who is this person that has you so worked up.”

Closing her eyes tight, Danielle said, “It…it was you. He…he was interested in you.”

Bailey stepped back, “Me? Danielle, if this is some kind of perverse joke…”

Danielle raised her hands placatingly, “It…it is no joke, I swear.”

Bailey’s face suddenly changed as she said, “You…you think I was cheating on you? Because if you…”

“What? No, of course not!” Danielle yelled, then bit her lip to quiet herself down, “Logan…he…I think he was feeling me out about it. He asked me…he asked me not to get mad about it.”

“A little late for that,” Bailey mumbled.

“I know…” Danielle said.

“I hope you at least told him ‘no’…” Bailey replied.

“I…sort of talked myself into a catch-22 on that,” Danielle said.

“Okay, how?” Bailey said, crossing her arms.

“Before he mentioned it was you…he asked if I would stop loving him if he got in such a relationship, if I would disapprove,” Danielle whispered, “And…I said I wouldn’t.”

“I see,” Bailey said impassively, “And do I get to say no in this at any point?”

“Of course you do,” Danielle agreed.

“Then why didn’t you think I would say so?” Bailey said impatiently, her foot tapping the ground.

“Because…because I didn’t want to speak for you,” Danielle said, “And…I remember you saying…before we got together…how…at some point…you might like to start a family.”

Bailey’s foot stopped, and her eyes widened slightly in surprise, “You…you remember that.”

Danielle laughed slightly, “Love, trust me…there are things I wish I could forget. And I know you’ve been by my side all this time…but there isn’t exactly any way I can give you the child you may…or may not…want. And I know you like Logan. I mean, I doubt anyone else would have done so.”

Bailey leaned back against the wall, and said “I…I don’t know what to say. This…this is a lot to take in.”

“Welcome to my world,” Danielle said with a broken smile.

“I…I can’t believe you would be okay with this,” Bailey said, her eyes looking for any signs of duplicity in Danielle’s body.

“I honestly don’t know,” Danielle admitted, “Then again, I’ve changed a lot since the zombie apocalypse dropped on us. I…I know how fleeting happiness can be, and to waste it on anger…”

She shrugged, “Besides…if I’m honest…if you want children…Logan is certainly better than Reilly or Woody.”

Bailey’s nose wrinkled in distaste at the thought, “Agreed…look…”

Danielle shook her head, “It isn’t easy, is it?”

Bailey looked at Danielle, “I certainly hope you weren’t thinking of him…and me…and…you”

Danielle looked shock, and shook her head, “No…God’s no…I swear it.”


I really liked that one :grinning:

If it was my character I would have shot him right then and there with my gun a couple of times followed by pulling out a baseball bat and finally put his head on a spike and use his blood to write on the walls of my home “Stay away from my woman or else:yum:


And now I can picture your significant other handing your MC a broom and dustpan, saying “I’m not cleaning up your mess.” :slight_smile:


Ok saw someone else did a playlist, so thought if my playthrough was a film, what would the soundtrack be? So came up with a playlist too :stuck_out_tongue: only included songs that are really obvious to certain parts though(btw didn’t know how to link to a list/hide them under a heading, so hope it’s ok to just list them :slight_smile: ):

  1. Cannibal Holocaust OST main title theme/candyman opening theme(couldn’t decide :stuck_out_tongue: ) during prologue
  2. Slipknot Kill pop during the date.
  3. slipknot everything ends when Lauren and nicole run away from zombies.
  4. Gundam wing OST- just communications when Lauren gets home.
  5. Dragonball Z OST Eerie whilst scavenging.
  6. 28 days later OST and ending when Lauren walks/cycles to the school.
  7. 28 days later OST Jim’s dream/Myuu extinction whilst in the school.
  8. The who mcvicar OST escape part one whilst being chased by Rosie
  9. Cannibal Holocaust OST Adultress punishment When Lauren mercilessly kills Rosie and Dillan.
  10. the who mcvicar OST waiting for a friend when we find Jaime.
  11. Platoon OSTEnding theme when Lauren tries to ssave things from her burning house.
  12. The Who Free me when driving out of nightfall
  13. 28 days later OST end credits…at the end of part one :stuck_out_tongue: .

And cince I didn’t want to post just that, waited until I wrote another piece with my main mc, though this one is with a darker version of my mc, and takes place after Lauren and co attack a raider group that has been attacking them:
Rachel fired her rifle again, taking down another enemy. At this one of the remaining three raiders threw down his own rifle, put his hands in the air and shouted out “we surrender don’t shoot!” The other two raiders threw angry looks at him, but after a moment followed suit.

Lauren followed close behind Rachel as she moved towards the trio, rifle still raised, the rest of the group that had come along, including Jaime, Brody and driver followed shortly behind Lauren.

Lauren stepped forward as they ddrew closer, despite not being leader wanting to handle this, seeing the group as putting idealism before pragmatism, still aiming her beretta at the three. "We have enough mouths to feed, what use do you have?"
One of the raiders, a guy with a stupid over the top handle bar moustache spoke up “Well he’s a scientist, he’s even working on a cure.” He says, pointing to the raider who first surrendered, a middle aged man.
Lauren looked to the man being pointed out with a stoic expression, and after a moment raised her pistol and put a bullet straight through his head.
“No! Why did you do that Lauren!?” Came the shout from Jaime as he rushed forwards. Rachel meanwhile bit her lip anxiously, but tried to stay focussed on keeping her attention on the two remaining raiders. Fighting in the group right now wasn’t a good idea, though she did try to give more focus to Lauren now too, but she thought it best to let Jaime handle her.

Lauren turned to Jaime as he approached, still with a stoic expression. In a near monotone she looked to him and replied “Right now we don’t need a cure, we need fighters, farmers, labourers etc. Besides if we develop a cure then what? The world will be all lovely and peaceful?” She rolled her eyes then continued “I don’t know if you’ve noticed but this raider group has been a bigger threat to us than any horde of zombies. Humans are more deadly than zombies. Look at the state of the world before the apocalypse, it was hardly a world of peace and love. And without a stable state to stop people embracing their humanity a cure is a terrible idea. We can work on getting a scientist us a cure once we make the world, at least this area to pre apocalypse levels of stability, maybe…” Lauren then lets out a light snicker "But don’t worry yourself, if you really want to let someone waste their time coming up with a cure, turning zombies into mindless monsters trying to kill us without weapons, into cold calculating humans trying to kill us with weapons, well I’m sure we’ll find another scientist eventually, one that isn’t part of a raider group that has attacked us, ok?"
Jaime just stared at Lauren speachless, silenced with shock, his mouth slightly ajar.

After a moment Brody chimed in angrilly, glaring at Lauren "Ok, getting past your extremely questionable ideals, you could have told us what you were going to do before hand so we could have discussed it as a group."
Lauren rolled her eyes “Sure. There’s lots of things I could do, but I chose not to, I know a lot of the group, you included are blinded by your soft heartedness. You’re welcome. Anyway, back to the situation at hand.” She said, turning back to the last two raiders "any reason your usefulness means I shouldn’t kill the two of you?"
Moustache man looked nervously to the other raider, a young woman in her twenties, biting his lip then back to Lauren. "Look we’re sorry ok. Just let us live and we wont bother you again, we promise."
The female raider gulps, she doubts those words will save them.
Lauren rolled her eyes. “I’m sure not, but I’m afraid that’s the wrong answer, as raiders you’re too dangerous to be allowed to live, goodbye.” Not messing about, she aimed her pistol as she said this, shooting the two dead in an instant. She then turned to address the group “Ok Rachel is in charge again now, but needless to say take anything of value. And don’t feel bad, they attacked us first, with no police force, no justice system letting them live wasn’t an option.” She simply received silence as a reply, the group still in shock. But as Lauren began to search for anything of value, the others silently began to do so as well.


And for many areas, going the route Lauren did is what will ensure the safety of the group. ponders Although, would there have been any answer that Lauren would have accepted. I mean, if the woman had said, “I would do anything you want.” would that have worked?


No that wouldn’t have worked :stuck_out_tongue: . I’m not sure, I think there is things the two of them could’ve said to save themselves, I’m not sure what though…But my inclination is that Lauren is pretty hypocritical, viewing herself as highly logical, not emotional, but that isn’t really the case :stuck_out_tongue: . So a successful answer would have been manipulative/taken advantage of Lauren’s emotional weakness. So an answer like “I was a soldier and am good with guns/can teach you.” or “I was the top labourer/architect at my firm” or basically a simply factual answer wouldn’t have worked.


Well, I admit I was thinking something along the lines of “I’m expecting a child, and these two would have killed me if I didn’t help…” as a possible second answer.

And of course, Brody definitely would be feeling different if someone close to him (say Madison) had been hurt or killed by the raiders as well.


Wrote two things related to the New Temperance one I wrote earlier, though in a less spooky style

But first some notes

  1. I apologize in advance for killing off Toby, the best character of ZE. He lived a good, long life and died peacefully in his sleep surrounded by the people he loved though. He still lives on in all of our hearts

  2. I totally thought up of the character ages on the spot since I couldn’t find references for more exact ages. I put my MC’s age at the beginning of ZE at 28 since I remembered Mindy and Candace were described as being in their early 20s in Part 1 and Carl was (I think) in his mid-30s so I put my MC’s age somewhere in between that. He would’ve been about halfway through getting his PhD. Devlin was a lawyer and, assuming he’d gone to college right after high school, would have graduated law school around maybe 26 or 27 typically? And he said he’d been out of law school for a few years and had also gone through some stuff afterwards so I put him at 34 during the main game

  3. My MC has a necklace with a real bird skull pendant. His son references it but it would only make sense if I had drawn it clearer that one time I posted a picture of him :sweat: At first I was thinking something like a crow, but when I drew my MC, the pendant was probably way too small for a crow skull. I’m not good with naming birds so it’s maybe like a sparrow or something?

  4. My MC and Devlin’s kids are roughly 4 or 5 years apart

  5. Daisy’s a mutt. I don’t imagine there would be a whole lot of purebred dogs, if any, that long after the apocalypse. I imagined her mostly physically resembling a pointer though

Future Fic centered around MC's oldest child

“You’re turning eighteen soon, aren’t you?”

Gene turned to the woman sitting beside him. “Yeah, next week.”

“Time sure flies fast, huh?” she mused.

“Uh huh.”

The two of them sat by the tree that Toby was buried under. Gene’s new puppy, Daisy, dozed in his lap.

Toby died about six years back. No one was sure exactly how old he was, but he must have been really old; his originally black muzzle had gone almost completely white by then. Gene never saw Toby around these days, but he was pretty sure he heard him sometimes. He always heard barking coming from outside whenever any strangers with ill intentions, or sometimes even the infected, came near. Both his dads and his little sister, Sarah, heard it too. None of them ever saw a dog there when it happened.

It didn’t happen that often though. The last real threat that came to their little community was maybe two years ago. It left Devlin with a bad leg injury and now he has to walk with a cane, but, otherwise, there was little damage and no casualties.

“It’s been almost twenty years since the outbreak then,” she said, “It’s so much quieter these days.”

The woman beside him was a ghost. He’d figured out on the third time he’d seen her, when he was maybe five or six. She was different from other ghosts though. He could look at her directly, not just in his peripheral, and she wouldn’t disappear. The only other one he could do that to was the little spectral bird that sat on his dad’s shoulder (Mike Dad, not Devlin Dad) and pulled on his hair and chirped when something bad was going to happen.

“Why don’t you ever talk to my dad, Emma? He could see you, you know. Or at least he would if you’d let him.”

She shrugged. “It would scare him if I did.”

It took a long time for Gene to find out the the ghostly woman he saw so often was the girl in the photograph that sat in the kitchen windowsill. She must have been about his age, more or less, when it was taken. Neither of his fathers liked to talk about the past much.

“Why have you stuck around so long then? Wouldn’t you like to move on?” he asked.

“I stuck around to keep the people I care about safe. There’s not as much danger as before, but, I dunno,“ she shrugged again, “I guess I’m just still not ready to move on. It’s good to see Mike happy though. It’s good to see all of you happy.”

Before Gene could find what to say, the two of them were interrupted by the sound of the back screen door flying open.

“Hey Butthead! Lunch is ready!”

Daisy, startled at first, looked up from her spot on Gene’s lap and ran toward the teenaged girl, tail wagging gleefully.

Gene glanced back at Emma’s fading visage. “Well, I guess I’ll talk to you again later,” he said as he got up. He shouted back at his sister, “Who are you calling Butthead, Butthead?”

Emma simply smiled and waved as he ran off.

Aaand another one taking place roughly the same time, this time centered around my MC and Devlin

Super Sappy, Actually Made Of Sugar

“Well, well, well, would you look at that…”

“Hmm?” Michael wasn’t startled as Devlin came up behind him - he knew his steps well enough to know who it was before Devlin even spoke. Plus, the cane always gave him away now.

“Looks like the fountain of youth is finally starting to run dry.” Devlin wrapped one arm around Michael’s waist and used the other to gently tug at his hair. “You’ve finally got your first gray hair,” he chuckled, resting his chin on the top of Michael’s head.

Michael looked up and smirked. “Jealous it’s stayed dark so much longer than your’s?” he asked, reaching up to ruffle Devlin’s salt-and-pepper locks, “Don’t worry, I’ve always thought the whole silver fox thing looked good on you.”

“Quit making me feel older than I already do. You’re only six years younger than me, it’s just so unfair,” Devlin scoffed, smiling still.

“We’re both still only in our fifties.”

“Yeah.” Devlin paused to kiss the crown of Michael’s head. “I was worried we wouldn’t both make it this far,” he mused, voice scarcely above a whisper.

Michael set down the knife and the vegetables he was chopping to turn in Devlin’s arms and face him. “Hey, don’t say that,” he reached up to wrap his arms around Devlin’s shoulders and pull him close, “I’m still here. You are too.”

Devlin sighed and closed his eyes, “I know, I know.” He gently nuzzled Michael’s forehead. “Just hard to believe it’s been so long already. Can’t believe Gene’s gonna be 18 in only a week.”

“Our little boy’s all grown up now, huh?” Michael gave a bittersweet smile, “It looks like Sarah’s gonna start getting taller than me soon too.”

“Feels like yesterday they were still running around with sticks, pretending to fight zombs,” Devlin gave another bittersweet smile back as he leaned down to kiss him. “Man, how the time flies.”

Second readmore is still broken! :cry:


You have to make sure the codes are all on separate lines!

[details=So that nothing...]

...is on the same line.


That should hopefully fix it! :astonished:


It didn’t unfortunately :cry: I’ve run into this problem before, but that was months ago so I didn’t expect it to happen again


A more bashful MC, and some unnecessary drama.

[spoiler]Jillian wiped her brow, flicking the sweat off her hand. She turned the music back on, and started to stretch.

If I’m being honest, this is the best shape I’ve been in, she thought quietly, though I could have done without the zombie apocalypse.

She grimaced, for she was never a big fan of exercise, but she liked living even more. Jillian took a deep breath, noting how easily the air filled her lungs. Another bad habit gone…the cigarettes went bad about a few years back. she thought.

Jillian shook her head, and started back to exercise. Just as she was about to hit a major adrenaline rush, she heard footsteps in the hallway, and Danielle’s voice calling out, “You in here Jillian?”

Jillian turned off the music, and yelled back “I’m in here.”

“Good,” Danielle said, coming in, then stopped as she noticed Jillian’s figure, the con-artist’s sweat-soaked shirt clinging to her torso, emphasizing she wasn’t wearing a bra. Just as quickly, Danielle looked to the ground, and whispered, “Sorry.”

Jillian’s lip curled up in a smile, and said, “You know, you’re rather cute when you’re flustered.”

Danielle’s cheeks redenned, and for a moment Jillian thought the teen was going to pass out. Instead, Danielle mumbled, “I’ll talk to you later…” and started to leave, Jillan’s hand snaked out, and gently held Danielle’s wrist.

“I would like it if you stayed,” Jillian said softly, “I would like to talk with you.”

Jillian let the teenager’s hand go, and added, “I promise not to tease you.”

Danielle nodded, and took a deep breath, her cheeks returning to normal and said, “Okay…I’d appreciate that.”

Jillian ran her hand through her hair, now its normal black color since the hair dye ran out, “If you don’t mind me asking…you seem to like me…I mean, really like me…but why haven’t you said anything.”

Danielle closed her eyes, and answered, “One thing, I know you wouldn’t think of me that way.”

Jillian cocked her head, “And why would you say that?”

Danielle shrugged, “Because you had a boyfriend when we met. I’d have to be really dense not to see that. Jaime dense.”

“That doesn’t mean anything,” Jillian said softly.

However, Danielle continued, “Besides, how would I know if you were serious? I mean, if…”

Danielle quieted down as Jillian twined her fingers with Danielle’s, “I promise, I’m not playing now. If anything…”

The words were cut off as a pair of panties passed between Danielle’s and Jillian’s faces, and Madison’s voice interrupted, “I don’t mind you spending time with Brody, Jillian, but at least pick up after yourself.”

Danielle’s eyes looked at the black lace panties now on the ground, and Jillian’s surprised expression.

“Danielle, those aren’t even mine…” Jillian tried to explain, but Danielel wasn’t paying attention.

Danielle pulled away, and said “I…I got things to do.”

The teenager darted from the room just as Madison stepped forward. Jillian felt an intense anger fill her body, and for a moment she was tempted to pull her gun. Instead, through clenched teeth, she snarled, “What…the…fuck?”

Madison gave a dry, angry chuckle, “It is bad enough you have your hooks in most of the men, and half the women. I’m not letting you have Danielle.”

Jillian’s eyes narrowed, “And how any better are you?”

Madison shrugged, “I’m not…but I’ve loved her since ninth grade. Can you honestly say you love her?”

Madison’s question took Jillian by surprise, and she found herself admitting the truth with a simple answer, “Yes.”

Madison shook her head, “Then I guess it is on. May the best woman win.”